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  1. thanks a lot. I wonder why I did not try this. I guess I´ve let my brain go a too complex way.
  2. I miss the option to pan with the MMB while holding the Alt key. Somehow I had the feeling this was possible in the older versions. It is much easier for the muscle memory if all viewport navigation is in the more similar style. Is there a setting where I can switch this on that I haven´t found so far?
  3. puntoit

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Hi Polyhertz, I think it is a valuable tool and would miss it if it where to be gone. If you decide to do an update and need help on the translations, just let me know. Cheers, Mike
  4. great effort. Thanks a lot. p.s. the download from 3dcoat.com has problems and cannot be downloaded. The download from pilgway works fine.
  5. sorry to report the first bug. When using the Brush tool in 3dc_V4_9-01-64 Gl as a conform tool by reducing the Smooth strength down to 0 in order to just get the retopo cling to the voxel object it still does a smoothing and therefore distorts the retopo mesh.
  6. Thanks for the 4.9 release. Looking forward towards the further journey.
  7. puntoit

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    subscription as an option would be OK. Subscription as the only option is a no go for many people. It would be great if each material has also a price tag and can be purchased separately. Do we need to create a new login for that site?
  8. @ Sorda. You are discustingly negative and offensive. Also I would like a lot of changes in 3D-Coat, but pissing at the developer will not help. The more **** people are mindlessly throwing at them in this forum the less likely they want to read this. This forum is here so we can report bugs and (preferably positively or at least neutrally) comment features that got implemented. So please grow up mentally and think before posting.
  9. I agree. Been fighting with it just 3 minutes ago. If we could freeze other layers it would not as bad.
  10. just to chime in. I heard about a dentist version quite a while ago and would be very interested in testing it. Before buying 3D-Coat many years ago I worked a lot with Sensables Freeform Modeling Plus. That was also the reason I decided to purchase 3dc. At that time back then a friend of mine discovered the great advantages of Freeform for dental purposes and eventually Sensable created a fork designed especially for the dental market. With the voxel possibilities I see great possibilities for 3dc to also be used in that market. So if developing forks for other markets also bring new features to 3dc and bring some money for the developers to then create more stuff for us I am cool with it. Not to say that there are still a lot of wishes open for 3dc to be improved and more helpful stuff to be implemented.
  11. I heard about this 4K resolution for material preview too. I think it would make more sense to have the same preview resolution as the project is defined. Due to the "fantastic" preview I often was disapointed by the real result. In the case above however the main problem is the different tiling in the preview and then the Fill whole Layer version. Btw. : Cube mapping also does not work in this case in 3d-Coat-V4_8-23-64
  12. well, having a preview is basically a great thing. That way you could/should be able to plan the material before applying it. @lesaint ,If the preview is bothering you, you can at least make it small by clicking on the pin icon on its top bar.
  13. Hi All, as a long time 3D-Coat user and also a fan of 3dc there are several functions that are not helpful. In the picture below you can see the material seen through the Smart Material Preview and right next to it how it is really being applied. I usually would expect that in nowadays technology you get what you see. I would be happy if I am doing something wrong. But if not, what is the preview good for?
  14. puntoit

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Hi PolyHertz, if you do more changes on your update and need further German translations, let me know