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  1. I mentioned this out of memory issue a couple of versions ago (Linux), when autopoing, it didn't always happen, I have 64GB or ram, isn't that enough? T.
  2. Latest Linux version: Does anyone else have the problem with painting "more on bumped and more on dent" It does nothing here. T.
  3. Just testing the Linux RC1 and after creating a sculpt, autopoing it, fixing a couple of mesh issues, then trying to bake it (microvertex), a dialog popped up "Fatal error Out of memory. You should increase the amount of virtual memory in system settings". I have 64GB of Ram, what's going on? My system activity states that 3d-coat-64 is using only 361.5MB of system memory and 419.1MB of RSS memory and 59MB of shared memory. After closing that dialog, I got another stating of instability in the program, but the process seemed to work. T.
  4. Trying out the new Linux version, and yes, the (trial) appears in the window header after a minute or so, but everything works as it should. T.
  5. While in the paint room, in the Texture editor, I selected TexMetal from the drop down list (just playing), and my model turned the same colour as the background and I cannot get it back to the way it was. T.
  6. Beta 14 Linux I tried an Autopo on a simple sculpted sphere with mountains moved out of its surface, placed guides on it, but it never completed, I left it over night, seemed to lock 3DC up though, this is not good. Also, same problems as Digman. Progress bars would be a no brainer, as without them, you have no idea what is going on when 3DC locks up. T.
  7. No worries, just take your time to get it right. T.
  8. Will we ever see a current Linux version?
  9. Any Chance of a Linux 4.5 version?
  10. How long before a Linux 4.5 version? T.
  11. Carlos, why is it so secret? if he is working on an improvement on Autopo then this would be good news and something to look forward to. T.
  12. I didn't see any mention of him working on it on his Tinker Code page; https://farsthary.wordpress.com/
  13. Even the Blender Strokes method would be a start, I don't expect 3DCoat to achieve the same results as zremesher, but it appears that Andrew has moved on to other things and just left Autopo as is, I think Re-topology is incredibly important if you want to get a decent, low poly mesh sculpt with its displacement map out of 3DCoat, this worked much better in previous versions. I just hope Andrew reads this and spends some time in this valuable area of the program. T.