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  1. You are right. When I load just 1 leaf and the bark I don't get the error. When I load all the leaves it freaks out with that error and crashes or hangs for a very long time. I'm stumped with this. (no pun intended)
  2. I just tried scaling the UVset as you mentioned to be within the texture map and saved a copy of the object and tried to import again into 3DCoat and got the same error..? Any ideas? thanks for your help
  3. Thanks again for your help. I noticed that remark but can't tell what is wrong with my UV map in my model? I can't use automapping because I have tons of leaves and that would take forever to modify just one tree. Here is my UV map in LW - can you tell what the problem is? How do you tile UV textures then? What about overlapping UVs - that seems to be ok in LW and in game engines - but not in 3DCoat? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  4. Thanks. I was wondering if it was something I did. Though it is interesting this person also was making lowpoly trees too. But I couldn't find a workaround in the links. Did I miss something?
  5. Hi, can anyone please help me with this error in 3DC 3.718f: I am attempting to load in (for re-editing the textures) an import for pixel painting of a somewhat low poly model object and get the error which states: "The square of the UV set is too big. It may mean that the UV set is incorrect or tiled too much. It may lead to long loading time or crash because of lack of memory. We recommend auto-mapping and then use UV tools to create correct UV set" The object I am loading is just a simple terrain block plus several tree objects (only 2 types cloned onto the surface of it) with about 7500 total polys . The block's single UV map was created by 3DCoat itself earlier in the iteration, then I took it back into LW and modeled lowpoly trees with 2 UV maps (1 for each tree) and then placed them on the block. I want to bring it back in here to tweak the block's texturing and need the trees there to use as reference where to paint on the block. Why am I getting this error and how to I fix it or work around it? If I click ok on the error window and proceed past the Keep UV dialog I get the spinning Win7 cursor and it seems to hang. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. Hi, I just got a 3D Connexion SpacePilot pro and also updated to 3.7 today. I was hoping one of the more experienced 3DC users might be able to share their settings for this 3D mouse with 3DC with me? I was using LW-style rotation keystrokes before to manipulate and navigate within the 3DC interface, but now would like to get the hang of this new mouse. Although it works basically in 3DC, I'm sure there are people out there with better than the default settings. For example, I'd like to have the viewport buttons work, as well as being able to *snap* to axis rotations while freely rotating the object. In 3DC I can hold the Shift button down while rotating and it seems to snap to the nearest axis when doing that. Any help or ideas or links would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  7. Thanks, at least I know I'm not crazy (well, at least not for that reason ) So the work around until the fix is to bring it into 3DC with some UVs and then have 3DC replace them with its own?
  8. Hate to bump this, but any ideas if this is a bug or something I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  9. Here's the very simple model if anyone has the time to load it into 3DC and check if this happens for you too when painting. Thanks 3dcTest.zip
  10. Hi, thanks for the help. Just noticed this is the map that it creates from the model. Something weird is going on in the corner there (see the yellow arrows I've marked). This is the UV map that 3DC automatically makes for it when you import the model. 1st image shows me doing a single paint stroke on the top of the model and it simultaneously appears on the arm. 2nd and 3rd images show the seemingly shared UV polys in the corner of the UV map despite having separate islands as well - pretty sure the model is really clean - no duplicate points or polys - I will doublecheck again. This is weird... Any thoughts? thanks
  11. I'm assuming this is a newbie thing, or something with my model or I'm doing it wrong. I have a LWO object I'm importing for per pixel painting * low poly = 92 polys, * all quads or triangles, * 4 surfaces each to have its own uv map * I've tried this with 2 separate objects, one with nonplanars and one where they are tripled Symmetry is off - I'm running the latest beta 3.5.25C1 The uv created from this is automatic from the import and I've attached the UV room as well in case you can see what is going on with it. When I paint on one poly on the head it paints over the arm poly as if they share a uv poly? How can I fix this? See the attached image to see what I mean. thanks for any help!
  12. Thanks for your response. I just assumed you could but it was some arcane way of doing it. Good to know I'm not insane. Put me in for a BIG request for that as well. It will help with game engine content creation.
