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  1. The Candy-floss Kid

    13th Challenge: Tin Toys

    A great challenge with fantastic results folks. Thanks to all involved , particularly for communicating the technical issues and explanations in the process of bringing your work to completion.
  2. The Candy-floss Kid

    Cycle between camera/views

    CTRL+UP to create camera shortcut, CTRL-+LEFT/RIGHT to recall and CTRL+DOWN to delete last shortcut. All shortcuts are stored in the saved file.
  3. The Candy-floss Kid

    How to apply curves (from the Load Shape thingie) ....

    Not exactly what you're asking for but useful nonetheless
  4. The Candy-floss Kid

    Smooth subdividing to make a high res mesh?

    Import without voxelization
  5. The Candy-floss Kid

    Basic Transform question :D

    Or you may have accidentally held down the shift key (or is it cntrl) which will also move the gizmo.
  6. Have you imported your mesh using the 'flat subdivision' option? This subdivides the mesh but keeps edges hard by offering supporting edges - equivalent to subdividing in ZBrush with smt off
  7. The Candy-floss Kid

    Autodesks Automodeler for 3D Coat too?

    Couldn't agree more. Array replications maybe easier within polygonal defined areas?
  8. The Candy-floss Kid

    Boat wakes and splashes ...

    The splashes look like geometry spaced along zbrush curve brushes which then are distorted and sculpted. Often times in zbrush polygonal geometry can be smashed and distorted and then dynameshed to form droplets. You could do the same thing in 3DCoat with splash/droplet geometry spaced along splines and then distorted. You can also create little random sculpted drops and use merge on pen to place these over proxy shapes and merge together for further tweaking. Particle systems are fine for water but not so much when you need fast control for illustrative purposes . To design your water you could use b/w fractal patterns in terrain editors such as Bryce or Vue or apply b/w images as masks in 3DCoat for extruding and further sculpting. These fractal noise patterns can be used as the basis for your water with further image editing and over painting to control heights and effects where required around your boat or object.
  9. The Candy-floss Kid

    4 Tableaux Final 2015 01

    Bravo on your wonderful new pieces!!
  10. The Candy-floss Kid

    To compare 3DCoat sculpting with ZBrush

    The directness of working with 3dcoat is explemplified by Gavin Ball's posts on youtube - using a limited set of tools to superb effect. I also like 3D Coat for testng out ideas and scene placements quickly before committing to polygons etc - explemlified here by Sándor Veres 'Allexr' Use both Apps - love both Apps for what they both allow.
  11. The Candy-floss Kid

    Pixar Renderman 20 For BLENDER is here!!!!!!!

    Oooh. Thanks for the info!! Introduction to PRMan-for-Blender GitHub Download
  12. The Candy-floss Kid

    Big test with 3D-Coats Autopo routine update

    Thanks Taros, added to my notes. Very helpful.
  13. The Candy-floss Kid

    Generate screw threads

    You could use the warp tool - twist to make threads or twisted braid.
  14. 3d coat limited overview Aleksey Voznesenski Pipeline 00 Introduction & Purpose of the Seriesmiskyo71 Short series on 3DCoat for retopo +uv of assets - using Max , ZBrush and 3DCoat. 3D Coat -for 2D artists looking to transition into 3D By Gavin Ball
  15. The Candy-floss Kid

    [Solved] 3d Coat doesn't save texture on file > save

    A well spotted issue in need of immediate rectification.
  16. The Candy-floss Kid

    The Foundry was sold for £200m this year

    Yes fantastic news bought by HgCapital a private equity firm.
  17. The Candy-floss Kid

    pbr textures

    Modo has become pricier . Blender however has not http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17212 Whatever way you splice it getting your PBR materials to show in other apps will take some jiggery-pockery.
  18. The Candy-floss Kid

    Farsthary update channel

    Hi Raul, I'm curious about the pinch brush - does holding cntrl change the behavior? It's hard to tell what holding cntrl is doing with the Pinch brush if anything? I always feel that it would be good if holding cntrl when using Pinch could perhaps introduce the ability to lay down a sharper line to exaggerate planar/ angular changes of a form. In other words that holding the cntrl key with Pinch applies a crisp linear scoring of the surface - similar to using the draw brush then applying pinch. Try creating a stroke using the Draw brush - settings -68% focal shift, 14% falloff , depth 34%. After applying that stroke run over the stroke with a Pinch brush at 21% falloff and 3% depth. Doing so will give you a clear idea of the kind of scoring line I am talking about. Out of curiosity is there a brush that is the opposite of pinch i.e one that expands out the distance between polys under the brush radius?
  19. ‪PigArt is well known in the Blender community for fab low poly scenes with charm and appeal.‬ Using extrusions + w to subdivide low poly block outs >use of Displace modifier driven by a brush texture “clouds” with a further modifier “Decimate” to triangulate the form and support the displacement. Sculpt out with proportional editing = simple and effective low poly blocking out. Regardless of what software you use, the principles demonstrated underline the speed advantages of using low poly blocking out techniques for scene construction with regard quickly judging and modifying the compositional weight and balance of form and volume relationships to achieve a strong design before moving on to sculpting and higher resolutions. Grab a whistle put on your lycra shorts and dance to 'Broken Bridge'‬ by PigArt. channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/pigartt/videos
  20. Daniele Angelozzi is a cool tutor with a great charm - thanks for posting.
  21. The Candy-floss Kid

    Taking a multi-part mesh into Substance

    Hopefully this will help with material id's: and This may be also contextually useful with regard materials and uvgroups ‪ Adding Texture Resolution‬
  22. Nope. I have read that it is on the to do list once pbr has been fully passed with a complete bill of health. 3DC I am sure will undergo a directional reevaluation and expansion with regard polygonal editing options.
  23. The Candy-floss Kid

    How to work to keep 3d coat working smoothly and fast

    Grzegorz, a good idea may be to experiment with the voxel menu >decimate option when in surface mode. This will show you how far you can decimate geometry whilst maintaining details such as sharp edges. If however you are vertex painting the amount of tris that you need or do not need will depend on the resolution of the vertex painting you require. If you working with voxels you can cache the layers to save on system demand if things slow down. Avoid attempting to capture high resolution details with voxels - use surface or move to bump/displacement mapping. Not sure whether this still applies with surface sculpting but pressing enter to apply your changes certainly used to help speed up flow. I've found in the past that meshes too large can behave strangely with rendering and brush sculpting - so avoid meshes that are very large in physical dimensions in relation to the grid. Also, always pay attention to the lowest required polygon amount you can get away with. This is a good habit to adopt as it avoids slow downs as any project build in size. If your using 3dcoat to quickly create meshes to export to other applications you can simplify your 3dcoat files to contain only that which is needed for each element of a larger scene that you intend to recombine and render elsewhere. Similarly if you choose to render in a 3dcoat scene you could import all 3dcoat components created in smaller files back to the final scene for the final render only.
  24. The Candy-floss Kid

    3D-Coat 4.5 released!

    Big thank you for a great update and another big thank you for all the great videos posted to help keep us updated with the pace of change. Tapering in Bas Relief is a great new feature. Always great to see existing tools developed further as well as all the new features. Would dearly love to see arrays in voxel mode developed more in the future too allow to tile around forms and follow angles.
  25. The Candy-floss Kid

    Farsthary update channel

    The Raw Subdivision addition is a great feature for extra control when required.