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  1. That did improve the result, its closer to Zbrush, but can we do better? This tech a few years ago just didnt exist and its a great auto retopo tool and still a very close mesh that resembles an ingame mesh but it there any other way i can get a closer result to the zbrush model or maybe even better? I want to retain the hard edges and closed loops around the main edges so I can collapse the edges after and clean it up.
  2. lord_quas

    Align Horizontal UV verts

    Yeah that fixed it, thankyou Taros!!!!!
  3. This is as close as I can get. Im using the latest beta btw.
  4. Hey guys, I seem to be having some real noob problems with the autopo tool from the sculpting room. I cant get any clean results. I can get it in zbrush but not coat. I have attached the mesh I made in modo that im just playing with so if anyone can give it a whirl and tell me how to get the same results in Coat I would be realllllly appreciative. thanks guys. p.s yes its a boring oven Adding curves doesn't seem to help either modo oven.obj
  5. lord_quas

    Align Horizontal UV verts

    Hey Tony, Scaling down is on the Y is available but if you try it its very unpredictable and doesn't scale down to 0 it actually fluctuates in either direction and is a science to get it to flatten them out. I would like something easier to use and more accurate like in 3D max. Example attached
  6. lord_quas

    Align Horizontal UV verts

    I would like to request a Alight horizontally selected verts in a uv. Please see image JPEG LINK
  7. I really need a work around for this bug, Its causing me porblenms in the studio. I have another example at work that I need to modify an external normal map on the model. How far are we away from a fix on this? If there is no current fix yet or work around, can we increase the severity of the mantis bug to high from minor? Thanks
  8. As this issue is stil open on Mantis that means the fix for this is not in 3D-Coat 4.5.02? is that correct?
  9. Hopefully its not a big fix code side. Once its in Mantis, is there a estimation of time given?
  10. That is exactly my issue, When importing an external normal map you cannot erase it using the erase brush over the model like you should be able to. Can you confirm and is there a way to solve this
  11. Starting with the obvious is the best place. So layer is selected, im in 4.5 and using the Erase tool with normal selected. If you import a normal map then try and erase it using the brush tool on the model does it work for you
  12. Hey guys, We have 3D-Coat at work now and im blocked on a asset im creating so wonder if you can help. Steps: 1. import normal map into 3d-coat 2. Attempt to use erase tool with normal map setting and use brush on 100% on model Result: Nothing happens or a very light effect, not 100% erasing. Expected: Using the erase tool deletes all under the brush when passed over the model. If I create a new layer and paint with normal then use the erase tool it works correctly. Thanks Matt
  13. lord_quas

    What's your workflow ?

    For my most recent hard poly modelling its been: 3dMax (low poly, crease the lines, duplicate then turbo smooth then export high res) 3D-Coat (on turbo smooth results bring in as surface and use live clay with the Curve tools to put in lines and details) and paint a id map Substance Designer (create a base coat of metal and scratches with the filters) 3D-Coat Use the PBR effects to paint damage or wear Create low poly retopo in Max and import as retopo in 3D-coat then bake all (the only software package I know that transfers all maps to another model(inc roughness and metal) with different UV's) Im still happy with its results. Also got my company to buy 2 floating licenses. 8900 Triangles 1400 Triangles
  14. lord_quas

    Head shot Rex

    Hey Malo, I saw the Gallery was empty in Substance painter so I thought I would take its first spot. Ive been playing with Substance designer alot and bought Painter as a indie package. The only thing I did in Painter was use a really good scales brush after that I left and went back into 3D-Coat and did all the normal map detailing and texture painting in 3D-Coat. I need to make myself a scales brush for 3D-Coat next. there are some nice particle brushes in sPainter, but I still do all more organic texturing in 3D-Coat like crevice painting to get the final texture. SP is still really indevelopment but. Is there a way in 3D-Coat to make seamless textures inside the program without going into PShop?