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  1. Hi, I would like to know how to remove the Popup tips / info who following the cursor? Thank you
  2. Kargall

    [Solved] Popup tips Info

    Ah thank you Carlosan, It's "Pilou" the French translator who did a bad job LOL He translated it by "Show the Point", which does not mean anything in French ... Haha
  3. Hello, I have some questions : - Where can I find a tutorial on the Tube / Array tool? Are there videos? There is nothing in the manual about it. - What is the difference between the Vox tool and the Coat tool? Thanks, have a good day
  4. Kargall

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    Oh my god! I can not wait to see it Congratulations and thank for your work
  5. Hello How to make for circular shapes of brushes respect the shapes of Alpha (rectangular)? The corners of my brushed alpha is trimmed. Thank
  6. Kargall

    Hard surface with 3D Coat . Vidéo.

    Hi friends, A 3D Coat user (and some others) asked me how I made my 3d model in "hard surface". So I made a video to explain that simply. I hope it will be useful to other people too.
  7. Hy, Dear friend, I inform you that the bug of the tool poses, still has not settled. It's very boring for a lot of people.
  8. Kargall

    [Solved] Bug pose tool

    Hi! Priori, I did not notice a bug with the pose tool, in version 4.8.31. A priori. Thank you Carlosan
  9. From the album: Kargall-3DC

    Sculpted and textured with 3d Coat. Then painted with oil on wood panel
  10. Kargall

    Happy Holidays

    The Marquis and I wish you happy holidays Sculpted and textured with 3d Coat. Then painted with oil on wood panel Happiness to all
  11. Kargall

    two or three things to ask

    Hello friends. There are two or threethings that I would like to ask. 1) Is it possible to have a system that works much like ZBrush's "Matchmaker Brush" in 3D Coat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbO4IeZPHrM 2) 2) It would be nice and more convenient to be able to put color in the objet layers of the arborescence 3) Moving objet layers in the tree is not practical. Can we improve it? Thank you.
  12. Kargall

    two or three things to ask

    hi, A small answer? Perhaps? Thank you
  13. Kargall

    [Solved] Bug pose tool

    Hi Carlosan! no no i'm was talking about the "X" button (x, y, z) of the symmetry module .. Sorry for this confusion.
  14. Kargall

    [Solved] Bug pose tool

    Hi friends. Calosan and Andrew, I'm really sorry I could not answer sooner. Ok it seems to me that the problem is - partly - solved. By doing what andrew said, things are clearer. However,There is still a problem: The bug persists if the button "X" and connected at the same time the button "simmetry" disconnected. Can you confirm that?
  15. Kargall

    [Solved] Bug pose tool

    Hi, "Sorry but i cant replicate" : I produced several videos. I put them in the mantis, there are several months "is Ignore Back Faces switched off ? " : Yes! Are programmers aware of the problem? THX
  16. Kargall

    [Solved] Bug pose tool

    the resolution of the problem reported again ? Yet this is a major problem, right?
  17. Kargall

    [Solved] Bug pose tool

    Hi friends, The problem persists with the latest version (4.8.25), this is really a worry for my way of working . I despair. Please, help me solve this problem. Thank you so much.
  18. Kargall

    Marquis de Gothie

    From the album: Kargall-3DC

    Here is a small video that explains a little how I realize my 2D and 3D sketches , before the painting start . Soft: 3Dcoat Sculpture and rendering , Clip-Studio-Paint to finish.
  19. Hello I frequently this problem with the pose tool. Could you tell me why? Thank you
  20. Kargall


    Very good job, bravo!
  21. Kargall


    Very good !
  22. Hi friends, I still have some questions and small issues: 1) I would like to know why, when I export a scene, the axis of rotation is placed, in importation, at an incredible distance from the object and not at the center of the scene? How to remedy this? 2) Render man renders all black. How to fix this problem? Resolved : Do not use spelling mode Thank you.
  23. Kargall

    Somes questions, again :)

    Hi Carlosan No, definitely, nothing works. I will have to re-import the scene. Too bad! I hope I do not have this problem for my other jobs. Thank you
  24. Kargall

    Somes questions, again :)

    hi Carlosan, I did what you said . No matter what I try, it does not work. I do not understand