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  1. Hello, i was working on my unwrap, and suddenly i realized that i need to rescale the UV editor window to get a better view... doing it manually is ok but why not adding the full size button to take advantage of the full screen ? (and why not including the close button near to it by the way....)
  2. i can say that obj is writing vertex color, because i use it with marmoset tolbag, but i never tryed using fbx for this tasks... i will check
  3. Hello, everything is in the title... i'm testing some new workflow... i did this model in Zbrush, and would like to retopo it in 3dcoat, i was wondering if this may be done this kind of way cause i never tried before, i usually only use import reference mesh so i don't use any color. But if it could be done, it could also greatly speed up some kind of works done in zbrush...
  4. About transparency, i would like to ask about improvement feature for both painting room and render, cause actually it is not really good for effects like glass. i did this render this morning, the mesh behind looks like if the mesh is not existing, cutted or bugged.
  5. When i work with blender and import an OBJ as retopo mesh, i commonly get this problem with hard edges, witch stop tools like "edge loop" for UVs. i didn't seen any option to clear them does it exist or not ?
  6. Hello, i just get this idea this morning because i need a marble material, and i am pretty sure i have one somewhere in my folders... but i have so many folders and material i don't remember witch one i used to register this material... and so, i think that a search material by name" would be a great feature.
  7. Hello, here is my problem, i did a mesh with radial y in Zbrush, in would like to retopologize it in 3dcoat, with radial symmetry it looks perfect, as you can see on the screenshot. But when i click on Apply Symmetry, here is what i get: Not really convenient... What should i do ?
  8. Peut être parmis la communauté 3dc france, certains d'entre vous souhaitent faire du jeu vidéo avec leurs modèles 3D et unity; et utiliser playmaker(plugin que j'utilise depuis de nombreuses z'années maintenant avec toujours autant de plaisir). C'est pourquoi j'ai fait un premier cours sur comment faire son premier jeu: (cliquez sur l'image) Il est pour le coup plus orienté 2D, plus simple à appréhender pour débuter et comprendre les principes de base, mais rien ne vous empêche de faire des rendus de vos modèles 3D (chose que l'on fait assez couramment), pour réaliser vos assets. bon cours !
  9. i did it manually, this is what i espected while using this technic
  10. i have this result when i try to bake the curvature map of this mesh. it seems that if it calculate a first time the curvature correctly on black areas, it is set to black once the process is baking overlapping parts ? i am in a situation where in my game i have to use a render texture from camera, so i cannot unwrap the mesh with overlapping.
  11. This is a common problem i know often when i import mesh with NGons. 3dcoat doesn't like them, so to avoid this, be sure that your mesh has only tris and quads. this may also be due to degenerated mesh like for exemple if you made a copy of your sphere in zbrush and pasted into the same mesh,(witch means 2 spheres over each other), if you export meshes with points with identical position, you may have them fusionned into 1, witch will cause errors.
  12. i was testing the activity bar, it was working nicely during a certain period of time, and suddenly, started to bug.
  13. i solved this problem by unchecking Separate paint objects. the UVs were overlapping and i think 3dcoat didn't liked it
  14. Hello, i had a problem during the calculation of AO usually it takes only few seconds to be finished, but this time it was really long, so i decided to let it go, until i notice the percentage processed on the top left corner. i touk a screenshot, it has reached 3500% ... so i stopped 3dc.
  15. ha... it suddenly appeared when i clicked on W key, something went wrong here...
  16. I remember that there was more options available in the tweak room especially the one who was allowing to select sub-mesh object parts, and modify it quickly. this was really useful for example when a mesh is unwrapped and needs a small tweak before calculating AO, then replace it like it needs to be. Actually i can't even find it anywhere
  17. thanks, it looks better now. maybe the parameters needs better explication about what they do.
  18. never used this menu before ! why is it hidden ? by the way , in the retopo room, there is no way to rotate around selected island or edges or face(s)...
  19. can't share the model, witch last version are you talking about ? blender or addon, or 3dc ?
  20. file is attached, i tried different settings but seems not changing anything, or my settings are bad. Tasse a cafe.3b
  21. i'm always searching the selected island when i unwrap meshes, (cause i rarely use auto unwrap) and the camera is not really handy because it always rotate around the center of the object or his pivot point. i know there is the button focus on brush to frame the last position clicked but it is not helping for the next part, when you have to click on an edge, rotate the view, search for the object because camera lost focus, maybe rotate multiple times before finding the right edge you need to click on... so it would be super efficient to have this kind of focus to selected allowing the camera to rotate only around this selection
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