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  1. I am no expert and it's not the most straight forward method, but give the Warp tool a go. For a linier array you would set the twist angle to 0 and the overlap can be set to negative values, which actually pushes the instances further apart. Another method, in surface mode, would be the Split & Joint tool, which could be used as an array tool for cubes, cylinders & lathe objects. Think you might have to put it in another layer, so it doesn't split anything, as it's intended to do. Hope it helps.
  2. Thanks for the upgrade Mate, Love the new Noise Maker. Have a great Holliday.
  3. Currently the Bake Scan Zones do not appear to be supported by symmetry. Does anyone know if there is a work-around, that doesn't involve fixing the texture after the fact? I always end up putting quite a few of those zones in, prior to baking, so it could be a time saver having the zones being mirrored across.
  4. Love the new additions to the paint room layers. Right click on a layer and a whole bunch of options appear, like "Make Transparent", which is really helpful. Not quite sure how the "Flip Layer" option works though. Thanks for your hard work Andrew!