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  1. I just made a video and it's processing on Youtube right now, so i'll put the link as soos as it will be available. I hope you'll tell me what you think about it. Cheers
  2. Yeap, that was my intention. Just the time to finish something about the vase.
  3. Mmm... ok. Thank you for AwesomeBump, I didn't know it. Anyway, I found a nice solution, but it's a "bit complex" and using only 3DCoat, it would be fine to have it with less steps. How does it work to ask for features?
  4. Hello, is it possible to convert the diffuse texture to depth/normal map? I mean, if you have a look to the picure, you will see only the diffuse I just created from different angles photos, now it's time to put some life in it! I would like to know if I can convert the diffuse to normal map without leaving 3DCoat, so I can paint normal map, metalness and roughness in 3DCoat. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, is it possible to project a stencil in "UV-Mapping mode" but without the tiling all over the object? I need to project a texture exactly and "From camera" is not helpful this time. Thank you. P.S. And positioning the projection seems a bit tricky, not so immediate like the "From camera" mode
  6. ajz3d, I checked what you said, but everything seems normal to me. But now I don't know what to say, because the texture is working right now: I switched to depth & opacity pressure stroke mode and modified the contrast in the sm as you have done and the problem seems gone now. I'll check with the final texture and I'll let you know. For the moment, thank you, guys. Good night
  7. This is in Designer, the height map coverted to normal map just to be seen in viewport: This is in 3DC, when material Depth is 50% and paiting depth is 50%: This is when material and painting depth are 100% Should I suppose that 50% depth value in smart material says to 3DC: hey, gray is height 0?
  8. ajz3d, I tried what you were saying, about luminance/height 0 with color 0.5, but I have the same problem: black__height_0.5.exr
  9. Sorry, ajz3d, I'm doing so many tests, I attached the wrong files. This is the right file! black__height.exr
  10. Hi ajz3d, ok, as Andrew answered me: no normal map, but height map. So I changed everything in Designer to work with that. Now, I have a question, for sake of curiosity: why I have strange result if I put 100% in the depth value and I get a good result if I use 5%? I mean, 100% should be using the height map as it is, and putting that value up or down should just enhance or dim the result, right? black__height.exr
  11. Yeap, exactly! I was sending you a screenshot where it didn't work even with your no_alpha normal map in the smart material, but it works flawlessly if imported as you suggest. Anyway, I'm gonna write Andrew right now. Carlos, thank you again for your time. Michele P.S. If I could, why did you take out the alpha channel in the normal map? There's a particular reason?
  12. orizzontale_mask is a layer used for the group as mask, switching on/off doesn't affect the bad result. Anyway, I tried with a new 3DC, using the face model at the startup, duplicating a smart material in default (the chrome one) and I added the normal map, but I have the same bad result. I can share with you that normal map, the grid of spheres. Everything started as I saw a difference between Designer and 3DC about a more complex normal map, this is why I'm using that grid of spheres. Please, let me know, because I need to have that fix in order to work. Thank you again for your precious time.
  13. Here is it possible to see clearly the spheres over a simple plane as I see in Designer, but not in 3DC
  14. Hi Carlos, sorry, I didn't explain correctly: I'm not concerned about the mapping aroung the object, I'm concerning about the fact the normal map seems to be "cut" or "flat". While in Designer and Blender I have this half spheres all around, in 3DC they seems flat, like cylinders or truncated spheres! How is that possible? How can I fix that?
  15. Hello, I need help about this: as you can see from images, the normal map created in Substance Designer creates a nice result, I tested it also in Blender. In the first image you can see the normal map imported in 3DC, in the smart material slot, but the result is totally different: why? Thank you.
  16. Hi Carlosan, ah, really? Mmm... I mean good to know it's not just me, but to be honest, it should be something really straightforward, but probably I have to use 3DCoat even more in order to understand the philosophy behind it.
  17. Mmm... for what I'm experimenting it seems I have to put Patch size to 100, while Texture has to be to desidered final image size, and I have to verify the camera in ortographic mode. Does that make sense? Thank you again.
  18. Hello, I'm exporting the depth of a sculpt to be used later as alpha for a brush in paint room. The problem I'm having right now is there's a mismatch between what I see in the viewport, as you can see here: and what 3DCoat exports, as you can see here: After a rapid investigation, I'm very newbie with 3DCoat, I discovered 3DCoat use the defaul Camera position, ie if I reset the viewport will be this, which seems to me to match the exported images: I'm pretty sure I'm missing something, so my question is: how do I tell 3DCoat to use the actual viewport camera to export the depth? Thank you very much in advance, please, help me!
  19. Nice idea, but I just see the Paint list and I think there is no edge padding feature for lowpoly painting, I don't know if I'm wrong because it's very late here and I'm tired. How is it possibile to add features in those lists? Thank you
  20. This is the video, a bit longer than I thought, but I hope it will make you clear what I'd like to have in 3DCoat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLUd_r7B5kw
  21. Ok, I'll do it tonight (London), but now, I have to finish some animation tasks. Sorry about that.
  22. Hi Carlosan, well, yes and no. I'd like an option to turn off the edge padding as 3DCoat actually does and having something more similar to Blender, if it's possible ! Maybe this feature of 3DCoat is useful for someone, but I'd like not having color spills when I think is not good looking. When I paint in Blender, the solution it makes for edge padding is using the colors I paint near the islands borders, it doesn't work as 3DCoat does, ie taking pixels from opposite borders or from opposite islands borders. Is it clear? If I paint brown on my shoes, Blender extend the brown over unwrapped shoes borders for a number of pixels I can set, but it doesn't paint brown over the pants or any other geometry that is connected to the shoes. I thank Andrew for this feature, but the purpose of 3d painting is also fixing the seams just painting over it, having the program fixing for me it's useful, but not for all cases, like mine, for example. I saw 3DCoat create edge padding when exporting, I have to test it better, but it should have the same options as "realtime edge padding": edge padding considering other islands/same islands (as 3DCoat greatly does now), edge padding of painted color (as Blender does, or, if you get it, it would expand the islands borders as they were oil stains), no edge padding at all. Anyway, because no one answered me, I'm asking it again: is it possible to paint in Texture Editor outside/between islands? Because it seems to me I can paint only where islands are, instead in Blender it's possible and I corrected some wrong edge padding Tell me what you think P.S. I could make a video if you like
  23. PolyHertz, thank you very much for clarification! I cannot understand why they didn't solve this, the submission data of the bug is 9th October 2012!!! I mean, is it only me having this problem? I choose 3DCoat because it's very powerful for painting, even if Blender is getting new tools for that, 3DCoat is lightyears ahead, but I cannot understand why the typical situation I face with lowpoly game assets, i.e. edge padding/bleeding, cannot be resolved in 3DCoat and I have to use another program to do that, meaning more wasting time! How can I make my customer voice heard?
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