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    Dragon or Dinosaur Wings

    A neat way to do this is to use the cloth tool. allexr shows this to great effect in the video below (See from about 13mins in) It's a highspeed video but if you watch it frame by frame you'll see how it's done. 3D-Coat Forum: 8th Challenge - Flying boat sculpting and texturing Video by: Sándor Veres alias: allexr
  2. The Candy-floss Kid


    Great result . I love the use of two main colors to add unity and presence.
  3. The Candy-floss Kid

    pantarius beautyshot 02

    I really like the gesture and the curves you placed in the character. Has a classic sci-fi illustration feel in spirit.
  4. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Squeaky Wheel wants to know what's the ETA of the PBR Mac version coming out?!! Squeak, squeak, Mac version, squeak,squeak,squeak,squeaks,squeak,squeak, Mac version,squeak,squeak. Some guys have all the luck Some guys have all the fun.
  5. For fluidity and flow the interface and access to function is best custom made with custom menus and saved hot keys to suit your own liking and needs. Custom interfaces are essential for quick access to relevant functionality per task and in that sense then become more like the rooms approach in 3DC. There's some good ready made custom UI's out there to modify to your own needs. Accessing the myriad of menu drop downs is a fevered experience best avoided and reserved for less frequently required functionality. Sharing techniques is always welcomed.
  6. Johnny Rampant demonstrating a seemingly simple yet fiendishly clever modular component technique for setting up limbs and fingers on your character quickly and easily using spheres and cylinders. All methods applicable to 3Coat. Full tutorial available to pro members of cubebrush or for purchase at https://cubebrush.com/video/high-poly-character-design/
  7. The Candy-floss Kid

    From surface mode to Voxel

    The decimation facility allows me to keep required edge areas tight whilst leaving slower curves and the bigger shapes at lower resolutions for easier move adjustments.
  8. The Candy-floss Kid

    ZBrush 4R7 released

    T'is a thing of great beauty and a gift to the world. Phone in sick , you couldn't come to work today. You were in your pajamas all day with something awful - something awfully good. The Wizard has the Munchkins in his spell and Oz is all a twitter . (fade to sound of a cat purring loudly )
  9. The Candy-floss Kid

    'Monkey Playground'

    From the album: Floss's Bag O' Candy

    Sculpted, vertex painted and rendered in 3d Coat. An exercise in scene creation management on an old computer with only 4GB ram i.e decimating meshes to maintain detail whilst localizing areas of higher polygonal detail for elements that require higher resolution vertex painting.
  10. It seems a little odd 3D-CoatV4-1-08B will install and run on 0SX 10.6.8 but the last "stable" update 3DCoat V4-1-17D does not run on OSX 10.6.8. Nowhere on the download section for 3D-Coat 4.1.17D for the Mac is there any information on system requirements. Any internet search for 3DCoat V4 - 4.1 system requirements for Mac say that it will run on 0SX 10.5 and above which is clearly not true as even the later 3DCoat 3.7 versions ceased to run/install on OSX 10.5. Please oh please could an executable version of 3DCoat be made available for the Operating System for Mac that the website claims it will operate on. Without a stable version of V4 the Beta versions of V4 I am currently running are way to buggy to use dependably for creative work and force me to go back to version 3.
  11. The Candy-floss Kid

    KRITA - free open-source paint app

    Thanks Carlosan for posting this. Thanks also BeatKitano for the heads up and user feedback on Clip Studio Paint.
  12. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Andrew, is a mesh that is dragged in to the model window in v4.5 still shown back to front when 3dCoat creates a preview thumbnail i.e looking from the -z rather than down +z?
  13. Also please ensure on the Pilgway Site that the Mac version for the v4.5 cycle of 3DCoat clearly and accurately states the operating system that the software will actually load on and function.
  14. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

  15. The Candy-floss Kid

    Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms

    Time to step inside the television.
  16. The Candy-floss Kid

    Remember 3DCoat version 2

    I love me retrospectives. Makes me want to hug everybody. I only discovered 3DC at the start of the version 3 cycle. It's been very liberating ever since.
  17. The Candy-floss Kid

    Managing memory whilst sculpting multiple objects

    Digman, a video on these kinds of workflow efficiency tips would be fabulous should the urge ever take you
  18. The Candy-floss Kid

    Adding geometric detail through volumetric noises

    Aha!! thanks Carlosan for that solution.Many thanks. 1 - select freeze tool in Surface Mode -> paint using any stencil/mask and then 2 -Switch to Paint Room select fill tool -> feel with freeze +modulation
  19. The Candy-floss Kid

    Adding geometric detail through volumetric noises

    Good tip Carlosan , strange but the paint room fill with freeze + modulation does not fill through a mask - you can fill with freeze through a mask in Surface Mode but without the option to add noise modulations to the freeze fill. It would be nice to add the freeze fill noise modulations through masks as well and have that option set in surface mode.
  20. The Candy-floss Kid

    Can i rotate my viewport like Zbrush?

    Thanks Ajz3d - did not know this was in the navigation preferences.
  21. Carol Dweck discusses the importance of a 'growth mindset' and the power of the word "yet". What it means to improve means something different to all of us in our personal artistic endeavors. For some artist's improving means becoming more technical/ photo realistic in rendering, for others it means becoming freer or more child like in expression or design etc etc. Whatever your personal artistic ambitions or goals I think you'll find something in this short lecture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X0mgOOSpLU
  22. The Candy-floss Kid

    Better than than a pile of anatomy books -Écorché assistant App

    Thank you Mr Digman, for your pointer to the ArtPose Apps it looks very useful. Whilst on the topic of Apps I'm also a big a fan of Michael Defeo's, L'Ecorché ( By MD3D inc) which he developed with Scott Eaton and Michael Keropian. This app shows an anatomically corrected version of Jean-Antoine Houdon's classic L'Ecorché sculpture + skeletal version + Eaton's muscular sculpt. My favorite aspect of the App - a version of Houdon's sculpt in the style of Gottfried Bammes approach to the stylistic simplification of anatomical shape/design relationships. For similar reasons also The David Plasters App by By MD3D inc is also very cool becuase it clearly represents shape/contours + regional/patch relationships of a digitized/ sculpted versions of the study casts Michelangelo's David eye, ear, mouth and nose.
  23. Better than a host of anatomy books is the IPad App Écorché assistant created by Alexander Kafoussias. My appreciation has grown each time I've accessed this App thanks to the clearly organized visual answers to the kind of questions that artists need answered quickly when it comes to understanding anatomy in the round. From multiple angles (key view points) the origins and insertions of muscles are shown. From multiple angles you can see images such as the front facing relationship of the scapula to the anterior ribcage. In fact I could not find one question be it relating to proportional understanding , mechanical understanding , skeletal or muscular understanding that was not answered clearly within this App and all without the need for searching for these answers within multiple anatomy text books in the hope of finding a good clear view of understanding. Although an App it's methodology is more akin to a book with images presented from all key angles. It is superbly and logically organized to deliver the answers to your questions quickly as well as allowing you to add these pages to your favorites for quick recall at a later date. I like it. I like it a lo' (so much so that it appears that I've used the word 'than' twice in my subject heading :-) )