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  1. Thanks for your reply. I just tried what you suggest and I'm still getting the same thing... And thanks for the reminder about apply, I know about the apply-uv set thing, but I need a good uv set to apply Any ideas what's going wrong here with the tangled UV getting generated?
  2. This is my first time using 3DCoat to unwrap - normally I've been using it for retopo and painting. I did check out the vimeo tutorials, but I'm getting some weird results which I'm fairly certain is user error as I try and unwrap a portion of my model on one of it's UV sets. This is what it looks like with the original LW generated UV set in the model, but with my new seams: Why does it look like this after unwrapping or updating islands??
  3. I want to manually set up the seams on the head of a character and have that take up say 50% of the uv map scale-wise and have 3DCoat create auto seams for the body and pack them in the remaining space. How do I go about doing this? it seems I can only make everything manual seams or auto seams (which are kind of yucky on the face of the character when I let it do it). thanks
  4. Ok, maybe that's what's happening for me. Can you explain to me (I'm sure it is obvious) how to manually load the images into the correct UV maps once the object is loaded? thanks
  5. Thank you for replying. To address the first part you mentioned for per pixel painting - that's great - but 3DCoat doesn't seem to load all the texture images in when I do that. It often applies just one main texture image across all uv maps. Why is that and how do I load all images for all UV maps intact and correctly assigned? Is that possible in 3DCoat? Also assuming that is done, is it possible to merge these existing separate uv maps into one main one within 3DCoat and then export it back out as LWO with just the one UV map? (I come from a TV/film background and now that I am working in Unity and games I have to rethink everything for optimization now, so I'm new at this ) Also, please let me know if you also find out about the editing of polys (particularly if that editing can RETAIN and not screw up any existing UV, Color, Weight, or Morph maps and hopefully if any new geometry created gets interpolated values for these maps). thanks for your help and advice!
  6. I would LOVE to know how to do this too. I've been confused about this for some time now. Hopefully someone will answer
  7. Thanks, I'm trying that but a bit confused. Would you be able to bullet point the steps? i.e. Import for pixel painting or for retopo? -- How do I import a LWO and have it use the real LWO's polys and not create voxels from it? How do I export it? i.e. what menus in 3DCoat. I mean I have successfully painted LWOs in 3DCoat and I have retopo'ed other objects. What I haven't done is modified an existing low-poly LWO model... Sorry I'm a little lost in the workflow between different 3DCoat rooms/modes...? thanks for your help
  8. (bump) Any thoughts anyone? Noone answers my posts anymore must be my cologne?
  9. Hi, I need some help with workflow and 3dCoat operation again. I find I get comfortable with specific workflows and then when something new comes along I need to use 3D Coat for, I'm finding it a little tricky to see the best way to do it in this app. Thanks for any patience and help with my questions. Anyway, what I am wondering is, can I use 3D Coat to import a fully rigged/textured/weightmapped character (with a specific low poly count ~4000polys) and keep the geometry, uv maps, weight maps and everything intact, and just use 3D Coat's poly or retopo tools to tweak the model? i.e. The geometry flow (from LW) is mostly good, but I have a couple areas around the shoulders etc that I would like to use slicing tools to slice/split quads along a specific (not exactly looped) path. And I want this new geometry to not screw up my uv maps, and I want the new points created to automatically interpolate their weight values from proximity to other points without me having to explicitly set the point weight values (I have like 20+ weight maps so I don't want to have to do this by hand). Then when the new geometry/uv coords and weight map coords are done I want to export this multilayer LWO model intact - pretty much as it was before with nothing changed but my 3d coat minor changes and then it will still be fine for the rest of my workflow (i.e. converting to FBX in a LW scene and using in game). Can I use 3D Coat to achieve this? And if so, what is the process to load the LWO model intact without turning it into voxels and changing everything? Thanks again for the valuable assistance from this community!
  10. I am not at the computer I have that on, but will try and source that and send it through later tonight. thanks for looking into this if you think it is necessary
  11. Thanks again for the help and tips! I appreciate your assistance helping me learn and debug solutions...
  12. Hi again, Hopefully everyone hasn't sickened of my newbie questions as I finally dig into 3DCoat here. It's been a long time coming and overall I love it - such a cool app with many features. And despite me being unfamiliar with things in the interface, it is light years beyond other weird/proprietary interfaces like Zbrush - at least for me. So I want to make sure, that my questions don't sound like complaints. Anyway, my attached images should explain my question better than me, but I will try: I'm trying AbnRanger's technique mentioned in another post to try and transfer UVs from similarly shaped models to lower res models with different UV maps. I tested that with a simple rounded rectangle box with hand painted textures on one UV, and then was able to transfer it to another box of a different mesh with differnt 3DCoat created UVs. Now I'm trying this with my 2 characters, and when I load my high res character from LW into 3DCoat, it doesn't look the same as in LW, it only uses one image for overlapping UVs which are all in the same UV map. How do I get 3DC to use both images for the 2 different UV maps (which are actually the same map, but separated as 2 surfaces in LW which is why it works there) into 3DC so that I can subsequently bake the Textures to the new UV mapped Low-res model of the same figure I have? If you see the LW attachment you can see the one UV map with overlapping sets but 2 textures loaded as 2 surface - one for the head and one for the body. You can then see in 3DC only the one texture applied to both head and body with no surface distinction. I am sure this is my user error, but I've searched and done tutorials but can't find the answer. Thanks again for any help P.S. images are pixelated to show respect for Andrew's wishes, in the unlikely event someone thinks this is lewd - if so I can assure you I've modelled (demure ) clothing, but it is a separate mesh so I can use it for cloth fx.
