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  1. is it correct that the first 6 alphas (in default) have NO right click, edit function?
  2. So key combo for tool settings adjustment = nothing is "red for depth"... "Shift is Green for smoothing" and Ctrl is "Blue for ??? Falloff????" Currently blue is duplicating as "Depth"
  3. Be sure to look from the other side to confirm they are holes and not flipped normal!
  4. Interesting. Looks like it's tied to the monitor resolution!
  5. BurrMan

    3DC & render man

    Looking at diff's......
  6. BurrMan

    3DC & render man

    4.7.29.... I like the "find sun".... seemed to help a bit...
  7. BurrMan

    3DC & render man

    After doing some back and forth with settings, preview, render start and stop, 3dcoat exe seems to be hanging on to memory.... climbs and climbs... Got to tie some purging onto the cancels and various starts and stops....
  8. BurrMan

    3DC & render man

    Just started fooling around with it.....
  9. I'm kindof digging that I just found out 3dcoat is tying into RenderMan!!! Can anybody point me to a discussion about this on the forum where I can ask fundamental questions? (Like 3dcoat passing the environment map over as a background and how to set this up with the "gradients" or images, etc....) I missed it where is was brought up.
  10. Hey Chipp, Try "Keep UV's" for UV Mapping Type. I think what you are seeing is a function of a Hierarchy that kicks in with NURBS that keeps a "Parent Child" relationship, and the auto mapper is not traversing it well. You can see this if you fillet your cubes "individually" and pay attention to which you do first and last, then correlate it to the "single color" that you are getting on the import. (It should even manifest itself with the "pick order" when you fillet all 3 cubes at once! You could probably get a more accurate discussion from Michael, though....
  11. Hi Carlosan, It seems that "Enable Tapering" was checked for my grow tool! (The default spline tapering shape was at default. didn't need default setting) Thanks, I didn't know where to look. (That setting must have come from the install. I didn't change that....) I do have a pen Wacom, and like the pen pressure to work, but I use it rarely. It was my understanding that using the mouse produced no pressure sensitive output, and just switching and using my pen "DID" give me the pressure sensitive results! Please advise if that IS the case or if I need to set it up differently. Thanks again, as always, Burr
  12. Did the "grow" tool in voxel sculpting room change its behavior? It seems to "fade away" now. So (with a mouse) a single click get just a short bit of "Grow" then must release and click again... Different behavior from what little I know about it. As far as I know, I didn't change anything.
  13. Thanks Javis. I do see it. I must have had unlucky timing and managed into it before the re-upload happened as my original one was X-less... Anyway, all's good for me now.
  14. That did it. Sorry to bother. Thanks!