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  1. PolyHertz

    Games using 3DC Robot

    Just ran across a new game using the robot: http://store.steampowered.com/app/732360/Mercury_Blue_Mini_Episode/
  2. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Hey wensk. Could you try with this slightly older version and let me know if that works for you? I changed a lot of the code for v1.9, so if v1.8f works that'll give me some clues on what's causing the problem.
  3. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    The latest version of the applink can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r34ns1e92hxoap0/3ds Max Applink v1.9a.mzp?dl=1 For those asking about the dummy textures; They're now included inside applink mzp file (just open it like a normal zip file). For Max 2018 users; You may have noticed the dock feature puts the applink below the command panel / scene explorer, and when undocking the UI is too big. There's nothing I can do about this unfortunately because Autodesk hasn't updated Maxscript to deal with all the UI changes they've made. However, you can move the UI into the correct position manually afterwards, and if you tear it off into a floater pressing the dock button will correct the size. Once AD fixes the issue I'll update the script.
  4. PolyHertz

    AMD Ryzen prices released

    Just fyi for the early adopters, it seems there might be some issues at launch: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=230986880&postcount=2076
  5. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    blackant Master : If the regular installation method doesn't work for you, go to the first post in this thread and try doing the "Manual installation" method.
  6. Looks like performance/spec wise the new Ryzen CPUs should be very comparable with modern Intel CPUs. Good to finally see some competition. Not sure why they're trying to play off auto-overclocking as something special though ( " auto overclocking/XFR...It sounds like the stuff of sci-fi and fan fiction, but it’s very much real. " ), considering Intel CPUs have been using Turboboost technology for nearly a decade.
  7. PolyHertz

    [Solved] Lock framerate ?

    Thanks for the info Carlosan. Unfortunately though, that method causes massive brush lag in 3D-Coat.
  8. PolyHertz

    [Solved] Lock framerate ?

    Is there a way to lock the framerate in 3D-Coat to 60fps? I ask because I just got a new Pascal GPU and the uncapped framerate causes coil whine (plus I don't own a 120/144hz monitor to take advantage of it anyway).
  9. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    I need to know a few things to narrow this down: -Does it happen with 1.8f as well (here's a link in case don't have the file anymore), or just 1.9? -Is the mesh being created in Max originally, and if so how many materials does 3D-Coat recognize on import into the paint room? Any example files you could send could be useful too (both before and after import). I have some guesses as to what might be happening, but I need more info before I can start tracking down the issue.
  10. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Hey AbnRanger, is this multi-sub material issue happening with just redshift materials? There were some major changes with how standard / multi-sub materials were determined between v1.8 and 1.9 (merged regular and material-only modes). So, if 1.9 is giving you problems try 1.8f and let me know if it's any better.
  11. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Ah. Yea they changed the primary exchange directory path for newer versions of 3D-Coat. It was also mentioned in the v1.9 release notes: "Now auto-detects "AppLinks" folder introduced in the most recent versions of 3D-Coat. Suggested for anyone running 3D-Coat v4.5.37 or newer."
  12. PolyHertz

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Is it both exporting and importing that are giving you issues, or just importing?
  13. PolyHertz

    texture pixalated when I Zoom

    I might be misunderstanding, but are you saying that you're using a single 4096 for that entire level?
  14. PolyHertz

    GeForce GTX 1080

    The new TITAN card was just announced, and is being released on August 2nd for $1200. Oddly enough they're simply reusing the "Titan X" name, so be careful when buying; make sure you're getting the 2016 Pascal based model instead of the the 2015 Maxwell-based one. https://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/NVIDIA-Announces-GP102-based-TITAN-X-3584-CUDA-cores
  15. PolyHertz

    Games using 3DC Robot

    I just came across a game called "Android John" on Steam that used the default 3D-Coat robot for promotion in its greenlight page. They replaced the robot for the final game being sold (its still shown on the greenlight page, but not the store page), but I'm wondering if this is considered 'OK' for them to have promoted the game using default 3DC assets?