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  1. Grandmaster B

    Yes Sir We Got Paint

    Thanks to you, I just discovered that you can now go directly from the voxel to the paint room, that's realy cool!!! Made a Hellboy like head for practice.
  2. Grandmaster B

    Male & Female Voxel Chars

    Two characters I've created a while back. Probably the most detailed models I've made with 3D-Coat so far. Now that I have a new, more powerful PC I hope to finish them.
  3. Grandmaster B

    Model for using in a game

  4. Grandmaster B

    Ancient Warrior (№1)

    No, not a pro.
  5. Grandmaster B

    Ancient Warrior (№1)

    Its good so far. With your topology you didn't take animation into account.
  6. Grandmaster B

    [Android Game] Zombie Bobbleheads

    Damn, my phone doesnt support Flash. Game looks very cool, i like balancing games.
  7. Grandmaster B

    An impressive VideoGame art

    Agreed, this should be straightforward with 3D-Coat, much easier than in ZBrush. Although some microdetails should be painted on the texture, but they belong there anyway.
  8. Grandmaster B

    Are you This Good?

    It is easier than it seems. Actually, i'm just a fan of "Married with Children"
  9. Grandmaster B

    Are you This Good?

    About step 15.: Mark an edge as a seam with a left click and clear a seam with "Ctrl"+left click. Forgot to mention that. You may also mark and clear whole "Edge loops" when selecting it under "UV" on the left.
  10. Grandmaster B

    Are you This Good?

    If you have several meshes that you want to join to one the voxel room is perfect for this. I cant promise that it all works but lets try: 1. Start 3D-Coat, in the start-up wizard under "Voxel Sculpting" pick the empty cross (second from the left). This is an empty voxel scene! 2. In the left toolbox under "Objects" click "Merge". An dialog opens, pick "Select mesh" and select the first mesh on your disk. 3. If you dont see the mesh on the screen, its too small. Press "Scale" and try "10.0" or something else. Depends! 4. Check if the mesh has visible flat faces, if they are pretty obvious, try the "Subdivide" button. This may take very long if the mesh is dense! 5. If you are satisfied click "Apply". Now its important to check if the voxel resolution is fine enough for your needs, if you feel like you loosed detail the voxel resolution needs to be increased. To increase the voxel resolution press "Res+" under "Commands" - BUT you have to do it before you "Merge" your mesh. So start over but now press "Res+" after Step 1. 6. Continue to "Merge" the other meshes the same way... all the meshes will be part of the same voxel object. 7. Save your work! 8. You probably have to sculpt and fix artifacts here and there. Hold the "Shift" key and paint the the left mouse button over artifacts. I recommend to Enable "Accurate Smoothing" found in the "Voxels" top-menu. 9. You may also create "hair" with sculpting, its not easy tho. 10. Save your work! 11. In the "VoxTree" right click on the "Volume1" and select "AUTOPO", change the "Approximate polycount" to something you like the output of the mesh to be. I assume 9000 should be enough. The other dialogs are not that imporant then. 12. After a while you are in the Retopo room, you have the option to get automatically created UV-seams. Lets start with that! 13. Again, left toolbox. "UV"->"Mark seams". 14. "Commands"->"Auto seams" 15. You now manually adjust the seams, be sure to create islands that can be easily unwrapped onto a 2D image. If possible avoid very small islands and seams that cross the face. 16. Hit "Unwrap". 17. In the top-menu. "Retopo"->"Merge with NM (per pixel)". You will be asked if you want "Ambient Occlusion", may be a good choice. You may delete the layer later anyway. 18. The next dialog asks about "Initial subdivision" and "UV-mapping type". You can choose the first subdivision number and "Keep UV". Also choose the texture width and height to your liking. 19. Save! 20. Go into the "Paint" Room. On the right bottom are your painting layers, there is "BakedOcclusion", "Normalmap", "Volume1" and "Layer 0". Create another one by clicking the first symbol on the bottom (looks like a piece of paper). Double click on the name and rename the layer to "Color" or something. 21. There is another tab named "Materials" with a few small images, here you need to load your textures to project them manually on the model. Click the "+" and in the dialog select a texture for the "Color texture". Hit "Ok" then, you dont need the other channels. In fact, lets deactivate them: 22. In the topmost toolbar is a tiny green sphere, a purple sphere and a black sphere. Deactivate the purple and the black. The green must be activated to paint only on the color channel. 23. From step 21. the "Preview options" dialog has opened, try the icons on the right to place onto the model. Place both, the image and the model to a good angle to draw the image onto the model. 24. Pick white as your drawing color and 100% opacity by pressing "C" on the keyboard and selecting the options. 25. Now with the left mouse button start to paint the image onto the model. 26. Repeat the steps 21-25 for different angles with different textures until your model is fully painted. 27. Dont forget to save often. 28. When done "File"->"Export Model". On the dialog choose "Export mid-poly mesh", "Export color", "Create padding". Leave the other options unchecked. Done! (?)
  11. Grandmaster B

    Bsurfaces v1.5

    Don't worry, like Blender, Cycles will always be free under the terms of the GPL. If there will be commercial products that are based on Cycles is another question. Like there are commercial, rebranded versions of Blender... I guess that Cycles will be modified and made available in other CG packages, i heard something like that. Doesnt change things for Cycles or the GPL tho. I dont saw any chaos or unfinished algorithms but like 3D-Coat, Blender is a moving target that lives and dies from its community and contributors. Maybe a little chaos is not a bad thing there.
  12. Grandmaster B

    Bsurfaces v1.5

    Sorry to interrupt, but that is not true for the current version of Blender. Please try Blender and, like any complex software, give yourself enough time with it, i promise it will grow on you. I believe you'll see its not chaotic nor unfinished but very complete and stable. Also the Blender Foundation will never make Blender or Cycles commercial, legally its nearly impossible. As a sidenote, the GSoC "Onion" branch is currently improving the sculpting and painting in Blender. May be of interest too.
  13. Grandmaster B

    Are you This Good?

    What if, you Merge all meshes into one voxel object then create a retopo mesh of the voxel object with textures and then project the textures on it. Aren't the textures you mentioned just like photos? Should be easy then.
  14. Hi, interesting contest, count me in! I've tried the auto-rigger a while back with a model were the legs were bent a bit, this was a problem because i could not fix that in the auto-rigger (i knew that the binding pose was not correct but tried anyway). Besides that it worked exceptionally well, the vertex weighting is very good. I can rig and animated for myself but its the most tedious and unrewarding task ever! Is 'T' the prefered binding pose? Do other poses work?
  15. Grandmaster B

    Female WIP

    Brilliant. I envy your ability to model perfect hands and feets.