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  1. Awesome, I would not have found that, thanks for the help.
  2. It seems like something has changed or I may be confused. I feel like you used to be able sculpt on a single volume at a time without it effecting other volumes, and without making them transparent. I want to be able to add eyes and to be able to see them and not have them half transparent, and sculpt on the main volume without it effecting and warping the eyes in another volume. I can't see any option and the documentation and google search doesn't seem much.
  3. Its stupid that it was so simple, I figured it might have something to do with padding so I did try looking for documentation on that but couldn't find any. Thanks for the for help.
  4. I'll attach the obj, its really simple and basic so not bothered if it stays private. I went with 1024 size textures, I'm limited to 2k textures max. FidgetSpinnerWheelsFin2.obj
  5. Yeah, I just tried it, exactly the same outcome.
  6. So I have these two areas below defined as separate materials as separate textures on the object(I've even tried it as one texture). I dont understand why one is bleeding into the other. I've used the texture view and the viewport to fill the areas. No matter what I cant seem to get them to fill correctly.
  7. Calabi

    Cuda Performs worse on my GTX 1080

    I didn't realise it didn't work with all the voxel brush's. But its weird I'm getting no better performance difference with the scrape brush but it behaves differently with cuda on and off. Cuda on in soft scrape its soft, with cuda off its more harder.
  8. So I decided to just mess about with 3D Coat and I'm using the Steam Version Direct X, and it turns out with Cuda the brushes in voxel mode are way slower than without. In OpenGL I cant perceive any different between Cuda off and on. Is there something wrong with my setup or something wrong with the software. I am using latest drivers and a I5-4690k, 16GB Ram an SSD Hardrive.
  9. Calabi

    Car modelling tutorials?

    I wouldnt like to model a car in 3DCoat if you make an error its a lot harder to undo. Getting that smooth perfect form alot harder. With pure polys its easier to refine the surface.
  10. Oh! I was going to upgrade to one of these from my gtx460. I've heard the cuda performance may not be that good.
  11. Calabi

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    The UI isnt that bad, at least it has tooltips that explain some of things, information is compartmentalised into rooms. Its a hell of alot better than Zbrush. You at least have a possibilitie of figuring things out without even looking at the manual in 3DCoat. Zbrush you have no chance of working out where things are or what arcane combination does what without looking at the manual.
  12. Calabi

    Newbie - How to get better at modeling?

    I started with a skull and heads, I dont know if thats too complex, but they have decent references and there is lots of tutorials.
  13. Calabi

    I am asking: WHY?

    Removing or limiting the tool, when the tool has few uses other than the bad uses isnt a solution, but its a good first step, which would immediately reduce gun deaths. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2012/12/externalities-and-the-dubious-defenses-of-gun-enthusiasts.html I'm not sure what comparing apples to oranges proves but of course thats a usual tactic. So let me get this straight, you want the freedom to buy a gun and shoot whatever you want, but you dont want the freedom to consume whatever media you want. You think that if the media was full of fairies and flowers and all moral(moral according to your perspective) things that would somehow remove violence in the population. It could be an interesting experiment. If it fails, would you go down the route of eugenics or the Serenity movie where they try to reprogram humanity to fit their ideals?
  14. Calabi

    I am asking: WHY?

    I gave up trying to convince anyone of anything years ago, I know it never works. I'm just presenting facts in opposition to supposition and belief, so people can make up their own minds. And Fox news seriously wtf is that, is that a joke. Good idea put more guns in schools so people can be accidently killed as well as purposefully. This insanity... well I'll leave you to it.
  15. Calabi

    I am asking: WHY?

    When a snowball rolls down a hill it gets bigger and faster. If the media publicise's someone suicide then suicides increase. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/mar/28/media-reporting-suicide-bad-science The media could be more culpable than games. I'd just like to know how this narrative of games actually being at fault works. Do they train on it. Bearing in mind most of these people have been trained with and used real guns. They would know the fake digital guns would be nothing like the real guns. And there is nothing in the games that would prepare them for the real thing. Even that so called No Russian level. The AI doesnt respond like real people at all, nor does the gore.