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    3d coat or zbrush

    I like both, i couldn't live with out 3d coat in my arsenal tho. 3d coat is by far the best art program i have ever used, all they need to do is add the abillity to bone and animate and it would be the ONLY! software i need besides a game engine to work from, zbrush is awesome but 3d coat wins my vote time and again because it is just everything i need to go from concept to creation except the animation stuff. sadly i can't rig and animate in 3d coat, maybe i should request that as a feature lol. zbrush is great for its ability to sculpt and paint and with the new dynamesh it really almost feels like real sculpting, not as smooth as 3d coat however, but still pretty close, but i still choose 3d coat cause you can be much more artistic in your workflow with out having to think about it and or wait for dynamesh to actually chug threw a retopo for small changes.
  2. OrinDoomHammer

    Looking for a 3d-modeler for our game, Urgent!

    Honestly Id be willing to toss some time at this if i knew more about it, please message me if you want to know i use more then just 3dCoat, but if i like what your about id be willing to toss some time in as long as your willing to pay for my time. http://orindoomhammer.imgur.com/all/ there is my portfolio, not compleate but its new to oldest or it should be, i have some new stuff i have been doing in zbrush to add to it but other then that the top 2 are the newest things i have done in 3d coat, anyway thank you for your time hopefully we can talk about this more oh and one more thing, style for me doesnt matter i can mimic style as long as i have a good and clear bit of concept art, you do have concept art right? with concept art i should be able to pull off any style you want. again thank you.
  3. OrinDoomHammer


    Ok I'm not sure what paint mode I am in cause I exported the model from blender to UV map and then went straight to painting, however, when painting with depth selected it changes the mesh, which I find irritating. Is there a way to paint with depth that does not affect the models shape?
  4. OrinDoomHammer

    Odd angles for sharp edged blades

    well its up on display in my scrapbook so go ahead and give it a look.
  5. OrinDoomHammer

    Odd angles for sharp edged blades

    yeah i did just that, its not about the thickness of the object as i would have been happy to bevel the sculpt and keep the side of the blade fat, the beveled edge would have fit right over the sharp edge on the low poly model giving it the beveled look with out destroying the sculpt, The problem is how to get the thickness and shape at such a wired angled blade normally when i put a bevel on something i just line up point A and B and carve it off with the pick tool. but if i had done this i would have destroyed the shape of the blade. its more about the way to carve a wonky shape and get a sharp edge or maybe i should say angled bevel then get a blade like edge. Well Like i said i just modeled it out in blender real quick and shot it over as a Primitive worked fine so no complaints here. The rounded circular edge i needed i figured out I used a spline with a custom mesh and used it to cut the rounded portion of the hand guard out which works well enough it gave me a lip but i think i actually like that cause it gives it some character.
  6. OrinDoomHammer

    OrinD's scrap book

    Erdricks sword from DragonWarrior 3, This Is a remake in 3d coat of a previous sword i built for my mod for skyrim. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100816694
  7. OrinDoomHammer

    Odd angles for sharp edged blades

    Its not really a thin shape I have a happy medium on width and the actual mesh will be much sharper and thinner looking, honestly right now it looks like something out of the power rangers.... but its mostly just for sculpting its more or less the shape i want to enhance by giving it that nice transition from flat steel to beveled edge look.
  8. OrinDoomHammer

    Odd angles for sharp edged blades

    Ok here is the story, I have been working on this mod for a while now for Skyrim, to build some of the weapons and armors from the Dragon warrior series I had everything modeled out but the zenithian armor, well as it turns out i found a virus on my pc and nuked my HD. steam and skyrim has really cool feature where you can upload your mod files to share when someone subscribes to the mod so I re downloaded my mod to pick up where i left off and maybe do some sculpting on the Items I have found that almost all of them are missing and now have to rebuild them, I decided to use 3d coat as i can bake AO and well we all know the why, suffice it to say it rocks, Anyway working on the Erdrick sword I have found that im going to require some really odd sharp angles around curves and some smooth angles around curves and i was wondering if there was an easy way to get even and sharp edges around a corner for something such as an oddly shaped blade.
  9. OrinDoomHammer

    OrinD's scrap book

    well at the moment i have been keeping him rather low poly as im blocking everything in right now he is around a million and a half and climbing. but thats as of now, when i posted that it was around 700k he is quite low poly but when i start adding details after the whole thing is roughed in he should be about 24mil poly then its off to retopo and bakeing the normals. im shooting for around 25k max polys for the end result with a rather higher normal map to give the details. he wont be going into a game but i find working with 25k polys and high res maps work pretty good for the things i like to do and it makes animation smoother, if i take it that far, i would like to pose him and maybe drape him in a robe i have seen some pretty cool art work involving cthulu that i would like to mimic, hes turning out kinda cartoony perportion whys which is fine with me cause i like the way he looks, and with 3 kids i kinda try to stay away from ultra scary as they are always around and im trying to teach them that this sort of thing is nothing to fear.
  10. OrinDoomHammer

    Brush radius chageing in non iso view

    Never mind i figured it out i hit the lock button and it doesnt change it anymore sorry to take your time
  11. OrinDoomHammer

    Brush radius chageing in non iso view

    Ok not sure if it's suppose to do this or not but the brush size changes up and down depending on where it is when not in iso view and continues to change when i move my pen even with out having any keys down on my keyboard, it gets really large up to 500 some times this is really annoying if its not a bug how do i turn it off?
  12. OrinDoomHammer

    OrinD's scrap book

    Small update On cthulu
  13. OrinDoomHammer

    OrinD's scrap book

    I have always loved hp lovecrafts work, Heres a Cthulu WIP im working on.
  14. OrinDoomHammer

    Newbie - How to get better at modeling?

    I personally started out by modeling swords after i got really good with that i moved on from swords to other things never was good with characters but follow some tutorials learn about proper edge flow and work on how to break down parts of the mesh you want to build in to edge loops and how to connect them together properly youll find it easy to get into. for animation good edge loops are a must. alternatively you can just get 3d coat and learn to sculpt and tell 3d coat to retopo the mesh for you and bango no need to learn to model at all but i suggest you learn with blender I have used max for10+ years and after getting comfortable with the interface prefer blender above all other modeling/animation/rendering programs though i can honestly say cycles is a kick ass renderer.
  15. OrinDoomHammer

    What happens when the demo runs out?

    oh thats so awsome i dont care about the export so much yet as even if i could export them i cant use them till i pay for the product anyway so its not an issue im just glad i can still save and work from it later^^ and the v4 sounds awsome i have watched some of the videos on it and i cant wait to play with it.