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  1. blade33ru

    glTF 2.0 Support

    any news on gltf for coat? i see substance painter has it now
  2. blade33ru

    [Solved.] sculpt layers - where are they?

    ahh thank you
  3. trying demo of 4.9 and i cant seem to get any action with sculpt layers. i know how to use layers obviously from paint room but when i move to sculpt room absolutely nothing happens..i mean i can still sculpt but its not related to layers in anyway. is there something ive got to do to get it to work. is it still a beta tool? i have watched the relevant youtube videos about the feature. seems pretty straight forward
  4. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    wish we have macros lol
  5. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    sucess lol...amazing. had to import from retopo, then use close hole tool then convert to voxels. BOOM
  6. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    maybe new retopo algo..then delete then back to sculpt lol.
  7. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    ok update. the remove polygons tool. alows separation of interior and interior polys in surface mode but pose object mode selects both sides. bummer
  8. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    yeah the trick is 'make it one external surface'. there is NO easy way to do this other than delete lots of polygons. actually the easiest way is to do auto retopo ..make UV edge seams, select the interior uvs, convert to faces and delete the import the surface into voxels in surface mode and use the close holes tool. thats a lot of work, creativity killer if the cut off tool had an option to not cap the polys that might be useful with a shell selection. actually pose tool has an object mode which is like shell selection so thats done
  9. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    i will try . i had doen this work before i read you post...altho...not sure....those holes might not register as holes because they ar eintact surfaces in surface mode not errors. but willl try
  10. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    i ended up doing autoretopo in zbrush cause dear old 3dcoat was soo slow with this. 1 minute in z brush...got those crappy spirals but whatever
  11. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    got both retopoed now. was a pain in the ass...u can see i have interior and exterior surfaces . both get retopeod. strokes tool suck in this case. creates strokes inside and outside. autoretopo creats interio and exterior. maybe a raycast option would be good...this method of modelling -retopo to sculpt- is very useful especially for vehicles and obviously for cloth later in maya after arduos polygon deleting process
  12. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    yeah but obviously the solid version doesnt fit really since i did the cloth sim so not a great solution. the whole idea of the cloth sim is to make cool clothes. we should be able to retopo them simply . pretty difficult ..and painfully slow... with auto or manual. the only way to make shell selections that i can see is to create temporary UVs then select the polys based on UVs. ok workflow i guess.
  13. blade33ru

    retopo problem

    i modelled apair of pants for character. export as autoretopo and reimport to sculpt to add cloth dynamics. excellent. reimport as high res voxels. pants now look natural and wrinkled. BUT. after this process, if i want to re auto retopo it builds an inner and outer shell. any way to limit that to outer shell only. if not is there a shell selection mode in retopo room so i dont have to waste my day tracking down stray polys also using the retopo brush often snaps to interior shell even if i have ignore backfaces turned on. strokes create inner and outer stroked for inner and outer faces. seems like a major workflow bottleneck
  14. blade33ru

    [Solved] Sculpt Room Mesh vanished

    confirmed - reinstall fixed the issue
  15. blade33ru

    [Solved] Sculpt Room Mesh vanished

    i have same probelm. lost 3 days of work on a character in very advanced stage. i have 19 back up filews and all are screwed. how can this be possible!!! sooo not cool. totally screwed --- HOWEVER. seems to be smooth shading problem go to view and change from smoth shading to any other view model such as specular and lo and behold the mesh reappears havent fixed it all yet but im guessing a resinatll might tweak it. at least the informaiton is there...can always export. thankk= GOD