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  1. setz

    Painting question

    Use the Color Operations Tool. In the "E" panel set the stroke mode to Rectangle and turn off "Ignore Backfaces". Adjust "Hue Shift" at the top of there UI as required, 1000% showed a lot of change for me. Use a combination of Saturate and Increase Hue and repeat drawing the selection rectangle around the whole model until you get the results you like.
  2. I have imported a number of separate objects into the paint room for Per Pixel Painting and they all appear in the Paint Objects Palette as individual objects. Some of the objects share a single UV map. When I export as .obj, them they are combined into a single object. Is there a setting to have them saved as the separate objects they are?
  3. Thank you. Much better now!
  4. Just updated to 4.7.35 (MacOS) and now my menu and Ui text is about twice the size it was with the previous version (4.7.21). Is there a way to adjust the size?
  5. setz

    3D Print quality ?

    Good to hear. I really like both 3DCoat and the Form 1 they work well together. I want to get the Form 2 too!
  6. setz

    3D Print quality ?

    I have exported very, very fine detail from 3DCoat sculpted files printed with the Form 1 printer. Even at the scale of your object (which appears to be about 5 inches tall) you should easily be able to export at a resolution far higher than the Form 1 will physically resolve. Try this: resample your voxel object up to about 8-10 million polygons. Convert from voxel to surface mode. Decimate by 75%-85% to reduce file size without affecting resolution much. Export as obj or stl without any reduction. Reduction during export can reduce resolution in an undesirable way. This should give you a very highly resolved object for printing.
  7. setz

    Autopo problem

    If your final goal is a 3D print, convert the voxel object to a surface mesh, decimate as required and then export as stl. Retopo may not be necessary at all.
  8. Running 4.7.11 Downloading 4.7.21 OSX now This behavior has been consistent for many versions.
  9. When I import surface objects into the Sculpt Room they show full smoothing. Is there a place to set the smoothing angle so that these shapes show as hard edged in 3DC?
  10. Is there a way to set a sey shortcut with mouse action to adjust Color Opacity when using the Clone Tool?
  11. Is there a way to set hot keys or a toggle for these options? I want to be able to hide the material overlay temporarily. Thanks