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  1. Pix Jigsaw

    Blob tool thickness_

    Make your pen radius bigger. That will change the thickness.
  2. Pix Jigsaw

    Baking Troubleshooting

    Thanks digman! I had been trying that feature out a week or so ago.
  3. Pix Jigsaw

    Baking Troubleshooting

    I'm hoping someone can help me figure out where I'm going wrong. I'm sculpting, retopoing, then baking with normal map (per-pixel). When I go to bake it almost instantly finishes. When I look in the paint room the ambientOcclusion layer is all black. Normal maps don't appear to have baked any of the sculpted detail. I'm using 3D-coat 4.5.23(DX64). I've use this standard workflow successfully in the past. It has just been the last week or so, so I'm wondering if I have something set wrong. 3b file zipped and attached. Baking Issues.zip
  4. Pix Jigsaw

    EVA Le Floride 2015 03

    You have much skill. I like to see how others use 3D Coat for 2D art.
  5. Pix Jigsaw

    Ischi Adams friend

    Do you think his fingers might scrape the ground when not in a T-pose?
  6. When I mouse over the cutoff tool, right click and choose duplicate in the sculpt room tools menu, 3DC crashes on me. I can duplicate other tools successfully. Can anyone else confirm? Thanks.
  7. Thanks! I got it. Just what I need. Very quick, and i found the interface logical and easy to use.
  8. Pix Jigsaw

    Simple 2D plane for a flag

    Try the 3D Coat Channel on YouTube. You will learn a lot there. video tutorials have pretty much replaced big fat manuals. 3D Coat is so much fun once you get a little bit of skill with it. Here is a quick flag. I used mostly the primitive tool and transform tool to make and position the shapes. I used the primitive tool, the move tool, and the pose tool to make the flag shape. The bad looking dent in the flag is the move tool run amok, but the idea is there. For colors I used a shaders in the sculpt room and then just modified the color in the VoxTree menu for each object.
  9. Pix Jigsaw

    Viewport lighting position in 4.5

    I was having the same problem. I couldn't get part of my model rotated into the light. It was always in shadow no matter how I rotated it or adjusted the lighting controls. With Lock Environment checked I can rotate the model into the light. My eyes are much happier.
  10. Pix Jigsaw

    Disc Man

    Thanks Ellie. Glad you liked it. I would love to see this guy as a 3D print, but don't know much about that...yet. I think I would have to remake him because each "slice" of his body is separate from all the others. I was imagining a being that was part physical matter held together by some kind of force that kept all his layers together and allowed him to move.
  11. Pix Jigsaw

    Horse Sculpt

    Thanks for posting your work. I enjoyed seeing it.
  12. Thanks for the troubleshooting help. It was a graphics driver issue. Updating to the latest NVIDEA version for Windows 8.1 fixed the issue.
  13. That was helpful. It got me trying the other versions. 3D-CoatDX64C, and 3D-CoatDX64S both have the problem I describe above. 3D-CoatGL64C and 3D-CoatGL64S get me to the opening 3D-Coat screen, so it appears that they don't have the problem. I thought 3D-CoatDX64C was the DX version with Cuda. That's what I had been using in the past, but even my shortcut to the previously working version has the error. I'm no fan of Win 8 myself, but its worked fairly well for me with Blender, 3D-Coat, up to now.
  14. Hi everyone. Have been away from the forum for a month or two. During that time I updated to Windows 8.1 I just tried to boot 3D-Coat. But all I get is an error window. I downloaded the latest version of 3D Coat and installed that. Tried again. Same problem. I do not install 3D-Coat on the boot drive. Any help would be appreciated. Even knowing if the error message was from the operating system or something 3D-Coat is generating when it attempts to start. Here is the dialog box that comes up when I attempt to run 3D-Coat
  15. Pix Jigsaw

    Retopo help

    A screen shot will help see what you are trying to do and where you are having problems.