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  1. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    carlosa san Thank you for your kind word. It maybe take time for 3 ~ 4 weeks in total. I want to finish as soon as possible. chris_solo san Thank you for your feedback. I agree this work still need more trial and errors. I want to more increase quality of the pedestal textures, but it it so difficult ! Garagarape san Arigatou gozaimasu ! Maybe I think finish the dragon first, and pedestal will finish after it. And tree leaves will create 8 bit alpha, and control the transparency. P.S. I was testing the Marmoset Toolbag trial a few days, But I purchased it yesterday. Toolbag is very interesting and useful.
  2. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Hi there, I started background-Ruin's Vox-sculpt and texture paint in 3D-Coat. (These are still unfinished images. I used "snake and carve-brush" for weathered-crazing, and scrape brush was used for rough bevel. So this time I felt these brushes are very useful for weathering.
  3. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    chris_solo san Thank you for your feedback. Yes, Because I put the magma inside of the mesh, I created ​​a hole to it. (It is squirt hole of magma. This time I wanted to give a little mottled transparency for SSS. I created translucency map from specular map that has been modified, But I've forgotten to change the File name at that time!
  4. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    wave of light san carlosa san Thank you for your warm comment. I started create the some Vox-model and textures. But I'm already feeling "Uhh! and Ahh!" because it is my new attempt and more deprive my break-time.....lol This is my Marmoset setting. I used SSS and placed IBL + two lights in this scene.
  5. takanari

    koji's Sculpture

    Fantastic work ! It looks very beautiful with a high accuracy. I agree it is a very happy (Niya-Niya (・∀・) ) time.
  6. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Thank you for your all comment "Arigatou gozaimasu" ! I finally exit the Retopo-Room and enjoying the happy paint time now. I've used Marmoset Toolbag.
  7. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Hi, I finished final sculpt and retopo in 3D-Coat today. My Battle in Retopo-Room is over here. This is some new images. It is simply flat color map + AO map + Normal map rendering. It does not have crystals on back + arm's tree + some textures yet.
  8. takanari

    Khaleesi's son

    Amazing work ! Texture and lighting looks great.
  9. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Garagarape san Oh I'm sorry ! Retopo wa warukunai, Retopo wa tomodachi ! I enjoy more Retopo-time. > The head remembers me a bit of "Panzer Dragon". I'm very happy because It is one of my favorite dragon.
  10. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Hi, I started Retopology in 3D-Coat. I hate retopo Oh Yeah I running "Fill voids" in Vox Room before Retopology, I noticed It prevent snapping to the inside cavity for Retopo tool. After quickly whole body retopology by "Strokes", I created the small details by mainly "Quads" and "Add / Split". I want to escape from Retopo this weekend and start painting soon.
  11. takanari

    Chaos Axe

    Nice work ! I like the blood version
  12. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Hi, This is my new images. 3D-Coat is very slowly because I started whole body modeling. So I was reduced to 30 ~ 40% resolution using the Resample, It is very usefull. Earth Dragon's back is represents the ice ages and arms are forest.
  13. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    to BeatKitano san Thank you for your advise. Yes, I found V4 BETA11 OSX in this thread. 3D-Coat V4 Beta testing thread But 3D-Coat can install separately 4 Beta and 3.7.x, I will using more stable 3.7.x with check on "ShowBetaTools" until release of the 12b. Thanks.
  14. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Thank you for your advise ! I've tested with a simple model in 3.7.18F, And I was able to get a good result in this version. I will continue to work back to 3.7.18F. Thanks.
  15. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Oh, I have a small question. I found the "Save selection" in the Pose Tool Options, I have tried using it immediately but an error will be displayed. "Mesh structure was changed and stored selection can't be applied to the mesh." .....What I wrong ? I don't edit anything while select the Save selection > Clear selection > Load selection.