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    SurfaceMode sculpting presets

    Top Notch wOrk !!! Thank you very much !!
  2. Veleman

    3dcoat Latest beta live test

    Oh my bad ! ! I thought that he already released them and I just wasn't able to find the new version of them on the forum. I will wait until he puts them out for us. ! Thanks for the quick reply though, i really appreciate it.
  3. Veleman

    3dcoat Latest beta live test

    Hi BeatKitano, I've just watched your xeno sculpt on twitchtv. Pretty cool stuff.!!! I am fairly new and also very excited with 3dcoat capabilities and i did manage to find artman's presets somewhere in the forum but in your video I can see you have many more presets loaded. Can you include a zip with these presets so i can get them and experement with them too? Thanks in advance. P.s : Sorry for the bad grammar, english is not my native language.