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  1. Kargall

    Import Alpha Groupe

    Hi For brushes. Is it possible to import several alpha (a folder) into a package? thank.:)
  2. Kargall

    Import Alpha Groupe

    Is that how we should do it? Thank AlphaBug-1.mov
  3. Kargall

    Import Alpha Groupe

    ?? After clicking on "create an extension" in 3dcoat, this one (3d Coat) does not see the "Alphas"
  4. Kargall

    Return in Glory

    Very nice! Bravo
  5. Kargall

    Autumn Daze

    Very nice!
  6. Kargall


    Very good job!
  7. Kargall

    Some complaints

    Just a different colour for each parent and/or child in voxel tree . As the layer in Photoshop for example
  8. Kargall

    Some complaints

    Hello Andrew, I have some complaint to ask of you. Would it be possible to give the possibility of coloring the layers in the voxel tree? This would simplify (visually) things greatly when we have many objects. It would also be nice to be able to "extinguish" (hide) a parent without hiding these children Thank you
  9. Kargall

    Brushуs And Strips

    Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi,Malo thank you for your help, this is very significant. I think I learned a lot, I can finally import and export my objects at once. I'll test it. thanks again
  11. Help . Texture can not be exported. I am extremely angry. I just did 21 textures in 21 layer to 21 object 3DCoat but exports only 4 textures. I tried hugely solutions but I do not know how to solve the problem. Could you help me please . thank you very much ... it's really urgent
  12. ...Just lucky? It's true, I do not like at all to UV and retopo ect ... .So I made the minimum, and I have not studied all the subtleties. My workflow: 1: I sculpt every model. 2: I make the retopo UV and unfolding of each mesh I export one by one in C4D 3: I reimport each piece one by one in 3DC for texturing. - For the competition, the car has never been full in the texturing room. - For this work, I tried to import the emsemble stage in the texturing room, but I left the name of UV by "default". Yes! This is a fatal error. I asked here how to import an entire scene for texturing .l'importation in FBX did not work: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20066-import-scene-complete-for-peinture-method/ I searched for a tutorial comprehensive stage on import / export a full scene but I have not found.
  13. hello, I have a problem with a model that is very symmetrical in the sculpture-room, but which marks "Partial-Symmetry" in retopology chamber. Could you explain why?. Thank you
  14. Kargall

    Patial-Symmetry- Why ?

    Hi Michaelgdrs, Yes it works, but it now also works with the default options. Frankly, It makes absolutely no sense. Thank you
  15. Hi Carlosan, I do not understand this option.
  16. nop ! nothing works. I asked Andrew, I await his reply. I think I'll redo the work more "cleanly" .Merci beaucoup Malo for your help.
  17. That's what I did, I only have 4 textures
  18. Kargall

    Patial-Symmetry- Why ?

    OK thanks ! I'll try that
  19. Yes!I have a scene with all Normals FBX-Map. but I can not import into 3DC ... "square UV too big" Thank
  20. Hello , I wonder if you can import an entire scene (30 mesh with NM) once in the paint room Thank you
  21. Kargall

    Pose Tool - Symmetry reverse

    Yes Thank Carlosan.
  22. Hello everyone, Can you explain why the distortion goes in the opposite direction of the cursor? with activated symmetry Why deformation does not take all the selected area?. Thank you.
  23. Kargall

    Pose Tool - Symmetry reverse

    Yes and no ! And, symmetry tool destroy the structure . look the video 3dcSymBug.mov
  24. Kargall

    Pose Tool - Symmetry reverse

    No ! The "X" axis and "Z" operated in reverse as . ...and Sometimes the selection is not taken into account. The action handling cuts the model of an anarchic way confirmed ?