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  1. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    @Garagarape Thank you! Itsumo arigatou! @LJB Thank you! New UI is very very veeery useful ! Good job! @Markus F. Thank you! I started make base mesh in retopo room in 3D-coat. Next step, detail modeling in Softimage. I follow Vitaly Bulgarov wokflow.->http://www.thegnomon...e/category/200/ And, new doodle! Liveclay only training.
  2. marupura

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    What a cool update! Thanks Andrew and LJB. I hope just one thing. I wanna be able to reduce Quick access scale. It's too big for my laptop. Btw, Preset panel is very useful!!
  3. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    @3DArtist Thank you! I will try my best! I sculpted at lunch time."horned ground sloth" in Diablo3.
  4. marupura

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Wow! really cooool! look fun to make sharp edge.
  5. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    @LJB Andrew said "working over UI improvements." So, I will be able to watch your video soon? I'm looking forward ! @kay_Eva Thank you! @otsoa Let's enjoy sss! now, I'm working with Softimage. It's just polygon modeling. Really tough job...However, happy 3DC paint time will come when it is over. 3DC concept sculpt
  6. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    @3DArtist Thank you! I didn't upload a turntable.The rotating sequence shows just the end of this video. If I am satisfied with my sculpt result, I will upload turntable next time. @LJB Thank you! Your work always impresses me. So, I’m wondering if I can see your cracking Video!
  7. marupura

    koji's Sculpture

    Good work! I hope to you add more image in this topic.
  8. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    I made 2 Dinosaurs. "Dino head" sculpted by new brush engine in 3.7.11. That was really smooth !
  9. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    Thanks! I will record again in this week. But I am undecide next motif.
  10. marupura

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    I tried another test. Same world space, but different meshs baking. import diff -> import divided mesh -> bake Is this way?
  11. marupura

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Hi, I tried bake in ppp. I got good result. video -> http://youtu.be/ytr6qvrssn4 If it was my misunderstanding, I'm sorry.
  12. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    @Giuseppe Thank you! @chingchong Thank you! I will upload a picture and video weekly for the time being. @Sandro Borg Thank you! I am glad ! @3DArtist Thank you! That image is renderd in 3Delight for softimage. I wanted attach skelton to him,I imported to Softimage. I hope to 3DC render room, realistically reflection material. I added a picture and video!
  13. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    @The Candy-floss Kid Thank you! Paint room Layers has Sculpt room changes. That is my favorite function I added new doodle. "Kappa" That is famous cryptid in japan.
  14. marupura

    Polypainting beta wips

    Nice work.It is very interesting! I feel that it like almost real oil painting.
  15. marupura

    Marupura's sketchbook

    Thank you! Shader change color, another light settings. Then, you could make various look variations. If you want more scatter depth. Put a dummy model downward far.