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  1. Andrew shouldn't have to respond to this kind of abuse! I have been with 3D coat a long time. This man is the most dedicated and responsive software developer I have ever seen. The program rocks. The scope is ambitious and software design is not click and drag. I appreciate the program, the development and you Andrew, and those who assist. Carry On!
  2. The program is great. The documentation system is convoluted, confusing and separated by methods (PDF, web, videos) so as to just increase my frustration every time I try to get a thorough understanding of it. I truly appreciate the videos, but they are not a manual. A manual goes section by section. It addresses each item/tool, it details workflow. It can be used as a reference after going through it once over to look up tools, menus, commands and techniques. It has an appendix, glossary, table of contents, addresses all the programs features and their use. As they now function. It exists in one place. It's fine to append information for new features on a web site but it needs a sound foundation. Right now I feel stupid when trying to grasp the program. I think quality documentation is as important, if not more so, than the programs code. Am I the odd man out and everyone else just gets it, or are there others as lost as I am?. Thanks, Kevin L.
  3. I agree about the 255,255,255 background....
  4. First, after I got over the shock (had just visited yesterday) of the update. I have to say first impression is positive. Please warn next time a complete change is going to be made, as my mind immediately went to a hack as well. Rock On. Kevin L
  5. Sorry for the delay. The .exe file shows 283,857,277 bytes (283,860,992 bytes on disk) When I double-click the corruption message. I tried using an unzip operation and that did extract it. I copied the files over the existing install and it "seems" to be working. I have had this issue with several of the builds. Thank You, Kevin
  6. Greetings, I am having real problems getting a working download of the Betas. They keep reporting "NSIS Error-Installer Integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media." I have tried different browsers, computers and networks. Any hints appreciated. Kevin
  7. Greetings, I'm double posting this (as a pointer to the original post in "New Users") I am inquiring as to the proper folder topology. I do not know if my extensions are all in the correct spots, if I need to do something in the program or folder structure. I made a "Fresh install vs. extensions added" pdf. Any guidance would be welcome. Folder Outline-extensions Added_3D-CoatV4.pdf
  8. I bit the bullet and went ahead, did a clean install and printed the folder structure. Then I installed extensions and printed that. I have it in a PDF. One thing I notice in my clean install vs. adding extensions is that the extensions all installed in the "user" folders, not "programs". This made sense. It also was not like the mess I originally had after doing multiple updates installs. I have attached the pdf, with basic bookmarks. One question: Should extensions be installing in the root "user/documents/3D coat-v4" or should they be in the different sub-folders i.e. textures, patterns.... Kevin L Folder Outline-extensions Added_3D-CoatV4.pdf
  9. Thank You for responding. I am familar with the idea of clean installs. I prefer to understand the structure so I can fix problems and customize without breaking things that are working. I had downloaded a number of penpacks and shaders, etc.... and now I have parts and pieces all over the place. Kevin L
  10. Greetings, I posted about this in the New User forum, and so far no reponse. One thing I find terribly confusing is the what goes where. [Folder logic] I understand the idea that the user folder is now where we should store data, but do I pull stuff out of the "program" location (pens, textures..), leave it there.... etc I have a boatload of stuff (textures, penpacks, etc...) in my User..../3D Coat folder, that I have no idea where it came from and where (or if) I should move it. Also preference and config. info It would be truly helpful to have a layout and description of which folders should have what. Where they are located and how to manage them. I know it is dry stuff, but right now I am trying to learn this program and I am certain some of the issues are related to fouled up locations. Are there any existing documentaions of this (I've Googled myself silly: EDIT: I meant to say User.../3D Coat/Layout folder
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