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  1. Hi everybody, my name is Marco and I'm a new 3DC user from Italy. I've chosen 3DC as the main tool for doing post-processing on models coming from full-body scans (scanning human beings is the core business of the company I work for at the moment). I'm not a graphic artist by any means, in fact I'm a software developer specialized in the production of real-time rendering engines (I've done a lot of work on the open-source OpenSceneGraph library). As such, I'm curious about the technique that 3DC uses to render its voxel-based scene. I'm really impressed by the performance level it achieves. Can I ask 3DC developers to share some insights about the rendering engine? Is it based on rasterization or some kind of accelerated ray tracing? Are voxels converted to polygons on the fly by running marching cubes or similar algorithms? Also, I'd love to better integrate 3DC with my own tools, but the 3B format specification that I've found on this forum is lacking the color part, so it's not that useful to me... Thank you for your help, and keep up the awesome work!