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  1. Beveling works (green), beveling doesn't work (red), same parameters, different results, it was just an innocent edgeloop all around the cylinder:
  2. Thank for the fixes. Now this in Modeling room: I created a cube from 3D Primitives, than I want to move it, so I pressed Transform to move the cube, but 3D Primitives is still on, not sure if this is a feature. I think 3D Transform should be off, the same way, for example, if I press Knife and 3D Primitives is off. Again, not sure if that is something requested/wanted or not. Thank you.
  3. Ok, well, strange, but I confirm something is not working as it should be. Just tried muscles over head in previous version and it works:
  4. Not only in that particular case, it's unpredictable (=sometimes works, most of times not) even using those brushes with the default head*. *I have not so much experience in sculpting with 3DC, so maybe I'm missing something.
  5. Well, yeap, but I would prefer that was labelled as a "task Z", in other words, something to be done when priorities are finished and bugs are resolved.
  6. Even in sculpt room, the curve stroke is not working or it's very unpredictable: Tried with other brushes/alphas, it seems to me it's unreliable at the moment.
  7. Absolutely! You know, it would even better if you could move those icons anywhere you need or take them off, like you can edit your Firefox UI.
  8. Good idea, maybe we could have the tiny/normal/large/huge option like we have for panels, maybe in the Preferences, in order to save more space on UI. What do you think?
  9. First of all, I used 2021 only for a couple of hours, but, at the moment, I like that idea: I could close some panels, because those icons open the same and I can save space. I need more time with that, but it's not so bad.
  10. What am I doing wrong? Is the Clay brush supposed to work with alpha? Thank you. You can see the clay brush with an alpha, but that is the result.
  11. Please, could you enable all the lasso tools in the sculpt room for the Move brush? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the compliment. I remember that, despite being lit inside a box by photographer, I had still trouble from time to time where photos had different colors, strong speculars and/or tinted photos. So I had to fix them in advance before using them in 3DC. With micro vertex you apply color to the vertices, this is why is faster, because 3DCoat skips calculations about paiting projections when you do normal polypainting. The nice thing is color will be with your mesh, the not nice thing, if I'm not wrong, you should use fbx file format to export object to other 3d softwares and sometimes it creates problems, of course, if you want to export that.
  13. Very interesting project and great results. When I worked on a project of paiting ancient vases, 3DCoat saved my tasks because I was able to project photos of vases when photogrammetry failed, well, we had little experience with that and a very thight window time, but we did. What I found useful was using masks in order to have a non destructive workflow, so I could have two adjecent photos and mask (and deforming) one until they looked like one continuos texture. Masks were really important and I think they could be a little improved. Anyway, painting in 3DCoat was really nice experience. You can have an idea here, insects and vases painted in 3DC: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GXDk8d
  14. Oh, yeap, I did and it worked, maybe because they were previously saved but they didn't work, don't know. I'll use 3DC more next week and I'll tell, but I hope not
  15. Hello, given custom shortcut (shift+d) to Clone (right click on a layer -> Clone -> Clone), it doesn't work. Same shortcut to Geometry -> Res+ works. It's me or it's a bug? Thank you
  16. Ahahahahah! That's really amazing, I'll show it to my girlfriend, who, like me, was an avid manga reader when we were younger, because it reminds me that funny moments when steam/blood came out from nose, you know? Congrats again
  17. Nice challenge, but I'm sure it will be hard, really hard... for me.
  18. Hi Carlosan, thank you for the links, but I already know what VDB is used for, because I'm a VFX/Houdini artist, so I used that in the past. I had to ask forgiveness as I formulate the question in the wrong way. While I'm very happy to see 3DCoat and VDB in the same page, I was wondering what "codec" means, I was wondering how to use VDB inside 3DCoat, how do you import VDB? can you import a VDB sequence? Where can I find more documentation about it? Thank you again.
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