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  1. This is a nice tool, but it's not what I was thinking for. What I meant is given a voxel mesh, we draw two curves, so we will have a smooth masking/selection of voxels contained in these two curves going from curve A to curve B, then we can transform this soft selection according our needs, for example, just think the silhouetteof a fantasy axes for games: you can draw one curve for the blade should start and the second one just outside/closest-as-possible to the mesh, then you can scale down and having a blade. You could also use this double curve soft selection also for doing some decorative patterns like flower shapes.
  2. Hi Elemeno, in a first time I tried and I thought you were right, but I made some more tests and I found this funny thing devs should investigate. If the polygons sharing edge loops are not at 90 degrees, 3DC deletes the edge loop and faces as expected. If the polygons are 90 degrees, the edge loop is deleted, but not the faces! See below. Purple = 90 degrees (it's a cube where I moved the right edge loop for testing) Blue > 90 degrees 90 degrees edge loop (red arrows) => funny result Different angle edge loop (dotted green line) => expected result Please fix this and try with angle also <90 degrees.
  3. Hello again in the name of universal love! Could you please make the rectangle lasso the default for all those modeling tools where we need to select something? Not sure if it's just me, but every time I use Select or Select/Transform I expect the rectangle behaviour as in other 3D software, sorry for the comparison, but what I have it's an abrupt move in the viewport, because those tools have the same selection mode enabled from previous tools, instead I would really love to have rectangle lasso. Hoping it's clear. Take care, M
  4. Hello, 3DCoat 2022.56, Modeling section. Deleteing Edges leaves vertices behind if edges are "on corner". Edges to delete: Result: Is that supposed to work in that way? Thank you.
  5. Good morning, my wish is to have a smooth gradient selection given two curves (closed or opened), so we could have a new way to select voxels. For example, like in the image, I could create blade edge following better the shape I need. Thank you.
  6. Exactly that: I didn't know I could do that, now I know! Just watched the videos and got a better understanding, even if little, of 3DCoat and its philosophy.
  7. Wait! Wait! Wait! Ok, first I was silly, I've just seen the Freeze is under the Surface Brushes, so I understand if Freeze mask goes away when switching to voxel brushes. Still puzzles me why I can use surface brushes with voxels, I mean, it's ok, more brushes, more choice, until everything works and does not crash! I will watch those videos, so thank you for them.
  8. Thank you for the explanation, I'll open a ticket then. But I'm wondering why Freeze button is available, if it's not working with Voxel.
  9. When sculpting in voxel, the Freeze selection turn off/disappear when selecting Wet Clay. When sculpting in surface, the Freeze selection stays there and you can sculpt with Clay. Could you please watch the video and tell me if I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug? Thank you so much. 3dcBugFreezeWithVoxels
  10. Hello, so this is a video about what I was talking early. I know it can still be usable, but I prefer to have that fully present in the screen and from every direction. Would it be possible to fix the ghosty gizmo? Thanks Ghosty gizmo in action
  11. Hello, so I'm doing a bit of poly modeling and I found this: the gizmo of Select/Transform is not always totally available as you can see in the picture, where arrows show where I can interact with gizmo and when not. I'm working with a Cintiq 13".
  12. Hello, radial symmetry in voxel mode seems not to work properly. Could you have a look? Thank you
  13. Hello, symmetry plane goes on wrong side when "points to polygons" or "delete polygons" are used: if you delete a polygon, activating symmetry gives plane on the opposite side as you can see in attached pictures. It's just me (2022.41) or it's a bug? Would it be possible to fix it? Thank you so much.
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