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  1. I would, but I'm not sure it's totally appropriate(?). I sculpted / voxel-modeled the majority of it and did most of the texturing (all of the texture painting, really) in the 3D-Coat, but it was retopologized in Blender and rendered in appleseed, with a little post in GIMP. Do you think it's appropriate to post it in the finished works when all of the retopology and poly modeling was done in Blender?
  2. Thank you! I apologize for never replying to this, I don't get any notifications about posts to this thread, for some reason. Here was the final render:
  3. Trying some new hard surface techniques, here's a few hours of messing around -
  4. I'm actually finding PS tutorials to be a pretty great resource. Some concepts need to be ported to 3DC, but once you learn that workflow there's actually a lot more power using 3DC. But it's kind of like watching Zbrush tutorials - the tools exist in 3DC as well for the most part, you just need to find out what they're called and how to tweak the options to get the effect from the tutorial. I've been doing all my hard surface texturing using a combination of PS texture creation workflow ported to 3DC, and then all my editing in GIMP 2.8. I'm working on a project for my portfolio, and right now I'm in the texturing stage. I'm no texture painting guru, but maybe I'll start doing some screencasts.
  5. I can't edit my post, but I wanted to add some information. I'm using the latest beta build, 4.0.18A, on Windows 7 x64. I'm using the DirectX version primarily.
  6. I hope the subject line makes sense... When I import an .obj for per pixel painting, etc., if I use subdivision then the low-poly version of the model is modified slightly! If I don't use any subdivision, it retains the correct shape. I can reproduce the problem. Long story: I noticed this when did some UV-ing and painting in 3DC, then I used the applink to import an .obj back into Blender directly. I realized the face material declarations weren't kept when importing the .obj via the applink - everything was assigned to one material. So I figured, what the hey, I'll import a previous version of the object with the face material assignments, and just transfer the UVs and maps from one to the other. When I imported the previous version however, the vertices didn't match up exactly with the low-poly version exported from 3DC via the applink. This is kinda problematic, but it's not a deal-breaker, of course. I can do my UV-mapping without subdivision, then import the object back into Blender, then EXPORT AGAIN, and use subdivision for painting, but that seems like a few unnecessary extra steps
  7. Some more texturing. Unfortunately, due to my educational license limitations of 2k texture sizes, I had to do some of this in Blender to get 4k textures, and then quite a bit of editing in GIMP. And WOW, I do NOT enjoy that workflow. I would so much rather do all of this in 3DC. I need to upgrade my license
  8. Not exactly. I contacted OTOY and asked them about selling it privately to a third party, and they said this (I feel all right about copying it here because there was no disclaimer in the email saying I couldn't): So essentially, I'm allowed to give up my account to a third party, for a small price
  9. Yep, and the Standalone edition is required for all of the plugins. Thought this would sell pretty quickly, I'm surprised
  10. Hi all, I'm selling my Octane Render Standalone license, since the new version doesn't support my old graphics card's CUDA version. A new purchase of version 1.20 goes for 199 EUR ($275 USD), but I'm asking $130 firm for my license. PM me for more information.
  11. Thanks! I'm using an old Vietnam War-era (I think...?) bayonet I have as a reference for how that old army paint reacts to dings and scratches. Sometimes it's a little counter-intuitive, so it's keeping me on my toes!
  12. Progress. Some hard surface texturing... And some organic texturing:
  13. Thank you! I apologize for the delay in replying, I didn't get a notification about your post Uh, it was pretty heavy, I don't remember the exact tri count. It was somewhere in the range of 39 - 40M tris.
  14. Wow, never mind. I messed with this for quite a long time last night and couldn't get them to work. Restarted 3D-Coat and it works now. BUG.
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