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  1. blackant Master

    Invert Hidden Faces Problem

    I hide tooth one by one to pass the problem and keep the head visible to not have to invert hidden faces function. but the first method would really be faster if the problem was not here. another point about this is the fact that, if i try to correct it in the tweak room to check the differents layers, reference mesh is already unvisible, and if i make it visible again, it will unhide all polys from the paint room.
  2. blackant Master

    Invert Hidden Faces Problem

    Here is my problem: i made a retopo, styarted to paint it, but to paint inside the mouth i have to hide the tooth. and the result is shown on the screenshot below. I must precise, that the reference mesh is not from voxel room, so i can't hide it by the menu.
  3. blackant Master

    Les dernières nouveautés de la 4.9

    oué, alors justement, le fait d'utiliser megascan dans 3dcoat c'est tout simplement génial, mais par contre la phrase "simply import from defaut download folder " je l'ai jamais utilisé ce dossier, je sais même pas ou il se trouve ... :/ et pour faire mal la seule image de dossier qu'ils montre, c'est flouté tout autour!
  4. blackant Master

    Crop texture feature in material editor

    hi, i seens this in my mind this morning, and i think it may be a really good feature.
  5. blackant Master

    UV broken

    Hello, i just reported this problem on mantis, maybe someone had the same issue. while working on uv room, suddenly i am unable to use tools to unwrap edges when other parts are hidden. finally i saved my work before restarting 3dc, and i discovered that my uv are broken, as you can see on the screenshot. i used del key in the uv room to remove some unused parts of the mesh, i suspect this to be part of the problem.
  6. blackant Master

    Auto Seam Only selected UVs

    and the best would be another mode for unwrapping by island so it always keep edges grouped and can maybe avoid this kind of situation Zbrush is doing something interesting with there UV Master if i'm right.
  7. blackant Master

    Auto Seam Only selected UVs

    I gess this options is actually not available or maybe i missed it, but for now in the UV room, if you try to get a mix between manual unwrap and auto seams, it's not possible because auto seam will break all manual works. A lot of time this may be usefull for complex shapes where there are some parts important to be grouoped manually and small parts can get less time spend on it.
  8. blackant Master

    UV mapping suggestion

    try to avoid to have this singles polys everywere on your uv map, this is also time consuming better a better way to keep space. i agrea there is something to do to improve it in the spacing
  9. Hello, i made a video about this problem caus it's more clear to explain
  10. blackant Master

    Problem with textures layers

    Hello, today, i have started by re organising my folders by grouping layers , and suddenly i got this: the bug didn't appeared during reorganisation of the layers, but when i get out of 3dc to create textures outside it in texture maker. and i had the smart material opened during the creation. the model has been completely invisible, so i started hidding different layers to understand and visible parts are where the layers or hidden.
  11. blackant Master

    [SOLVED] Strange artefacts rendered on my AO

    Problem is solved. The Geometry was broken by symetry on Max
  12. blackant Master

    [SOLVED] Strange artefacts rendered on my AO

    Problem is reported on Mantis
  13. Hello, i have been making a ship, spended a week on unwrapping to get it perfect, and now when i create an AO layer, i have this kind of problems you can see on the screenshot. I checked all my UVs again, because there are many materials needed for this model, but none has this kind of shape over it, so i don't understand what is happening here. this is the first time i have this kind of error. on another Uv set i have also the same problem.
  14. blackant Master

    Hot Christmas

    Characters made for a game Project, named Hot Christmas
  15. blackant Master

    Les personnages de Hot Christmas

    tu peux cliquer sur les liens vers sketchfab pour les voir en 3D temps réel. ensuite tu as le petit engrenage en bas qui te permet de voir les textures et le wire et d'autres paramètres