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  1. You would make one happy old woman if you do revive the applinks. I have been checking the page weekly for 2021 release and been sitting on funds set aside for it... as well as convincing friends to buy. I am rooting for the team and cant wait to see the new release.
  2. I know this is shamelessly reviving a post that perhaps has been dead for a couple of years... I would gladly pay 20 dollars if the developer updated applink for 3d coat and zbrush. I am hoping he does. the two programs together side by side are a powerhouse. I am raising my hand.. and giving a soft beg for this applink to be revived.
  3. NM, when i manually rename the file and add *.rar the files open, thanks for your help again
  4. thanks for the link, i was meaning to say 3dcoat didnt see the files i had downloaded there are some cool shaders on the forum link you sent =) I downloaded the ones from the forum too, for me the files are in my folders. but when i navigate to them through 3dcoat they appear invisibal and 3dcoat doesnt see the files downloaded
  5. Hi There, I know i have had 3dcoat for a while, and sort of never messed with anything beyond painting. Today I tried the voxel sculpting for the first time, and became interested in more shaders. I downloaded resources from the 3d-coat website, followed the File---> install extention, then went to my download directory. Suprise, no extentions were visible, Perhaps i am missing something, Or I am doing this wrong, or others had the same problem. How do I install the goodies from the resource packs from website? thanks Jikito.
  6. jikito

    request for sculpties

    well.. I downloaded 3.3.01.. that was most recent version i can find.. and am still having the problems of poles seperating on smooth.. enclosed attachment with this.
  7. jikito

    request for sculpties

    took me a while to see this.. it seems i am using 3.2.11, ill look for a more recent.. version on your boards and see if i still have the same problem
  8. jikito

    request for sculpties

    Hi there, I love 3d coat, mostly I make sculpties for Secondlife. but one problem i keep facing with 3d coat is when i use any smooth features and ect, the sculpt comes apart at the poles... could 3dcoat be made so that it doesnt pull apart at the poles when using the sculpting features? Otherwise its kinda useless except for some real minor stuff...and texture painting thanks Jikito
  9. jikito

    Sl sculpty questions

    Greetings all, I am new to the forums as well as to the 3dcoat tool. I purchased the tool, specifically to work with sculpties in second life, and had some questions. 1) when I import a sculpty and work on a bit of sculpting I noticed that it smooths around the poles, seperating them, is there a way to prevent this? 2) since sculpties cannot be complex objects, if you wish to make an animal or human, you often need to import multiple sculpties, but so far in the paint, it appears to only import 1 sculpty at a time. is there a possible way to import multiple objects simultaneously in pixel paint or is there another method of doing this? thank you for your time Jikito