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  1. Hi,

    could someone use the Tubes/Muscle tool and telling me if it's funny or it's just me?

    As you can see in the picture, I draw some strokes, but the results are not as expected, the "muscle" is sinking inside the head, not appearing above that, and there are this strange stripes of voxels as result.

    I'm following a tutorial where artist use 2022.55 and he has a better result.

    I've already resetted my preferences and used 2022.55 as well, but still with the same, strange result.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    !!!Silly me!!!

    It was the depth very low!

    Sorry for triggering that!


  2. 2 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

    Do you mean like this? If so, I have requested something like it in the past...like a SPLINE mode for the Pose tool.


    This is a nice tool, but it's not what I was thinking for.
    What I meant is given a voxel mesh, we draw two curves, so we will have a smooth masking/selection of voxels contained in these two curves going from curve A  to curve B, then we can transform this soft selection according our needs, for example, just think the silhouetteof a fantasy axes for games: you can draw one curve for the blade should start and the second one just outside/closest-as-possible to the mesh, then you can scale down and having a blade.

    You could also use this double curve soft selection also for doing some decorative patterns like flower shapes.

  3. 23 hours ago, Elemeno said:

    i think this is fixed in .57 deleting them edges cause the faces to be deleted too like normal

    Hi Elemeno,

    in a first time I tried and I thought you were right, but I made some more tests and I found this funny thing devs should investigate.
    If the polygons sharing edge loops are not at 90 degrees, 3DC deletes the edge loop and faces as expected.

    If the polygons are 90 degrees, the edge loop is deleted, but not the faces!

    See below.

    Purple = 90 degrees (it's a cube where I moved the right edge loop for testing)

    Blue > 90 degrees



    90 degrees edge loop (red arrows) => funny result

    Different angle edge loop (dotted green line) => expected result



    Please fix this and try with angle also <90 degrees.


  4. Hello again

    in the name of universal love!

    Could you please make the rectangle lasso the default for all those modeling tools where we need to select something?

    Not sure if it's just me, but every time I use Select or Select/Transform I expect the rectangle behaviour as in other 3D software, sorry for the comparison, but what I have it's an abrupt move in the viewport, because those tools have the same selection mode enabled from previous tools, instead I would really love to have rectangle lasso.
    Hoping it's clear.

    Take care,


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  5. 3 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

    Are you talking about the FREEZE brush/button in the SURFACE BRUSHES section of the tool panel? If so, yes, you can use it, because when using Surface Brushes, 3DCoat temporarily suspends the voxelization process and the user is merely working on the outer mesh (that would normal adapt to changes in the voxel volume). Keep in mind, though, that once you create a mask (using the Surface brushes FREEZE tool), you will lose that mask IF you switch to a Voxel Brush. As long as you continue using Surface brushes, the mask will remain intact. This video will help explain a lot of that:


    Wait! Wait! Wait!
    Ok, first I was silly, I've just seen the Freeze is under the Surface Brushes, so I understand if Freeze mask goes away when switching to voxel brushes.
    Still puzzles me why I can use surface brushes with voxels, I mean, it's ok, more brushes, more choice, until everything works and does not crash!
    I will watch those videos, so thank you for them.

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  6. 20 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

    Yes, the Freeze brush/Freeze Selections do not work with Voxel brushes....because it is a completely different paradigm/platform than polygonal/surface sculpting. The VOX HIDE tool can effectively act as a Freeze/masking tool, but to this point, Freeze masking only works with Surface mode (or with Surface Brushes while the layer is in Voxel mode. Now that we have Voxel Paint, hopefully Andrew can enable the Freeze tool to work with Voxel Brushes also. If you want this, shoot support an email (support@pilgway.com) in order to make the feature request. 

    Thank you for the explanation, I'll open a ticket then.
    But I'm wondering why Freeze button is available, if it's not working with Voxel.

  7. Hello,

    FEATURE REQUEST: when user clicks middle mouse button over a value, that value will reset to its default value.

