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  1. Spiraloid


    thanks for this you guys. I made myself an increase and decrease density script and bound it to a hotkey, it kept selecting the transform tool and I used your script to reselect the current tool. giving as I get: // this script degrades the current layer by 2 and keeps the active tool. // used for a quick "degrade" current vox layer hotkey. void setCurrentTool(string id){ array<array<string>> dict = { {"VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_GROW", "$[Page4]Grow"}, {"VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULPT_SMOOTH","$[Page4]Smooth"}, {"VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_FILL","$[Page4]Fill"} // (...) }; for(int i=0;i<dict.length();i++){ if(dict[i][0]==id){ cmd(dict[i][1]); break; } } } void main(){ // make sure we're in the sculpting room if(!IsInRoom("Sculpt")){ ToRoom("Sculpt"); Step(1); } //store current layer name string CurrentVoxLayer = GetCurVolume(); // rename it RenameCurVolume("DELETE_ME"); // store the current tool string CurrentToolID = GetCurrentToolID(); // clone and degrade the current layer by 2 cmd("$VoxTreeBtn7"); // name it the same. RenameCurVolume(CurrentVoxLayer); // delete the old layer. SetCurVolume("DELETE_ME"); cmd("$VoxTreeBtn1"); //select the new layer just in case SetCurVolume(CurrentVoxLayer); Step(1); // recall the tool so you're not in transform mode. setCurrentTool(CurrentToolID); }
  2. Spiraloid

    What Are You Working On ?

    tonights spitsculpt while I get the hang of PBR layers. robot_head by spiraloid on Sketchfab
  3. Spiraloid

    What Are You Working On ?

    Toon Texture Test by spiraloid on Sketchfab 143781179134 by spiraloid on Sketchfab just doodles while I setup my brush presets.
  4. Spiraloid

    What Are You Working On ?

    mannequin test by spiraloid on Sketchfab
  5. +1 Really need this for working with objects in other apps.
  6. This is pretty great. I am hoping to modify it so that it can print out the transforms of each vox layer for exporting instances. I can't seem to find any references to a getTransform command. am I being dense?
  7. Spiraloid

    gak splatter

    random images while I setup tools for real work.
  8. Spiraloid

    What Are You Working On ?

    just getting my bearings in octane. 3Dcoat + PBR + octane = awesomeness
  9. Spiraloid

    Octane Render

    I've been manually doing my setups in octane by exporting my scene's as .obj files and then using meshnodes in octane. the only problem I'm having is that the vox layers as they are exported from the sculpting room are not given unique materials per layer. This means I can't use the material map node in octane to reassign materials and have to export each layer one by one. it would be awesome if 3DCoat could get updated so that the "export scene" obj exporter were able to assign a material to each vox/surface layer. it's really the main feature needed for applinking to octane. other than adding reinstance support, but that would mean that 3DCoat would have to either use alembic file (http://www.alembic.io) instead of .obj. (octane will recognize all the reinstance transforms by using checksums). or generate the scatter node with all the instance transforms written in and an obj mesh node. here's a pic I whipped up from a voxel mesh in octane.
  10. Spiraloid

    3DCoat features you would like to see resolved

    one more minor bug. but it makes me nuts. I have vox layers with transforms scaling them up to mountain sizes. works great. the voxel density is low but I can sculpt the terrain and the horizon well. the bug is that the brush radius and the apply curve/models don't respect the vox layer scale transform. since the brush radius right mouse drag size is limited to 500, I am forced to type in a brush radius value of 5000 over and over again. I know it makes sense for novice users to limit it, but with a scaled vix layer, working at massive scale is performant and awesome. also: applying models to scaled vox layers gives an inaccurate warning about trying to apply a giant volume and creating a billion polygons and running out memory. but -this is not true since the receiving vox layer is also huge so the apply will only add a few thousand more poly's to the scene. short version. 1: brush radius needs to be scaled by selected vox layers scale. 2: apply model warning logic needs to be extended to understand target layers scale transform. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Spiraloid

    Time for a Tablet Version of 3D-Coat?

    why not use an app like teamviewer app to connect to a monster machine from whatever tablet you like? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Spiraloid

    3DCoat features you would like to see resolved

    great topic. I'm blown away by the new release. I was fast before but now. wow. my wishlist. -Uv room: unwrap only the selected faces and pack them into any available place so I don't have to change textures. I like to keep adding things to textured unwrapped models a lot. it's possible now, but it should be easier. -tweak room: transform tool needs a select all option. -assignable hotkeys for right click on vox tree menu. rename, decimate etc. -viewport: needs game mode camera with look and wasd navigation for world building -import tool: respect spacing bush options and a scale jitter for scattering instance objects. (sprite cards etc) -inport/export to allembic. -viewport: needs delete option on env map chooser. can only add. -render room: option to render spherical hdr env maps. -import/spline tool: better support for uv mapped models when in surface mode. -when downgrading a voxlayer, I wish the decimation used better cavity masking to preserve creases better. -really wish there were a unified freeze menu so the same freeze can be used between, vox extrude, layer, pose, split, cut off, painting etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Spiraloid

    Maya appLink

    hmm, I installed it and have the shelf and the plugin loaded. but when I try to export I get this error in maya. export complete // Error: line 1: AttributeError: file C:/Program Files (x86)/Autodesk/Maya2013/bin/plug-ins/3dc_connector.py line 1000: 'module' object has no attribute 'MStatus' // windows8.1 3DCoat4.1 maya 2013 32-bit sp2 any ideas?
  14. Hey andrew. consider this instead of doing RGB. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwa0wAI9neY Id rather have three solid color layers with an 8 bit mask, then only one 24bit full color layer. same memory.
  15. Spiraloid

    Speeding up workflow

    3Dcoat isn't really a laptop tool. for 3DC, you might want something more like.... win7 64bit 12 core,3.33 GHZ i7 GeForce GTX 580 512 Cuda Cores 24GB of RAM 1.5GB of Texture/video memory Wacom Intuos4 tablet DX11