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  1. Thank you. That is also an excellent series
  2. Does anyone know where I can still watch these? (and hopefully the second part, too=)
  3. Mormel

    Hide Gizmos

    Thank you for the extensive answer. That really works better and slowly and steady I can understand what the 3D-Coat way of doing things is
  4. Mormel

    Hide Gizmos

    Thank you for the reply. I think I may have worded my question wrong. I want to transform the whole curve with the "transform curve" option. That seems only possible with this Gizmo, but at the same time it really is in the way of transforming. I also tried the Spike-Brush, but did not seem to get the result I wanted. I would appreciate any tips on how to do this efficiently.
  5. Mormel

    Hide Gizmos

    Hello all, I've been dabbling again with 3D-Coat, but am currently stuck with placing multiple spikes using the curve tool. I just can't seem to see where I actually am at the moment since the curve spheres and the move gizmo are in the way. Is there a way to disable these temporarily? Thank you for your help
  6. Hai, Just wanted to point out that there is a rather interesting project on Kickstarter right now. For any of you using the SpaceNavigator and want a little bit more comfort. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1441494659/the-space-dock I'm not affiliated with them or anything, just a backer. But they definitely need some help on reaching the funding goal, so if any of you is interested check it out
  7. Mormel

    Some newbie problems

    Thank you for the advice. When I am a little bit more familiar with the program, I'll make sure to try it out.
  8. Mormel

    Some newbie problems

    Thank you for the reply. With a higher resolution it truly makes everything more fun and feasible. Although in the tutorials are low resolutions expilictly used. I guess when you are more skilled you can work more efficient in lower resolutions. The program has me now fully convinced, I really like the feel of it. Thanks again for that
  9. Mormel

    Some newbie problems

    Hello, I am very new with 3D Coat. I am currently trying out the trial verion, but am fairly sure to buy afterwards. I have some experience with Blender and thought 3D Coat would be a nice addition to the overall process. But now I stumbled as soon as I tried out the first "from scratch" tutorial video. First of all after using the Move and Smooth tool, I noticed how my form ripped. This happend quite a few times, which surprised me as it obvously isn't the way it should work. After using the move tool again, it seemed to fill in these holes, which is quite ugly. Is this a common problem, or does this only occur when working with small voxel resolution? I ran into one more problem, that is producing smooth forms. I find it very hard to do so, for example carving out the rat's mouth hole from the "from scratch" tutorial video. All the edges are always kind of scruffy. The smooth and fill tool would always destroy the defined forms in the smoothing process. One thing that smoothed the model overall was increasing the resolution, but when I work on the model again after increasing, the problem is the same. The solution obviously can't be increasing the resolution all the time, so I wondered how should this be done? Please help a newbie out