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  1. Calosan, Please review this very SHORT video. It appears there is a bug in UNHIDE ALL. Your second solution, where I select the island and press UNHIDE (not UNHIDE ALL) does work however. If you're interested in identifying the bug for yourself, please review with the obj I posted above.
  2. I did use UNHIDE ALL. It didn't work. See video at 55 seconds.
  3. Hi Carloson, Turns out I'm having a bit of a problem with the hide command. Islands HIDE just fine, but when I try and UNHIDE, only part of the mesh returns. See this video: Here's the file if you want to try it yourself: https://filedn.com/lLMW4jXsJqxXkRYjd1UCoKL/3d/WallCandle.obj
  4. Thanks! Never knew that was there Also, Is there a way to 'shuffle' the UV coloring used on the mesh? Sometimes, especially when an island is colored green, it becomes hard to see the seams. Thanks again!
  5. I'm trying to mark some UV edges and cannot because the model goes 'behind' another mesh. Is there anyway to 'hide' the mesh associated with an island OR use wireframe view mode in the UV room? Choosing view Wireframe doesn't work for me in 4.8.03
  6. Thanks Carlson, It appears while that works fine in Maya, it doesn't work with SketchUp. Something about their OBJ file format.
  7. OK, thanks. Got it. Somehow the OBJ file exported from SketchUp doesn't get recognized properly. Here's a file you can test with. geometry.obj
  8. Just curious, is there any way to force a "shuffle" of the colors assigned to the 3D model in the UV room? Sometimes two colors are close to each other and I don't know if they are part of the same island group-- or sometimes the color is green and the lines are green and it's hard to make it out.
  9. Thanks. It didn't work, but I think I'm just confusing the Surface Materials List with the UV set list. I don't suppose they should be the same. What does that checkbox "Treat materials as separate textures" do? I would've thought it would create a separate UV map, but perhaps it's used for painting? Also, I still don't understand what the Surface Materials List actually does and why you would use it. Perhaps you've done a tutorial which explains it's use?
  10. Yes, the different meshes are listed as paint objects. See this pict: 1. Paint Objects tab where they are listed 2. List of the 3 surface materials which came in with the OBJ import. 3. The dropdown list with the UV set showing only 1. Should there be 3 here (Green, Blue, Red)?
  11. Unwrap does the job! Thanks. I don't understand "export as .fbx." Do you mean export from SketchUp as fbx or export from 3D Coat as fbx? Also, for OBJ, do the surface materials list do anything? IOW, why don't they appear from the dropdown menu for selecting a UV set?
  12. Hey all, I have some questions about UV mapping. The video below sums up many of them. What I'm really after is a way to import multiple objects as one OBJ, then separate them into separate OBJs each with their own UV Map. Is this easy to do? TIA.
  13. I looked at it and it appears you really can't get perfect text in 3DC. Which actually brings me to an interesting point. 3DC is great for concept modeling hard surface models (hsm), or adding damage to existing hsm meshes. I ended up purchasing this course where I finally learned NOT to obsess over accuracy the way I do in MoI and other programs. https://www.learnsquared.com/courses/intro-3dconcept FWIW, the course is rather weak on actual tools and how things work. It's more focused on an 80/20 approach to visualizing objects. There are other courses out there which are fairly good on tools and basics, thought Carlson and the 3D Coat Youtube channel is superb!
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