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  1. Hello All! For those of you already on Pluralsight/Digital Tutors or those of you who might want to be, I recently had a 4 1/2 hour course covering some techniques in Character Sculpting published. If you want, please take a look at the course overview below: 3d-coat-character-concept-sculpting-techniques One thing that is different about it is that it covers a way of taking the voxel/surface sculpt directly to Cura to 3D print. In my case it is a Lulzbot TAZ 5 3d printer, but the techniques could apply to other printers as well. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
  2. Hi Sergyi and Carlosan, Thank you SO much for your prompt responses! Carlosan, I installed 4.7.7 and it worked. I did have to restart one of the machines and re-point the licenses to our license server, but everything worked like a charm. Sergei, I did delete the previous 4.7.6 folder and reinstalled on three machines. Strangely, 2 of the machines worked perfectly from the install while the other machine did the same type of crash until I restarted it; then it worked fine! BTW, you folks did a BRILLIANT job with the license server! It is the EASIEST license server arrangement I've ever worked with. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University
  3. Hello! I am having an issue with our floating licenses of 3D Coat. 4.5.40 and 4.7 are crashing on startup while 4.5.23 runs fine. On startup, the interface just quits BOOM. I get the load screen, then the interface window comes up briefly, then it shuts off. Machine specs are: iMacs Retina 5k 27 inch late 2015 3.2 Ghz Intel i5 16 GB Ram 1867 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB I have attached the crash report. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University ekunzen@ju.edu 3DCoatCrashReport.txt
  4. Tony's right! Specifically, though, use the lasso tool to hide the parts you don't want. I just did this yesterday to retopo inside the lips of a character, and it works like a charm. BUT... You need to be careful not to retopo over the part that has been hidden. Just thought I'd mention it. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University
  5. I saw it, downloaded it, upgraded the lab (during class, which I never do), and wept (yes wept) with JOY to see brush and depth previews shrink and grow with the right mouse button. I greeted the grid like a long lost friend. I cheered when I saw the brushes tool working like always in the Retopo room. My class thought I had gone crazy. But, this does highlight an important point: When bugs crop up (and I really think Mountain Lion was and is the problem), I don't panic because I know that we have our "Top Man" on the problem. And it will get fixed sooner rather than later! Thanks Andrew! Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
  6. Sorry to throw a monkey wrench in the ATI/AMD theory, but my laptop is running 10.7.4...and has an AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1Gb VRAM...and works fine with 3D Coat 3.716A and 18C. The iMacs have the AMD Radeon 6970M 2Gb cards. I think Mountain Lion is the difference. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
  7. Thanks AbnRanger, I will do that. I am never sure what constitutes a "FIX IT NOW" request. Retopo functionality is cut by about 50% by my estimation. The program actually works; it isn't crashing, so I didn't think it was super urgent. But I will post it there! Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
  8. Thanks for replying Greg! I just installed 3.17.18C and got no joy in the 10.8 Lab. Still no grid, brush diameter or depth preview, nor stroke lines in Retopo. Basically the same problems. Lion Laptop works fine though! Excelsior! Eric
  9. FYI, my new laptop is running 10.7 Lion, and it doesn't have this problem. Everything works fine. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
  10. iMac OS X 10.8 Intel Core i7 16 Gb Ram AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 Mb 3D Coat 3.17.16A I cannot get the grid to show in any room. Also, none of the yellow brush diameters show in any room. Except the Brush with Splines tool in the paint room. There, the lines connecting the brush circles are missing. I can see the brush icon on the cursor, however. The red brush profile/height curves are also missing everywhere. The Brush tool in the Retopo room is invisible and doesn't work. It doesn't move the mesh at all and the shift relax function doesn't work. There is no feedback lines for any of the primary retopo tools. The Add/Split tool has no trailing line. When you click the second edge, the cut appears, but it is impossible to see where you are going. The Quads tool has no feedback either. The Strokes tool draws no lines. When you release the mouse, it produces a dotted line rather than a solid. 3.7.16A works fine on 10.6. I don't know about 10.7. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University.
  11. First off: I love the way the Sketch tool works now. Its pretty much how I expect it should work with one small problem... When I press the Apply button, nothing happens. The object I've sculpted disappears when I switch to another tool. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I've tried option return, ctrl return; and I can get it to appear. I'm on 16A on Mac OSX 10.6 laptop. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University
  12. Okay, after many minutes of spinning beachball of doom, I WAS able to successfully force quit from the Activity Monitor window. For what it is worth...and it ain't much! Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University
  13. ========================================================================== BUILD: 3.7.10A (GL 64) OS: MacOS X 10.6.8 HARDWARE: (If applicable) MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo nVidia GeForce 8600M GT 4gb RAM BUG DESCRIPTION: Out of nowhere, apparently, clicking on the Eraser tool in the Paint Room crashes 3D Coat; I get the spinning beachball. More worrisome is the fact that when I try to force quit out of 3D Coat either through the Force Quit window, the Terminal (kill -INT pid), or through Activity Monitor, my entire computer freezes requiring me to press and hold the power button. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Simply clicking on the Eraser tool. I have reinstalled 3.7.10A from the installer, but it still happened. It is happening right now. So I will submit this and then attempt to Force Quit 3D Coat. I'll probably have to restart. HELP! ========================================================================== Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University
  14. Hello all! The Cut through volumes checkbox in the Merge Tool options box purports to allow negative volumes to cut through child objects of a voxel layer, but I have not been able to get it to work. I Merge in an model with a _negative shape. I have two voxel objects on two layers, the second of which is a child of the first. I overlap the _negative shape object so that it should carve into both the parent and child voxel objects, but when I press apply, it only applies to the parent layer that I have selected. Am I misunderstanding what the Cut through volumes checkbox does? Thanks! Eric Kunzendorf Jacksonville University
  15. Okay, I'm probably getting old and senile; but I installed v 3.7.01B for mac and now when I click on the Merge tool it pops up right as rain. I could have sworn that I did that and couldn't get it back. But now I can close it and get it back. I would suggest that there be a Windows>PopUps command for both Spline AND Models. Just my 2 cents! Thanks Bill and Abn for the help! Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
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