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  1. 3DCoat 2021.6 on MacOS Try to use cloth tool and just get spinning beach ball. Force quit after waiting 5 minutes. Running cloth tool on Windows with the same objects and settings starts almost instantly and finishes in a few seconds. Would like to use this on MacOS since it is where I do most of my work. -Kevin
  2. I just tried this V4.9.53 on Windows (I have license for both platforms). It works fine on Windows. Would be nice to see this fixed in the Mac version - presently where I spend most of my time. -Kevin
  3. Still not working in the newest release (V4.9.53) Checked the old versions I still have on my hard drive with the following results. 3DCoat-4.8.32 works 3DCoat-4.9.02 works 3DCoat-4.9.37 cloth tool not present 3DCoat-4.9.41 does not work 3DCoat-4.9.42 does not work 3DCoat-4.9.42A does not work 3DCoat-4.9.42C does not work 3DCoat-4.9.44B does not work 3DCoat-4.9.46 does not work 3DCoat-4.9.49 does not work 3DCoat-4.9.49D does not work 3DCoat-4.9.52 does not work 3DCoat-4.9.53 does not work -Kevin
  4. I was going to post this in the "Beta Releases" sub-forum, but I don't seem to be able to post there. I can't get cloth simulation to work using MacOS V4.9.52. I set it up and click start then I just get the spinning beach ball (waited 5 minutes then force quit program). I have tried the past few versions with the same results.
  5. Is it possible to script the Curves tool in the Sculpt room? Or perhaps I could create a ".curves" file for import if I knew the file format.
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