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    Animals Kit

    This animals are destinated to be sold on Asset store and Market place for your games. use this post to add your whishlist if you like.
  2. blackant Master

    Screenshot at 2019-01-05 13 12 08.png

    From the album: Animals Kit

  3. blackant Master

    Screenshot at 2019-01-05 13 11 39.png

    From the album: Animals Kit

  4. blackant Master

    Screenshot at 2019-01-05 13 11 15.png

    From the album: Animals Kit

  5. blackant Master

    Animals Kit

    Hello, i'm making some animals for games, and will release them on Asset store and Market place as soon as they will be finished. if you need some extra animals out from this list, you can add them and i'll add them to my todo list. cheers.
  6. blackant Master

    Hide Reference Mesh Option

    Hello, I don't know if it's actually possible to do it, but i never fund any option to do it like we can do for Voxel Mesh in paint room. I mainly use this workflow import > Reference Mesh to do my retopo frmo Zbrush. once baking is done, i must delete High poly meshes to start working on painting, but if i sundenly see an error and what to rebake it, there is no option to go back and simply click on Bake again. SO i would like to have a " Hide Reference Mesh " Option in the Menue View to do it.
  7. Hello, I think this would be really awesome to be able to perform this transition between any normal map in classic RGB Channel Mode to Depth Layer. this would help during UV modifications to help keeping good values on normals.and avoid seams to appear.
  8. blackant Master

    Convertion from Normal map to Depth map

    i discovered that you can use displace mode and see it applied to your mesh in the Edit Menu. this is certainly related to it
  9. blackant Master

    Improve cavity

  10. blackant Master


    Naval Canon from 1818

    © Anthony Magdelaine

  11. Hi everyone ! i finally finished this course on Udemy, wich is in french, so if you want to start learning french.. it's up to you but it is not the subject of this video serie. for french people who were looking for a great tutorial, this one will show you everthing on 3dcoat and how to use it in depth. Check it on UDEMY: https://www.udemy.com/formajeux-maitriser-3dcoat/
  12. blackant Master

    Un cours complet sur 3DCoat !!

    Salut tout le monde ! J'ai passé beaucoup de temps et d'efforts pour vous produire ce cours sur 3DCoat, qui vous permettra d'apprendre toutes ces petites fonctions même (et surtout) celles que vous n'imaginiez pas ou dont vous ignoriez l'existence ! Avec ce cours en vote possession, plus moyen de vous poser des questions. https://www.udemy.com/formajeux-maitriser-3dcoat/
  13. blackant Master

    Improve rendering view in general

    I risk getting hit on the head, but never mind, I take the risk It would be very nice and wise to have a better graphic engine to visualize the work of textures and in particular on the emissive which is really dull and absolutely reflects the appearance of a light as can be seen on this screenshot. The central circle here is well defined as being supposed to be a light emitter, but if we reduce the overall lighting of the scene, we can not find the effect. it would also be super cool to have some effects of the type bloom, glow, which put the eye full and would be well aware of the final result before even out the model and these textures to test in unity or marmoset or UE4 not to mention them.
  14. blackant Master

    More options to work in tweak room

    Today i'm facing a situation where, i get a model from my teamate, and i would quickly modify it in the tweak room, but i don't get the option to do what i want. Inverse Normal (or flip normal)
  15. blackant Master

    More options to work in tweak room

    sry i have no idea the post is outdated and i only seen the answer today.
  16. blackant Master

    Vertex Room - Noise Generator

    Hello, everybody hows using ZBrush must know Noise generator plugin.... And sadly there is non of same tool here in the voxel room.. that would be super class
  17. blackant Master

    Voxel room - Primitive Position Copy/Paste

    Hello, Today i was working on an object using voxels, and while sitting all objects in place, i had some complications, because each time i switch to a primitive to another, the memory use the last one for each tool. wich can be great in many occasion but not this time. Because sometimes, an object is only composed by few primitives, like a cone with on top of it a sphere, with an extrusion somewhere and a hole inside .... Each time i have to place the next object manually, i have to go back to origin, or reset the pivot from the previous use, and so, put it with a bit less of precision than espected especially when the objects are not center somewhere. so, my idea about this is simple: just adding a copy button in the parameters to get position and rotation mainly, and a paste button to set it when needed. maybe this parameters are already avaible somewhere, i'm not using voxels really often, if so let me know. thanks
  18. Hi, i'm having this issue when i want to import my obj from 3dc to 3dsmax but it works as an FBX...
  19. blackant Master

    More Smart material parameters

    i was just reallizing that the interface of the smart material can be improved by adding more possibilities to it. to be more precise what i think about is to use this list also on other parameters like the mask/Opacity texture
  20. blackant Master

    More Smart material parameters

    yeah, but this parameters are available only for the degree section and it would add a pllus you would be able to set this options on other parameters
  21. blackant Master

    Freeze by Pixel intensity

    hello everyone, to dya i was thinking about this idea, wich i think could be really could to have inside the paintroom freeze by pixel intensity ! like in ZBrush when you want to create a mask from vertice color intensity (Black to white) or by vertex color, this option would help to create normal maps or glossmap over a painted texture. so it may also be interesting to think about freeze by AO or curvature map ...
  22. blackant Master

    Freeze by Pixel intensity

    Good point, never tested this way thanks for the tip
  23. blackant Master

    retopo Relax Brush

    This would be cool to get this brush to replace this steps select the vertices fund the button relax and clicking it multiple times to relaxe selected points instead if we could have a brush wich allow to point an area and relax it with some strenght value to set. exactly the same way we smooth the texture, but to relax vertices.
  24. blackant Master

    Retopo Spline Quads

    It would be really cool to have this function, because majority of time you must trace 1 first spline for the main direction a secondary spline in parrallel from the first a third spline to cross the 2 first a last spline in parrallel to the third .... instead of all this step, why not simply have a function to trace a spline a directly having Quads following the direction of it ?
  25. blackant Master

    A Better Stamp Brush

    This is a tool i'm not really using often, but i really should. But today i was using it and if it works nice when your mesh is big enough to allow you to scale the image, if your mous just goes outside the mesh, it will lose focus and size will be unmanageable. try using it on a plane and draw something on the border to check what i mean. so, an option to disable collision detection would help to keep the brush control.