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  1. Hi Carlsosan, I just tested, but nop, it's still ignore all folders. what do you mean about account permission, is it windows folders permission ? if so, i think yes, everything is autorized
  2. i have a problem using the migration master from 2021 to 2022. I'm pretty sure it has already worked but actually my smart material list is looking like the default installation of 3dcoat and i tried multiple times to make the migration without any change. I Checked my old 3Dcoat 2021 and can clearly see all the folders and materials. I tried different folders but no result. I had to manually copy / paste them in windows.
  3. Maybe something I have missed during those years, or maybe a feature missing, while using attach to layer, a lot of times I prefer to disable the normal map because I never fund any option to set the scale of the material accordingly to the size of the model I need, like on this screenshot: I mean, I Know I can set the size while the material is not attached to the layer, but the size will be reset if I swap to another material, what I usually do while i want to check for best choice in context.
  4. This morning I opened my file and got this result: I tried to reopen it, but got the same result. The problem is related to the voxel mesh I Imported as surface
  5. Nope, that was not this point, but i fund the right function to correct it. It's related to ZBIas, if i drop it down to 0% it's completly removed
  6. Also, I have to say, I never noticed before today that there was police color option inside this panel, and does it really works ? Because I have always used main color from the brush and never seems to get any multiply or any change from this color. And another point about the police size, because I directly use the distance between the marks to get it at the right size, I never used that option too.
  7. Hi Carlosan, I know OK allows to see the selected font, but I mean, it's so odd to have to close/ open/ close/ re-open and so on, to see font one by one, and it takes so much time sometimes before finding the right font. What would be great would be to use mouse roll up down to swap fonts, and don't have to click OK. Or something like that, more dynamic.
  8. C'est un problème récurent entre les différents softs de 3D et de moteurs de jeux. Par exemple, Unity utilise les Axes X, Y, Z en pointant Y vers le haut et Z vers l'avant, tandis qu'UE5 demandera de pointer X vers l'avant. Dans 3DsMax et Blender, Z pointe vers le haut, tandis que dans Maya, c'est Y. C'est pourquoi dans 3DCoat tu as la possibilité, dans l'import classique, d'inverser Y et Z avec cette option : Dans la chambre de voxel, une simple rotation à 90° fera l'affaire
  9. While working on painting textures, this is commonly something I miss a lot when I have to search the right font I need for the texture I'm making. Like the paint tool which allow visualizing the result before applying it over the mesh, a similar function for the font may be a wonderful improvement.
  10. I'll give it a try, I have always been using reference import for my retopo works and never been annoyed by poor fps in the old versions... Anyway, I just discovered another problem
  11. since many years i'm complaining about the shader in retopo room that is not really efficient to seen the model. I suggest to get something similar to Blender viewport rendering "cavity" wich make all the diference.
  12. Hi, I really get bad performances in the retopo room wince version 2022. i made a short video :
  13. Our hearts are with you pilgway team, hold on, be strong and take care of yourself
  14. Hello, i'm actually using painting tool and more specifically the Gradient tool with opacity fading. because my workflow is like that, i have to paint a monster with different type of colors for each kind of element (earth, water, etc.) and because the gradient tool is extremelly usefull can give beautifull results i use it a lot. but i have to make a lot of changes for each part of the body i have to paint * by the number of elements required, and it's a bit frustrating to have to constantly check/ uncheck and move to the places i need it. so i was thinking, "it would be cool to store the vectore 3 for start and end position and simple select the one i need for the next part, or to have the ability to set multiple gradients at the same time, because they are only painting on parts of an object.
  15. Hello, i was working on my unwrap, and suddenly i realized that i need to rescale the UV editor window to get a better view... doing it manually is ok but why not adding the full size button to take advantage of the full screen ? (and why not including the close button near to it by the way....)
  16. i can say that obj is writing vertex color, because i use it with marmoset tolbag, but i never tryed using fbx for this tasks... i will check
  17. Hello, everything is in the title... i'm testing some new workflow... i did this model in Zbrush, and would like to retopo it in 3dcoat, i was wondering if this may be done this kind of way cause i never tried before, i usually only use import reference mesh so i don't use any color. But if it could be done, it could also greatly speed up some kind of works done in zbrush...
  18. About transparency, i would like to ask about improvement feature for both painting room and render, cause actually it is not really good for effects like glass. i did this render this morning, the mesh behind looks like if the mesh is not existing, cutted or bugged.
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