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  1. Hello at all. Got some weird retopo problem today. I have a pant With that Tree Then i run Autopo on that pant. Everything looks nice so far. Next step would be to add the other parts of the pants. Still no problem. The retopo is behind the newly added parts. Thats normal, becaus of autoretopo of the pants only. Now i want to adjust the retopo to the compled modell. And now the trouble begins. I am not able to bring the vertices and faces above that pant to fit with the belt. It looks like the autoretopo modell wont recognice the other objects. It sticks with the pants. But why? If i start without autopo and do my retopo manuelly it works without problems. Whats going on here? Why did it works in that way? Auto Snap is on. It makes no difference if i choose, Snap to closest, Outer surface or Nearest. If i delete faces and create new ones, it works, the newly created faces and vertices snaps to the belt, but the old ones from the autopo object not. This sucks. Any idea whats going wrong here? Cheers Malo
  2. Malo

    [Solved] Lock framerate ?

    Same on my side. Have that coil flipping, too. A lock for framerates would be nice
  3. Such dir einen Shader aus der dir gefällt, und mache den zum neuen Standart Shader. Das sollte das Problem lösen.
  4. Nein, sollte nicht so sein. Treiber und so sind auf dem neuesten Stand?
  5. Try it without space in the words. Delete the space or replace it with _ or - Like Main_Body or Main-Body And try it again
  6. Yep, sounds very similar, not as noisy as in video but yes, i hear it. This sound only appears if i move the mouse in the viewport.
  7. I think the same. Its the gpu. Its not from the speakers.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I will take a look over it.
  9. Got a new PC and everything is updated Win10 64 bit GTX 1070 with 8gb 16GB ddr 4 Intel i7 8700 3.7 Ghz I have installed Version 4.08.06 DX and now i have a scratchy sound that comes from my pc if i work with 3d coat. Never had such a sound with win7 or older Versions with 3d coat. If i move the mouse in the viewport, i hear it, it sounds like an old modem. If i dont touch the mouse, the ugly sound is gone. In UV-Room it is more notecible as in the Sculpt Room. Dont have this scratchy sound on my other programms. It only appears in 3d coat. Any idea, what could causes that sound?
  10. Malo


    Kann dir leider ned ganz folgen was du meinst. Wie viele Meshes du hast spielt keine Rolle, und mit snapping hat das auch nix zu tun. Das prinzip ist jedenfalls, das die Layer im ScupltRoom genau so heißen wie die im RetopoRoom. Nur dann beeinflussen sie sich nicht gegenseitig.
  11. Malo


    Du hast das schon richtig erkannt. Man muss aber auch richtig vorgehen. 1. Voxtree Layers und RetopoLayers müssen die selben Namen nutzen. Beispiel: Kopf mit Brille Wenn Du einen Voxtree Layer mit Kopf hast, muss der RetopoLayer für den Kopf auch Kopf heißen. Und du hast einen Voxtree Layer mit Brille, dann muss der RetopoLayer für die Brille auch Brille heißen. Dann beeinflusst die Brille nicht den Kopf beim baken und umgekehrt. 2. Name Correspondence muss angeschaltet sein. Ohne das klappt das ganze garnicht beim baken.
  12. The problem is your Ngon on your model. 3d coat triangulate it different as your Pepakura. That causes the problems. Triangulate your mouth and paint again that area.
  13. Malo

    Tweak Room can't select objects

    You dont need to expolde your objects. You could do that while baking. Simple check Name Correspndence for Baking. You find it in the top row under Bake. All you have to do is to name the voxel objects and retopo layer with the same name.
  14. Malo

    Offset/Inflate Object ?

    You could rightklick on the object or in the Voxtree Layer and use extrude. That gives you a nice offset over your object.
  15. Malo

    Malo's Sketchbook

    Working on some medieval game weapons at this time Created with Blender, 3d Coat and Substance Painter. Rendered in Blender Cycles.
  16. Time to start some Threat to show my experiments with 3d Coat. First, i will start with a future armor, and testing some technics that i was asking in the last days. Quick and dirty. I think it is time to start a real project with that technics. Tools uses. Duplication and extrude of the basic body, Cutoff, Vox Layer, Clone and LiveClay. Regards Malo
  17. I have an old Bamboo and it works nice with 3d coat. A tablet is realy nice, but it depends on you, maybe you like the working with a mouse more.
  18. Malo

    [Solved] Viewport Shading Problem

    In your last picture you have an opacity of 53% this is one of the problems why it looks not correct. Use 100% and it should looks fine.
  19. Malo

    Modeling in Voxels is Fun

    I did all my retopo in 3d coat and it works fine. Not sure what your problem is. Sure some objects are easier to create in modelling programm as in a sculpting programm. But you could retopo all realy quick in 3d coat. Anyway, 3 hours for that tower is to much, maybe you should learn how 3d coat works, instead of saying that programm or that programm is better then 3d coat. The only benefit i see in instantmesh is the visual effect after using the strokes, but the rest is realy similar. Here is a link to my youtube channel and you could take a look over it if do some retopo. https://www.youtube.com/user/Kalten1979/featured
  20. Hi This is a known BUG Dont klick on the Apply button. Simple switch to Paint Room and accept all with yes if you get asked something. That solves most of the problems. Feel free to add you +1 http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2105 Maybe Andrew will fix it sonner with more attention.
  21. A specified list not. But there is a manuall http://3dcoat.com/files/manual_4.0.pdf It is not 100% up to date, but you could read much of about it.