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  1. "Perhaps being able to 'fill' with actual objects would be an option as well?" I like were you are going with this .... got my vote
  2. +1 good idea... very much needed + If Andrew could add the ability to "STORE" Camera (view) presets That way you can have several buttons that we can label ex: favorite, side, B Shot, etc... dramatically speeding things up on the navigation side. thank you for your time
  3. Update: I got it to work again the key is "Stroke" Sphere extrusion doesn't work with " Brush pressure affects radius and depth " maybe not a bug... but I think that Andrew can polish this a lot more just like ZBrush's method, it works with all kinds of strokes while giving more control on the depth. So my request for this is still valid
  4. Hi Tom, I did several tests and I briefly got it to work when I checked and unchecked the " Draw from first point " However I can not reproduce the "Sphere Extrusion" ... so it must be a bug for sure ! Thank you for your & tree321's assistance
  5. As I mentioned before, I see no difference in depth at all when I increase or decrease the values are you on a PC or Mac ? Could this be a bug ?
  6. Hi Tom, Well if the extrusion is the spheres depth then it doesn't work at all or at least on the Mac side, the extrusion has no affect at all. Did you take a look at link as to what I mean by depth control ?
  7. Hi, Thank you.. it did work don't know how I overlocked this however the "Depth" control is still missing as far as I have tried the extrusion does not affect depth. Just as I can control "Depth" on the "On Pen" tool by increasing the depth this could be done with the Sphere tool as well. To see ZBrush's way please click the link below: DEPTH CONTROL
  8. Hello Andrew, I think this is a fairly simple request (I hope) Please add a check box for " Stick to Surface" or the Sphere Tool in the Voxel room. this simple feature would make things so easy to just build form with the sphere tool... It drives me crazy that I am happily creating voxel "spheres" building surface as you would in real life, slapping clay on an armature and all of a sudden the spheres take a turn inside the form and disappear + ++++ Please also add a "Depth" control for the sphere tool as in ZBrush's ZSpheres "Depth" control +++++++ Thank you for your time
  9. Hello Andrew It's been a while since this request, and I just saw that moska posted about OverCoat: A a technique to generalize the 2D painting metaphor to 3D that allows the artist to treat the full 3D space as a canvas. OverCoat PDF It's the same principal as I Love Sketch, creating geometry from doodles. I hope you can take a look and get inspired and give us some magic ! thank you for your time
  10. I love this... great find ! A while back I created this post http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4260 requesting something similar... I defiantly hope that Andrew takes an interest in this
  11. Hello Andrew, I would like to request that the " On Pen " in Tool Options under Merge, work with all " Brush Pressure and mouse click settings " giving more control on (Yaw, Pitch and Roll) on the fly. So I can use the Stamp Mode, Stamp Mode with movable Brush or Paint with Draw contours (Lasso) with the "On Pen" . The same way I can determine the " Depth" by increasing or decreasing the depth on the brush setting via my tablets pen, I wish for a way to control the Yaw, Pitch and Roll the same way via my Wacom Pen. I know that I can adjust the Yaw, Pitch and Roll under Tool Options but I find it a hassle to have to adjust this way, it slows me down quite a bit ..brakes the flow of creation + I can also use the Transform tool to get it precisely where I want it but again its very slow process. Please add the ability to control the "Depth" just like "On Pen" tool for the "Snake" tool, by raising or lowering the " Depth" Thank you for you time
  12. +1 as you can in Zbrush .. it is really helpful
  13. Agree + It would be very useful if we could " save " many versions of this " PEN " Mesh Brush for later use and be able to play with Pen options, spacing direction son on instead of been limited by the Merge dialogue box
  14. Hi Andrew As I show on the images on this post I only use "Quadrangulate and merge for Ptex" and there is no other models or materials or layers in the Paint or Retopo Areas to cause problems as you have suggested I did another test with a model and I made sure there was no left over layers and materials in paint room and I still get the artifacts, please take a look thanks again ps: I emailed you my model so you can try for your self
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