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    [SOLVED] Scale. What is the best procedure to use?

    Noobmesiter i've answered your previous question in that thread I'll repeat it here to keep maters tidy. if you're getting edge artifacts using the move tool it probably means you need to change to a softer brush alpha and or raise the move tool's falloff. Hard alphas and low falloffs can create artifacts and overlaps using move. Also you can Resample resolution up (or down) by your own chosen input - only if you press Res+ do you go up higher quickly depending on your original placed size in relation to the grid on a default vox layer. The initial resolution of your object is set by your objects scale when merged to scene in size relation to the grid. The larger the merged voxels when placing a primitive for example - the higher the resolution. If you then transform resize this placed voxel object then press res+ you increase it's resolution just as you would as if you had not physically resized it at all i.e the resolution was set when initially merged. Likewise in 3dcoat you can create empty layers with a resolution based on existing layers.Voxels added to these layers will be then at that resolution. Understanding vox layers and their resolutions is vital if you wish to get expected results when merging voxels together from different layers for voxels will take on the resolution of the layer they are merged too and can therefore mean the loss of details if merged to low resolution layers. Note that unlike polygonal modelling that can utilize placing neighboring polygon edges close together to maintain crisp forms, in 3d coat's voxel mode only high enough resolutions will give you crisp hard edged details. here's an old video i did that explains these resolution concepts.
  2. The Candy-floss Kid

    [SOLVED] I need basic help understanding the brushes etc

    Meister Noobmeister, if you're getting edge artifacts using the move tool it probably means you need to change to a softer brush alpha and or raise the move tool's falloff. Hard alphas and low falloffs can create artifacts and overlaps using move. Also you can Resample resolution up (or down) by your own chosen input - only if you press Res+ do you go up higher quickly depending on your original placed size in relation to the grid on a default vox layer.
  3. The Candy-floss Kid

    The Lioness Who Ate Her Tamer.

    From the album: Floss's Bag O' Candy

    Voxel sculpt and vertex paint.
  4. The Candy-floss Kid

    Moon Powered Bike

    From the album: Floss's Bag O' Candy

    Twenty Miles Per Moonbeam. Voxel fun.
  5. The Candy-floss Kid

    Moon Powered Bike

    Thank you.
  6. The Candy-floss Kid

    The Lady And The Strange Balloon

    From the album: Floss's Bag O' Candy

    A character based on my Grandmother. Voxel sculpt with vertex paint .
  7. The Candy-floss Kid

    How can I import a polypainted OBJ from Zbrush for texture bake?

    to import ZBrush Polypaint info to 3DCoat surface mode mesh you can export your polypainted mesh from ZBrush >3DCoat > Merge>use "merge without voxelizing" To see the polypaint in 3DCoat's surface mode you have to make sure you are use a material/shader that displays vertex paint.
  8. The Candy-floss Kid

    transatlantic tunnel

  9. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Andrew, could we have a hide function shortcut for the transform tool? Placing smaller details is visually difficult when the transform gizmo gets in the way/ obscures the view. With emphasis currently on improving existing features - a hide function for the transform tool would be most welcome.
  10. The Candy-floss Kid

    Dezra Avance Galaxy Saga

    Soaring composition and dynamism , fabulous!!
  11. The Candy-floss Kid

    Rotate a reference mesh

    Paul it sounds like from what you are describing i.e needing to make good/cleaning your scan before retopology that merging would be the solution. You can also merge a mesh without voxelizing. You can also export a merged voxel form as a decimated/poy reduced mesh and re-import this as a reference mesh if you wish or reimport as a polygonal object without voxelizing. Viewport performance is often better with a voxel model than a dense reference mesh. Decimation is usually suggested for reference meshes.
  12. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Curious - has the various reported issues of artifacts etc after using proxy mode now been fixed with this update? Also:
  13. The Candy-floss Kid

    Duplicate Objects

    Technical jiggery pokery is bad for the spine, paralyzes the neck, freezes the shoulder as well as numbing the buttocks. Time to let go of the table and fall to the floor.
  14. The Candy-floss Kid

    Duplicate Objects

    Hi Stu,maybe quicker in Carrara after exporting your retopo and uv from 3DCoat to duplicate and arrange as required. I can't see a quick method to duplicate retopos but maybe there is. To duplicate and transform in 3DCoat you could retopo and uv your template foot >export this out in retopo room >import the foot again with the original foot uv group selected > rename and position/transform this imported retopo group >repeat for other feet from the original export. With all the feet retopo groups selected merge to paint room with the single uv group selected >keep uv's when merging > then in the paint room , paint one foot to paint them all with one shared uv map. A retopo group must have a uv group to be transformed before merging to scene or to paint - in your case you are importing new retopos in to the one uv group rather than importing retopos in to new uv groups. Hope this makes some sense. Here's a video I did a while back explaining transforming polygonal assets in 3DCoat which has some resonance with what your discussing. At the very least it's interesting to know you can mix and match multiple polygonal assets with voxel elements in 3DCoat this way.
  15. The Candy-floss Kid

    Retiring from helping at the forums

    Thank you for all your input here, may you enjoy your retirement as a helper.
  16. The Candy-floss Kid

