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  1. silkroadgame

    online|offworlds sketchbook

    The female is looking nice!
  2. silkroadgame

    Aleksey's ugly stuff

    Just pay more patience,I believe you can do it in good quality.
  3. silkroadgame

    WIP Modular pimp my gun kit pieces

    Good progress!
  4. silkroadgame

    Detective vip

    The car is so good!
  5. silkroadgame

    Female Body Sculpt

    Your skills of poly modeling is looking good.
  6. silkroadgame

    3d characters of games

    This one is a famale character made by my colleagues. Software used is Maya,Zbrush and so on.
  7. silkroadgame

    Cowboy Villain

    I like your cartoon style,just feel that his neck could be a little thin.
  8. silkroadgame

    Armor wip

    Nice work!
  9. silkroadgame

    ivan stuff

    Welcome! Your works are quite good in modeling and texturing!
  10. silkroadgame

    NockCharis Doodles

    All of them are good starts.We can see good base of skills in them.
  11. silkroadgame

    Aleksey's ugly stuff

    Good sculpts!Your design is very lovely,but I think its face could be clearer,especially the first one.
  12. silkroadgame

    My 3D Coat adventure

    Your works are really great as you are still a beginner of 3D-Coat!
  13. silkroadgame

    ohsnapitsjoel's Sketchbook

    It's looking good so far.
  14. silkroadgame

    Denis' doodles

    Looking good so far. But I suggest you to make the mace better,it looks like a street lamp now.