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  1. blackant Master

    Freeze by Pixel intensity

    you are talking about voxel room i was talking about paintroom
  2. blackant Master


    the way actually to manage it is to complicate, first import OBJ to unwrap, don't focus on painting yet export it to max and setup Smoothgroups (still in quads) export it to fbx, and paint (lost quad when you import in 3dc) export it to max or any soft to animate (triangulated mesh) if we could manage smoothgroups directly in 3Dcoat, it means we can keep quads and do so much import/export.
  3. blackant Master

    A Better Stamp Brush

    This is a tool i'm not really using often, but i really should. But today i was using it and if it works nice when your mesh is big enough to allow you to scale the image, if your mous just goes outside the mesh, it will lose focus and size will be unmanageable. try using it on a plane and draw something on the border to check what i mean. so, an option to disable collision detection would help to keep the brush control.
  4. blackant Master


    this is a parameter i think that really miss in the workflow, let me explain why i use 3dc this many years now, i have always been disturbed because of Obj that doesn't keep the smoothgroups on import, or FBX that triangulate the mesh instead of keeping quads... but the fbx has the smoothgroups infos in it, and it really helps when you need to calculate normals but also curvature map and AO. sometimes, you may think your model is good, when you import it, adding textures and painting it a lot and suddenly you reallize that somewhere in you rmodel, the smoothgroups can be improved... the only way to do it is to to do it outside 3dc, wich means, exporting files to a PSD wich means also you may have problems reimporting it, with missing specular, gloss or anything.. problems with normal maps wich can be in the wrong direction etc... with that in mind, i must say, why not stay in 3dc and do it inside the tweak room or something like that?
  5. blackant Master

    Freeze by Pixel intensity

    hello everyone, to dya i was thinking about this idea, wich i think could be really could to have inside the paintroom freeze by pixel intensity ! like in ZBrush when you want to create a mask from vertice color intensity (Black to white) or by vertex color, this option would help to create normal maps or glossmap over a painted texture. so it may also be interesting to think about freeze by AO or curvature map ...
  6. blackant Master

    render backface cull off

    this is a simple feature i didn't noticed that it doesn't exist actually. the renderer is always backfacecull On and there is no option to deactivate it
  7. blackant Master

    More Smart material parameters

    i was just reallizing that the interface of the smart material can be improved by adding more possibilities to it. to be more precise what i think about is to use this list also on other parameters like the mask/Opacity texture
  8. blackant Master

    Mesh Statistic

    yeah i seen this but this informations are important where the mesh is ready and finallized or as a reminder
  9. blackant Master

    3dc GL & DX sculpt room crash

    i didn't deleted anything and tryed again and again and finally it worked
  10. blackant Master

    [Solved] Baking problem

    this bug may be caused by the reference mesh used or baking parameters when inner shell may be conflicted to much with the mesh (for grains i used many small spheres) after a turn in ZBrush and some dynamesh works, the baking has been perfect.
  11. just tryed to open sculpt room from main menu and got this happening: bug has been sent
  12. just tryed to open sculpt room from main menu and got this happening: bug has been sent
  13. blackant Master

    [Solved] Baking problem

    This bug doesn't appear using 3dc 4.8.15(GL64)
  14. Hello, today i'm experienceing a strange bug i never seen before: using 3dc 4.8.15(DX) What you see here is the result of the baking i just made... the white mesh is the reference mesh used (import > reference Mesh) > Datier_LOD_0 + Object001 the other dark mesh is the retopo with baked texture > Datier In the Tweak room i have this bug: hidding Datier_LOD_0 Layer: Hidding Object001 Layer: Hidding Datier Layer: it behave like if this Retopo has been projected on Object001 Layer But Object001 Mesh still reacting sepratly from Datier Layer...
  15. blackant Master

    Visual Bug In tweak Room