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  1. cool so are you saying for $40 I can upgrade and be able to use both licenses? Or does this cross-grade deactivate my windows license?
  2. Just tried to install in on my mac partition and the register didn't seem to work, even though this is the same hardware (albeit a mac booted version of my other original install). Are the keys we purchase tied to a specific OS? I love that purchasing Lightwave lets you use it on Mac or Windows with the same key. Thanks for your help with this...
  3. Hi Andrew (or anyone at Pligway), Does my 3.5x license of 3D-Coat allow me to do 2 different installs of the program? Particularly I mean on the same machine, to be used just by me - i.e. I want to install the Windows version on my Win7x64 partition and the Mac version on my Snow Leopard partition and be able to use it no matter which bootcamp partition I've started with. This will be easier on my workflow. Most apps including Adobe's CS5 suite usually allow you install on one desktop and one laptop provided it is used by the same person and both instances aren't used simultaneously. Just thought I'd check here if this was kosher. thanks
  4. thanks... Do you have a link to the 64bit Cuda drivers for the 8800GT - I cant seem to find it on nvidia's site.
  5. Hi, I'm just building my new machine and have installed Win 7 64bit and have an NVidia 8800GT (mac version running in a mac pro with Win 7 x64 under bootcamp) and need help with the install. I've just installed the latest Cuda 64bit version 3.2 from the site and installed the websetup of DirectX 9.0c (I hope that wasnt a mistake for Win7 x64 I tried running 3dcoat and it said there was what I thought was a missing directx dll - hopefully the web setup link from the install was the right version for my windows.) Can anyone help me find a link to the correct CUDA driver for the 8800 GT (mac pro / windows bootcamp version)? The link from the installer seemed to indicate drivers for Vista or XP but not win7 64 except there was some notebook thing. I'm not sure which driver is the correct one for me. Please help me out somebody I want to start learning 3Dcoat soon! thanks!
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