    For example, you are working with primitives/cylinder, then you change top radius, then you want to reset it, you have to copy/paste bottom radius to top radius or change both of them, instead with a fast middle click on them you reset their values.
    Thank you for your time.

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  8. I tried different shapes, you know, the default ones at startup, and it seems to me curve stroke works only with the second sphere:


    I tried also the cylinder, the little sphere, the head and the second body with unpredicatble results.
    I made test on my laptop with hd full resolution screen 17" and on Cintiq 13" in full hd: the second sphere is good.

    Dunno if it can be of any help for you, devs.

  9. 36 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    If only there would be any reaction to these messages. When I first started using the program about two years ago, it was extremely crude and unstable. Departures could be anywhere.

    I don't expect reaction, only a new version with things told to a certain point solved.

    36 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    I wrote a LOT of detailed messages, describing the steps, where and how glitches, errors and so on are obtained. There was no reaction. The same errors passed from version to version.

    I'm sorry to read that, I don't know the details, so I cannot say something, but I can understand the frustration.

    36 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    If someone saw a supposedly stable version of the developers, recorded in the work, then where did the numerous bug reports on the forum come from?

    Dunno, maybe we used in a different way or we are doing things they didn't.

    36 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    And when it comes to the "beta" or "stable" version, this is just an excuse, in essence. This whole program, with all its advantages and advantages, is an endless beta version.

    So they are all softwares now! XD
    Sometimes I think the same, and I have been far from 3DCoat to be honest, but then I said to myself better to have an always fixing previous bugs beta, than an usable stable

    36 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    I myself use the program almost every day and I love it.

    Good! ^__^

    36 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    But, perhaps, developers should still spend their money on the testing and debugging department of the program, and not spend the money of users who act as alpha and omega, testers.

    This last part is not so clear to me, especially the one about alpha omega testers.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    It's just that sometimes it seems that the program is uploaded to the site immediately after compilation, without even checking the basic elements of the program.

    Well, I saw some videos where this new beta version was working with no problems, so I think they checked the basics.

    17 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    Although the new interface looks really good and "modern", it seems that the cosmetic component should not break what already worked, judging by the large number of bug reports on the forum alone, not to mention the letters to A. Shpagin.

    Which letters?!?!

    17 minutes ago, Barrel said:

    I am using the .72 version and am happy so far. But this version is one of the few stable at least in the basic aspects of sculpting.

    I just want to say one thing - for example, when the Blender exited, its first versions (for example 2.50 or 2.70, or 2.80) could be so buggy that pressing one button in the current session caused the program to crash, in the next session and clicking on that the button did not cause anything, and pressing another random button again crashed the program. BUT.

    In the next release, for example 2.71, this was no longer at all, and stability reached at least 70% in all major aspects of work.

    This is why developers put names like "alpha", "beta" and "cadet" before releasing "stable" version.
    The numbering version is different and it doesn't mean a software is stable, it's a way to keep track of what has been changed/modified/deleted in order to reach a stable version, if reached, because there would be always bugs, you know, little ones no one ever encountered that are able to crash the program or to corrupt the project file or freeze the computer or the previous three in one go! sigh!

    If you say .72 is stable and you have some spare time, why not investing that time testing 2021 here and there as you normally do with .72 and then report bugs or strange things to Pilgway teams? In this way you will accelerate the bug fixing process and everyone of us, including you, will be able to access a stable version faster.


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  11. 1 hour ago, AbnRanger said:

    When you create a primitive whether it is in the Retopo, Modeling or Sculpt workspace, you have a transform gizmo applied automatically because it is not a mesh in the scene, yet. It is basically a temporary or preview object. Once you commit it to a (PolyGroup) layer by hitting the APPLY button in the tool options panel or hit the ENTER key, then the Primitive will remain in the scene until you choose a different tool...because 3DCoat assumes you are not done creating primitives while the primitives tool is active.

    Ok, I see your point, not sure now if I like that or not, I have to use it more.

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