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  1. pbowmar

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I see, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, a Windows emulator can't be used for production work because of security and licensing. So, for production use, it appears 3DCoat has stopped being developed as a production tool. Of course the older versions are still useful! but we can't update to new things until a native Linux returns. Hopefully soon! I would recommend using Centos 7.5 to build on as this is the industry standard Linux distro as well. IMO Cheers, Peter B
  2. pbowmar

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    It looks like the last Linux build was late September. Is the Linux version still being built?
  3. pbowmar

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I'm finding the Linux version of 4.8.03 noticeably slower than the Windows version. I have a dual-boot so hardware is identical but as an example: in Per-Pixel mode, load the Robot -turning off and on AO and the other auto-gen layers takes under 1 second on Windows, well over 3 seconds on Linux OpenGL mode on both Win and Linux, GeForce 960GTS, new drivers on both Win and Linux Have I missed a setting or optimization? Cheers, Peter B
  4. 444 I think that's basically the script I wrote over in the Coding thread... it iterates all the UV layers and exports Diffuse and Displace. It could be easily extended to export Spec too, or the newer metal stuff too presumably. That's why I've always loved apps that allow scripting, instead of waiting for a new feature you can whip it up yourself, or someone on a forum can if you're not comfortable with scripting. Cheers, Peter B //Admin edit Angelscript: selecting entrys from a dropdown menu
  5. pbowmar

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    One of 3DC's big advantages is the frequent builds and bugfixes, which are awesome! A small request: could the Linux (and OSX too) builds be put on the Google Drive share please? From the pilgway.com site I get maybe 200KB/s, but from Google I get 3.5MB/s Now that 3DC is 500mb, it takes a while to DL. Not a big deal but if possible would be appreciated! Cheers, Peter B 212
  6. pbowmar

    Painting with Spline Paint and Spacing not working?

    I'm on Linux so it's all OpenGL...
  7. OK here are my scripts that allow for a completely dialog-free, single-hotkey export of Diffuse and Displace. Specular can be easily added too, but I don't use that at the moment. I've developed and tested in 4.1.17D because I can't use 4.5 at the moment due to a bug that could be my graphics card However, I expect these scripts to work in 4.5 too. Put them in your $HOME/3D-CoatV4/Scripts directory and add their full paths to the 'recent.txt' file so they appear int he Scripts menu in 3DC. Or just do Scripts-Run Script and I think that adds them too for you. Run the setExportDir.script first, this lets you pick the directory to export to. Then whenever you want to export, you can run the exportMaps.script (I bound Hotkey F5 to it) and every UV set will be saved out automatically. You may need to set the Preference Padding to Always or Never to avoid a dialog box there. I could script around it but the Pref is easier. Many thanks to Andrew's kind help and patience and also ajz3d for his help in another thread. NO WARRANTY This has only been tested on Linux. It may or may not work on Windows or Mac. There are a couple of lines of code that build a path using crude concatenation of strings, which may fail on Windows especially. You take full responsibility and assume all risk for downloading and running this script. If it erases your harddrive or gets your cat pregnant, it's not on me I have very little time so if you have suggestions for enhancement or requests, I will listen but make no promises to be able to do anything more with this. 40 Cheers, Peter B 60 3dcExportMapsScript.zip
  8. pbowmar

    Painting with Spline Paint and Spacing not working?

    So, it appears to be card specific. At work my K4200 (with an older driver) works fine with the Spline Paint. At home with GeForce 450 it does not work. I tried the same driver at home, didn't work, tried newest Beta also nothing. I'm guessing not many are facing this problem 33
  9. It's possible actually, in 4-1 and 4-5 I'll be posting an example soon!
  10. Hi, I can't get Spline Paint to work with spacing, I've reported in Mantis: http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1938 Just curious if anyone else has hit this or am I the only one using that? Cheers, Peter B
  11. 257 Thanks ajz3d, unfortunately void PressInNextModalDialogs(int ButtonIndex); does nothing for me and I still can't figure out how to modify the Combobox. I'll email support directly I guess, I'll post what I find out here. BTW, the "Fill Empty parts of Texture" is solvable, there is a Pref to Always Fill, so at least that one I don't get Cheers, Peter B
  12. So, lots of googling turns up nothing Anyone have any ideas? Also, I can't even get what is documented to work. For example, I want to iterate each UV layer and explicitly save the Diffuse and Displace maps. This works: int numUvSets = GetUVSetsCount(); for(int i =0; i<numUvSets;i++) { print(GetUVSetName(i)+ "\n"); } however nothing I do will let me set the UV layer in the dialog and continue: SetFileForFileDialogs("/tmp/testExport.png"); // this works cmd("$SAVETEX");/*Diffuse Map*/ // this works in that it then pops up the dialog to save the UVset // no idea what to put here to set the UV layer to save cmd("$DialogButton#1");/*Ok*/ this does NOT work even to accept whatever the dialog offers Any help or ideas most appreciated! Cheers, Peter B
  13. 155 Hi, I'm trying to build an auto-exporter and processor, so that I hit a hotkey, and one or more textures are automatically exported to a known location. This I have working thanks to the examples, which is great. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to call an external command however. All I need is to call a command with arbitrary (or even a single!) command line arguments. This is Linux btw though it would be nice if it worked for all platforms, the command line tool(s) are cross platform and have the same interface. I've attempted to look at the main Angelscript docs, but I can't see anything there that will do it. I'm currently having to use 4.1.17D because of the bug in later versions that prevents the Spline Tool from working with Spacing turned on. I've reported that in Mantis fwiw. Any ideas anyone? Cheers, Peter B 167
  14. pbowmar

    Importing UDIM?

    415 Thanks guys, the "Import UV Tiles as UV Sets" is exactly what I missed. I naively though that "UDIM" would be mentioned since, you know, it's an industry standard If it was "Import UV Tiles as UDIM" I likely would not have had to post here Searching the docs also didn't really turn up anything unless I missed it. Again, thanks, works great! Cheers, Peter B
  15. pbowmar

    Importing UDIM?

    Hi, I've been out of 3DC for a bit, trying to get back in and familiar with the new stuff. I've got 4-5-03 on Linux (or Windows, if need be) going, I'm trying to import 479 a basic set of geometry set up with UDIM. However, nothing I do will let that import I always get overlapping UVs instead of proper unique UDIM tiles. Is there a setting I'm missing? The docs don't mention UDIM unfortunately, or at least not when I search. Cheers, Peter B