    3D-Coat equivalents to ZBrush

    For sure such comparative findings will be splendid in a video compendium of findings and tips. Have you had some joy with the angulator tool I'm sure many tricks lurking in that? An interesting video would be to show 3Dcoats comparisons to fx possible with zbrushes clipping brush - a highly versatile tool for not only clipping but also extruding fully around the form through masks or as a method to shape and control transitions through the lengths of forms or toward the ends of forms.
  17. The Candy-floss Kid

    123D Catch for the IPad and IPhone

    Ah interesting to see your results and I'm guessing you being able to capture your world around you and mixing it into your art will bare fruit. Should be some fun ahead. I'm a fan of 123D creature as a pragmatic armature tool but found the sculpt app just a little bit too........rubbish :-)
  18. The Candy-floss Kid

    3D Coat - An Idea of Collaboration?

    From what I have garnered the next version of Groboto will be an exciting step forward in it's development. It's ability to allow for play and changing boolean permutations before committing to a final polygon output is both a strength and weakness. The irony of non committing in design choices predominates a tendency for play over progress. The pragmatic uptake of such implementations will be based on not whether it is beautiful way to model but whether it is a time saving way for artists to realize the ideas in their heads. Groboto is a wonderful tool for showing you ideas you may have never considered yet so too are ink blots. Most artists/ designers need to get a selection of strong ideas down quickly to ascertain by comparison which is the best a.k.a pencil and paper. Whilst happy accidents are a pleasant addition to the creative process relying on them for design inception over a strong idea is time wasted. Groboto needs a few key additions to close that gap and I suspect and hope it will deliver in it's next guise. It's main current weakness is that it channels a certain stylistic output which limits it's pragmatic creative spectrum. It also tends to bend the artist to it's 'roboto ways rather than the other way around. Artist reserve the right to be personally idiosyncratic whilst preferring their tools not quite so. Those trialing it's forthcoming technological inception in Modo may be the wiser than we in the dark. My hope is that I shall eat my words and have pie slapped in my face. All that said I love Groboto and invested in it because I think it's a fantastic idea that I hope will fulfill it's potential.
  19. The Candy-floss Kid

    3D-Coat equivalents to ZBrush

    Fresh insights are always helpful. Make videos of interesting techniques you discover that you've found absent in your comparative research on the subject.
  20. The Candy-floss Kid

    Some interesting texturing tools to consider

    It'll do magic believe it or not bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Love to see it pushed in more adventurous artistic ways.
  21. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    As a Mac user and therefore waiting to test the update I was wondering if someone could illuminate a little more on this function ? Sounds very interesting.
  22. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Thanks Artman , being a newcomer to v4 , the thought of issues throwing grit in my workflow karma scares me - even now knowing the potential pitfalls and range of fixes. Your advice is much appreciated and I shall heed your perspective on this matter. If a friend recommended you have a date with a girl who was a little experimental for totally new users or people that require absolute stability - then step forward the thrill seekers or gluttons for punishment. I heed again your current appraisal and shall adjust accordingly. I'd have to play with v4 more but from what I'm deducing here is "old skool is kool". This however merely based on the fact that none of these issues have arisen for me. Hardly a poll I know.So might it have something to do with getting down and funky with the more recent options which basically I don't utilize? It would be nice to have that confirmed. You guys are deeper users and push the polygon envelope which I do not. Coming from V3 it'll take me a little time to understand even the solutions/ fixes as these terms are totally new to me from v3 experience. Afeared now am I of the hole monster and the exploding pox. Interesting points ,there are solutions for what you mention all be they not to your preference. This is the personal path we are all on i.e to find our own favored methods for seeking the path of least constipated flow. Sometimes a vision appears to me in the shape of a pencil. My immediate appraisal is being delighted at the much improved brush responses overall when retrospectively compared to v3 as well as the other additions to workflow such as presets and the added features and functions within the e-panel . For the present it was these changes that stood out in my initial testing of V4 . I have for the most part stayed in V3 whilst watching the feedback and progress of v4. Having road tested the older brushes and comparative likenesses I am happy now to change over. For the solutions and issues you guys are reporting back to Andrew - my debt of gratitude for blazing the trail whilst we others picnic on the hill.
  23. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Simple question the issues being discussed are they related to issues caused when utilizing Live Clay brushes? Last week I road tested 3DC 4 for two full days of sculpting with no issues - from habit I avoid all Live Clay brushes.
  24. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Improved Perceptions Of Depth: Saved Light Positions as Presets- Saved Background Colors as Presets, Andrew, would it be possible in the sculpting windows (voxel and surface) to allow lighting positions and settings to be saved as presets? Having the ability to switch light positions quickly whilst being able to quickly return to a good default position would greatly speed up sculpting because it would help to better assess brush depths quickly in certain areas. Having shadow exposure/ intensity controls would also help sculpting in occluded areas but for the present switching to saved light positions to expose shaded areas would help enormously. For perceptions of depth and to aid tonality sculpting - background color presets for the sculpting windows may also be useful.
  25. Hi folks, is there a way when using my wacom to quickly resize my brush size without using the right click drag on a 3 button mouse or without using the bracket keys. I'm guessing there is a way to assign a shortcut for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to go about this.