  13. Hi Gilded, Can you please elaborate on that? How exactly do I transfer the map from the hi-res poly model to the low-res manually retopoed separate model? They have roughly the same shape and position, but one is like 70,000 polys and the other is 5,000. And can I do this for morphs, weights, and vertex color maps and UVs?
  14. Hi again, I'm trying to figure out good workflow for transferring all maps (morphs, weight maps, and UV maps and vertex color maps maybe) from a hi-poly res model to a low or mid-poly res one. I noticed AbnRanger's post which mentioned using the Texture baking tool, which was very useful and I've tried that a few times and eventually got it working somewhat (on a test simple object - have yet to try it on my characters). But how can I get morphs and weight maps across to them? I work with LightWave and have tried the Weighter2 plugin, but since it is a script it is very slow with large poly characters (I think it might take over an hour to transfer some maps and I'm not even sure if they will be ok - it's hard to experiment when my models are so big that it slows it down). Any ideas on how to achieve this in 3DCoat? Is it possible, and if not, is it on any feature wish list? thanks
  15. Thanks for the tip michalis! I actually don't have any tris in the nose (tho the flow isn't ideal), but I was wondering why the 2-click Quad tool snapped to triangles sometimes unless I zoomed in. Not sure how the snapping value got that high?? is that the default?
  16. The file was fine and I got my work back thanks Turns out that loading a file saved in 3.512B in 3.505 makes the polys disappear. Loading that same file into 3.513 made the polys reappear. Up and until yesterday I wasn't really paying too much attention to the minor builds, figuring they were obscure bugs or performance fixes. This shows I need to pay more attention - especially if working on multiple locations with the same content....
  17. Hi again, I'm running Win7 x64 (though I do have a license for it on my Mac but did not try it on that version). Thanks!! it works now. I followed what you said and it's fine now. Here's what I did: rename Options.xml file to options.old for 3.505A install newest 3.513A load the same .3b file and it worked: So nevermind loading it - it seems to be a bug loading files between builds or as you said an Options.xml issue between builds?? Maybe I should have bought your videos instead! I only bought the Gibson ones from your site because they were on your site and seemed to be slightly more LWy workflow that I was after. Appreciate the help!!
  18. Here'e the quick test in the same version 3.505A on the same machine and it works. I will find out what build is on my work machine and see if that to this causes the problem and will try it with the latest build as well.
  19. nope that makes no difference. Also, clicking on the select all faces button in the Groups menu does not select or show any of the polygons I created over several hours the other day.
  20. Can you explain more about the options file? Where is it and don't the new builds install over the old ones fine or should I be completely uninstalling 3dcoat in between updates? I haven't changed any/many settings in the app from the factory install so i don't think its that. Ill try the new build (assuming 3.505a is not the latest)... Not sure what my work computer's 3dc version is - it would be pretty close within the last week or two. Istarted this on another computer and am at home finishing this on the weekend. Maybe i saved the .3b file in a later version ? Could that be my problem? I'll try the test quickly, but i was hoping to recover from this file because i need to figure out if i have to start over to get done in time.... Thanks for your help with this, I assumed it was me being not super intimate with 3dc's interface, but it's looking more like a bug?....
  21. Any ideas anyone? I just bought Adam Gibson's retopo LW training video thinking it might help me now and I'm wading through it, but the audio's distorting in it a lot, he keeps undoing and wandering, and even his cell phone rings in the videos - lol! Not something you want to hear when trying to learn in a jam... So any thoughts on what happened or if my retopo mesh is still recoverable or if this is a bug would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. The .3b file says saved at 5:07pm Fri and I'm using 3.505A I'm at a loss... There used to be all the manual quads I created all over her face and ears and halfway down her chest on Fri when I saved it?? thanks for your help
  23. Hi, I'm new to retopo, and find myself in a jam. Hopefully someone here can help. I spent most of the other day manually retopoing a 69,000 poly hires figure in 3DCoat expecting to finish it today, and I saved the .3b project expecting it to all be there when I load it up, but when I loaded it up today, I couldn't see the polys I manually created - only the grey reference mesh of my figure. Doesn't saving the project save the half done retopo polys so you can continue later on? Don't tell me I needed to manually export the polys out as a separate step? They gotta be there somewhere - the timestamp of the .3b file is correct from the save. Please help and point me in the right direction, I may consider self harm if I have lost all that day or two of work (as I have to finish this by monday) thanks for your help.
  24. Thanks, Patrick. I found the link and bought it. Appreciate the help to find the right link. Got it working on my Mac partition now and that's great news for my workflow. Glad to see it seems to work identically with no Mac specific bugs and performance seems good, though I haven't tested it to know whether lack of 64bit or CUDA (at least the Mac install didn't mention these so I assume it is not that) makes that much of a difference. Works great so far...
  25. Sorry, I'm having trouble figuring out which link on your Buy Now page lets me do what I want (specifically that is, to upgrade my licenesed Winx64 3DCoat v3.5 to allow me to have a coexisting Mac license with it). I noticed a Mac to Win upgrade, but not the other way around. Also I noticed that new full licenses say Win&Mac?? Thanks for clarifying this
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