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  1. I just tested this option by the menu and got no response when clicked
  2. In retopo room, it would be pretty cool to get some of Blender's functionalities like the circle one on these screens:
  3. A Better tool to position pivot for material painting while using Mappings cylinder, for example: On this image, I have to place the center of my cylinder between arms, so the repetition can be projected correctly on the sleeves. The use of the yellow gizmo is useless, it is only working for scale. The use of floats for X, Y, Z is hard to manage, i have to spend time to find the right value check between ± values... takes too much time
  4. Yeah, I'm also using this technic, actually because there is no other way to make it… But it's nice for 1 or 2 vertices, and it starts becoming really annoying when the number of vertices increase... But the problem is a little bit different in my case, because the topology may look good from the face, but when you rotate the camera you can see that vertices are snapped on the other side of the mesh. Because cloth are thin, the "snap to normal" is good because the normal are really near to each other. So i simple process would be to select faces and use a "Push faces in normal direction", the same as the Z-Bias do but for real.
  5. A missing option witch could help a bit in retopology, While snapping a retopo over a really thin mesh, like clothes for exemple, often the vertices are snappedon the wrong side of the Ref Mesh. A quick to fix it would be to select retopo and push vertices or face in the normal direction, witch is not available in the options Another way would be to snap from camera view angle, i don't know...
  6. Hi Carlsosan, I just tested, but nop, it's still ignore all folders. what do you mean about account permission, is it windows folders permission ? if so, i think yes, everything is autorized
  7. i have a problem using the migration master from 2021 to 2022. I'm pretty sure it has already worked but actually my smart material list is looking like the default installation of 3dcoat and i tried multiple times to make the migration without any change. I Checked my old 3Dcoat 2021 and can clearly see all the folders and materials. I tried different folders but no result. I had to manually copy / paste them in windows.
  8. Maybe something I have missed during those years, or maybe a feature missing, while using attach to layer, a lot of times I prefer to disable the normal map because I never fund any option to set the scale of the material accordingly to the size of the model I need, like on this screenshot: I mean, I Know I can set the size while the material is not attached to the layer, but the size will be reset if I swap to another material, what I usually do while i want to check for best choice in context.
  9. This morning I opened my file and got this result: I tried to reopen it, but got the same result. The problem is related to the voxel mesh I Imported as surface
  10. Nope, that was not this point, but i fund the right function to correct it. It's related to ZBIas, if i drop it down to 0% it's completly removed
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