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  1. Hello, so this is a video about what I was talking early. I know it can still be usable, but I prefer to have that fully present in the screen and from every direction. Would it be possible to fix the ghosty gizmo? Thanks Ghosty gizmo in action
  2. Hello, so I'm doing a bit of poly modeling and I found this: the gizmo of Select/Transform is not always totally available as you can see in the picture, where arrows show where I can interact with gizmo and when not. I'm working with a Cintiq 13".
  3. Hello, radial symmetry in voxel mode seems not to work properly. Could you have a look? Thank you
  4. Hello, symmetry plane goes on wrong side when "points to polygons" or "delete polygons" are used: if you delete a polygon, activating symmetry gives plane on the opposite side as you can see in attached pictures. It's just me (2022.41) or it's a bug? Would it be possible to fix it? Thank you so much.
  5. Hello, FEATURE REQUEST: when user clicks middle mouse button over a value, that value will reset to its default value. For example, you are working with primitives/cylinder, then you change top radius, then you want to reset it, you have to copy/paste bottom radius to top radius or change both of them, instead with a fast middle click on them you reset their values. Thank you for your time.
  6. I tried different shapes, you know, the default ones at startup, and it seems to me curve stroke works only with the second sphere: I tried also the cylinder, the little sphere, the head and the second body with unpredicatble results. I made test on my laptop with hd full resolution screen 17" and on Cintiq 13" in full hd: the second sphere is good. Dunno if it can be of any help for you, devs.
  7. I don't expect reaction, only a new version with things told to a certain point solved. I'm sorry to read that, I don't know the details, so I cannot say something, but I can understand the frustration. Dunno, maybe we used in a different way or we are doing things they didn't. So they are all softwares now! XD Sometimes I think the same, and I have been far from 3DCoat to be honest, but then I said to myself better to have an always fixing previous bugs beta, than an usable stable Good! ^__^ This last part is not so clear to me, especially the one about alpha omega testers.
  8. Well, I saw some videos where this new beta version was working with no problems, so I think they checked the basics. Which letters?!?! This is why developers put names like "alpha", "beta" and "cadet" before releasing "stable" version. The numbering version is different and it doesn't mean a software is stable, it's a way to keep track of what has been changed/modified/deleted in order to reach a stable version, if reached, because there would be always bugs, you know, little ones no one ever encountered that are able to crash the program or to corrupt the project file or freeze the computer or the previous three in one go! sigh! If you say .72 is stable and you have some spare time, why not investing that time testing 2021 here and there as you normally do with .72 and then report bugs or strange things to Pilgway teams? In this way you will accelerate the bug fixing process and everyone of us, including you, will be able to access a stable version faster.
  9. In Modeling room, if I select rectangle lasso for Select, than I use Split rings, for example, (which has no rectangle lasso and it switches to brush), clicking Select again now it shows the brush mode instead the rectangle lasso. Could it be possible to be fixed/featured? Thank you
  10. Would it be possible to hide the vertices of the "hidden" part of the mesh, when symmetry is on? Thank you. Left without symmetry, right with symmetry on, notice the vertices.
  11. Ok, I see your point, not sure now if I like that or not, I have to use it more.
  12. Amen to that, but... We know that and I'm sure developers have their scheduling and deadlines in order to fix bugs and, after that, add some features according old/new customers requests. Maybe they will take in account all suggestions about UI later, because UI matters, because UI => UX, user experience: if you cook something new for me, I will judge not only its taste, but also its presentation, the kind of dish used and so on, it's not only what I eat, but also what I see and what I smell. In other words, UI has been worked/changed since version 4, we cannot avoid to comment/judge UI (IN CONSTRUCTIVE WAY, of course), but, then again, I'm sure, and I hope, everything written here is more like notes to be read in future as soon things are fixed. UI makes no difference: it can be annoying, having bugs and so on just like the other parts of a software. P.S. Please, delete this message if it's too much OT. Nop at all!
  13. Who wants new users?!?! There's Blender for them! Just kidding (Blender user here). I think your point is good, but, as you said, I would love that as an option in Preferences, because the fact I have a clean, big canvas makes me more focused on what I'm doing.
  14. Beveling works (green), beveling doesn't work (red), same parameters, different results, it was just an innocent edgeloop all around the cylinder:
  15. Thank for the fixes. Now this in Modeling room: I created a cube from 3D Primitives, than I want to move it, so I pressed Transform to move the cube, but 3D Primitives is still on, not sure if this is a feature. I think 3D Transform should be off, the same way, for example, if I press Knife and 3D Primitives is off. Again, not sure if that is something requested/wanted or not. Thank you.
  16. Ok, well, strange, but I confirm something is not working as it should be. Just tried muscles over head in previous version and it works:
  17. Not only in that particular case, it's unpredictable (=sometimes works, most of times not) even using those brushes with the default head*. *I have not so much experience in sculpting with 3DC, so maybe I'm missing something.
  18. Well, yeap, but I would prefer that was labelled as a "task Z", in other words, something to be done when priorities are finished and bugs are resolved.
  19. Even in sculpt room, the curve stroke is not working or it's very unpredictable: Tried with other brushes/alphas, it seems to me it's unreliable at the moment.
  20. Absolutely! You know, it would even better if you could move those icons anywhere you need or take them off, like you can edit your Firefox UI.
  21. Good idea, maybe we could have the tiny/normal/large/huge option like we have for panels, maybe in the Preferences, in order to save more space on UI. What do you think?
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