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    Textures - Showcase & Feedback

    https://sketchfab.com/models/2a3fd6509a684b66a20c9b3b4d2bb1ab Finished this K98, Some texture tweaks before it goes into the mod.
  2. tkaza

    Textures - Showcase & Feedback

    Thank you all for your feedback, @Percevan Ive worked with changing the edge scatter / cavity modulator to .100 to tighten the effect, however the spec seems un affected and its controlled by the curvature map itself, in my prior tests ive tried changing the contrast of the curvature but i get horrible artifacts and even less control. Here's another image a WIP this time, Also took the time to manualy uv (did i mention the 3d coat uv tools are amazing!!!) the HP stock (wood bits) to ensure consistency, I'm happy with the results, sure makes a big diffence IMO.
  3. Hello 3Dcoater's I've been having a blast texturing high poly models for a source engine (hl2) mod, Im pretty happy with the results but always looking for feedback on ways to improve. The main issue ive encountered is lack of cavity / curvature map control for edges, the models are not my own and im not wanting to redo the guys work, just texture and bake out low polies, any thoughts on being able to tighten the curvature would be very helpful. Anyway, on to the images, looking for feedback on metal texture and wear mostly, along with tips to improve these, might be worth noting these high poly models 200,000 poly+ are auto uved. And used to bake onto a lowpoly game ready mesh.
  4. I think I'm only on that license as i only paid 60£ for the license (via steam) so are locked to those limits. My modeling work is for game mods anyway, not commercial.
  5. I'm running drivers from August, i dont keep the drivers up to date as these worked with the beta so saw no reason to update them.http://i.snag.gy/21Ht6.jpg Edit: So i did another full re install (outside of steam) , did a reg cleanup, unplugged my other HDMI monitor, didn't need to update 3DC this time as the installer seems to be the most up to date version and so far i can bake with opencl at 1024 and have had no crashes when merging 2k texture sheets. The only difference I've noticed is my license now says educational, rather than consumer, kinda odd. Thank you all for your comments and help! What a great community to go with a great program.
  6. I have re installed (by removing all files including the ones in my documents) doing a registry cleanup and a reboot, with no effect. Issue seems to have started since the patch, so maybe ill avoid patching and see if that resolves the issue...
  7. I have done, many times, but this issue is reducing my ability to work efficently so am looking for a faster solution.
  8. Its not under NDA but its also not my model so i would rather not upload it, either way it happens with low poly meshes also, so i dont think the poly count is the main issue here.
  9. Hello Chaps, Thank you for your replies. More RAM would be ideal (and in time ill get more), I would totally agree this is the issue, if my laptop with 6gig of ram had this issue also, but it doesnt, whilst being slow it works without a hitch. I have done fresh installs without steam, and I didn't upgrade an older version, Just uninstalled the beta demo (that worked fine) Once 4.5 came out these issues began. I never really had a crash with the 4.5 pre release beta / demo even with 4k textures. Edit: Task manager also shows im not maxing out my ram or even getting close, 3DC can easily take up to 3-4 gig of ram and i still have plenty to spare.
  10. Hello, I'm massive 3Dcoat fan, what a fantastic program! However recently (last 4-5 months) I've been having a persistent issue since the PRB update was released (possibly also linked with upgrading my GPU) When texturing a high polygon model 300,000 (autouved) or even low poly model (manual uv) When merging layers or preparing more than 2 / 3 layers at (2048x res) 3DC will persistently crash, Regardless of the time i have been using the program, sometimes hours some times minutes. (Save on every change is the only way I'm managing to get work finished) Here's the version of 3DC im using (on steam, however its been patched as the steam versions not update AFAIK) http://i.snag.gy/qobrm.jpg Here's the video card stats (Drivers were a fresh install (switched from ATI(AMD) to NVIDIA) albeit not the latest of the latest, Issue has been present however since the release of 4.5 and seems unrelated) (Note: video card is 2gb not 4gb, weird its showing that...) http://i.snag.gy/21Ht6.jpg PC Specs http://i.snag.gy/5C2As.jpg I increased the VM pagefile thinking it could be that, However isn't being reflected consistently and made no diffrence. http://i.snag.gy/rq9RQ.jpg And finally the error that is doing my head in... http://i.snag.gy/VtmIH.jpg Other notes that may be of help. 3DC is running of my main drive C: its not SSD and when i used the demo before purchasing 3DC i never had an issue running the program off a secondary drive (all drives are non SSD Sata. Doesnt matter if i use 32bit or 64bit, openGL or Direct X, Cuda or Non Cuda the crash will always happen, sometimes if i save the file, restart 3DC and then merge visible layers it will not crash, but will crash again if i try to merge a new layer. Using to high of a light count value when baking AO also results in the same crash, generally 1024 light count on openCL will crash, sometimes it will not when baking on CPU however the only way i can really bake an AO at this time is drop the value to 128, any higher increases the risk of a crash. Working on the highpoly models uv and not even touching the texturing tools also produces the crash. A fresh windows install isnt really ideal. I have reinstalled 3DCoat a number of times, both using steam and the standalone installer, with no effect. Any help would be appreciated, Many thanks, TK-
  11. Im having a issue baking normal maps, i keep getting these seams, i thought it was due to the face orientation of the normal, but i have re exported the model with normal's on and off to no avail. I also tried using different options, flipping the green or the red in the bump map settings, happens with dx shader and nitro shader (3dsmax is what i bake in), setting to screen or world space and i still have the issue. Any ideas why its happening and ideas for a fix? I dont think its the normal maps im sure im baking them right, im uving the model in 3d coat in the retopo tool then exporting the low poly mesh out to 3dmax. Funny thing is, i have a 2nd higher poly head with diffrent uvs, and its doing the same thing... spent 3 hours trying to fix, please help.