  13. Can 3DCoat view or edit weightmaps from imported LWOs? I already know that it doesn't seem to destroy them if the imported object already has them and you want to paint UV maps, but can I load a character with say 20 weight maps, select one weight map and modify it within 3DCoat? Ideally I'd like the ability to mirror weight maps and parts of weight maps and copy weight values from one map of the object to another. thanks
  14. Thanks... I should put that in a feature request then. Non-destructive overlays/effects like that are always really handy and you can collapse/flatten them into a layer if needed.
  15. Is there any non destructive way in 3DCoat to fill areas or create layers with a rotatable/scalable gradient (that I define with multiple colors and percent values) like in photoshop? In PS I often create a shape layer and then add a gradient fill layer style to it and use blending modes to tweak it to the raster layers below. How would I achieve this in 3D in 3DCoat? If there is nothing like this in 3D Coat (there should be), how do you paint or fill gradients in 3DC? thanks!
  16. Thanks for the tips! I'll spend more time with manual stuff and look into loop guides
  17. Turns out this is not just in the File > Save, but it is also in any save dialog, like the Export textures. Please fix this for all Save dialogs. Thanks
  18. When working with multiple UV sets in a character - especially if I am editing a model I have already created UV sets for in another app and want to tweak or change the UV sets inside 3DCoat. Once I've started making seams and unwrapping, it is difficult to remember which set I have "Applied" to the model and which I have not. To that end, we need some visual cue to let us know which UV sets are "dirty" (i.e. ones that have been edited or changed within 3DCoat as opposed to those that haven't yet been touched, or those that have been touched but have already been applied). This is more of a usability feature and is really easy. I will defer to you to determine what that visual cue is, however, most apps use a star (*) by the name to show filenames that have been changed but not saved yet. Hope you don't mind this minor usability feature request....
  19. Minor bug here. 3.5.20 saves the filename wrong (well at least it is wrong based on every other app I've used). When you save a file that contains a dot "." 3DCoat truncates everything after the dot and appends ".3b" after it. What I expect to happen is 3DCoat should merely just append without truncating anything. This is useful if say I enter a filename in the 3DC save box such as "My Model v1.5" 3DCoat saves a file called "My Model v1.3b" I expect it to save a file called "My Model v1.5.3b". Very minor issue which I can work around by using underscores instead of dots, but if you get a chance please fix this. Thanks
  20. Thank you very much for looking into it. Can you or someone briefly elaborate what a ppp and a reference mesh is? This is a mildly complex character rig which contains around 8 layers (one as bones) and multiple UV maps. Some layers don't have UV coords associated with them since I am toon shading them in the game with flat colors, but the body, dress, head, and eyes do have UV coords. I assume a ppp is a mesh that has UV coords and a ref mesh doesn't have them? I will try to make an object without the ref meshes and try again and then put them back in in LW after exporting from 3DC.
  21. I have sent the .3b file through so hopefully Andrew can have a look at it soon. I will post the results if any. Thanks again everyone for your assistance.
  22. After deleting Options.xml and restarting, I import a fresh model in and re-seam it and hit unwrap, then it unwraps fine, and crashes on Apply UV set again. My model has 3 uv sets originally from LW - it has one for Eyeballs, Head, and Body. I tried to edit one or two of them in 3DC and it dies...
  23. At the moment, it is quite reproducible as it happens everytime I hit Apply UV set on that .3b file. So it does seem like a bug to me. I am going to try and load the model fresh into 3dCoat and re-seam it and try again - I'll let you know what the new file does...
  24. I may have spoke too soon.. I just hit "Apply UV set" and 3DCoat crashed...
  25. Weird.... I went to Users/My Documents/3DCoat V3/ and deleted the Options file (after I made a backup of it) and then restarted 3.5.20 and reloaded my project as you mentioned and then went to UV room and cleared clusters and then clicked Unwrap (initially though I clicked Update Islands and it did the same thing tangled as before so I Undo'ed and then did Unwrap) and it worked!! Why did this happen? And also, for some reason the Unwrap when it did work (as opposed to every time I tried it before deleting Options.xml) was MUCH faster - it took like < 5 sec on my quad core here, when it took over 1 min when it was giving the tangled UVs back before.... What's the deal with this? Why does the options file change the way functions work? Anyway - thanks for helping me figure this out!
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