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  1. Welding open points is currently only possible by bridging the gap first, then, weld. This however should be done with a single click. I would go even further. There are so many apps out there who have already invented the wheel and I don't see the need to re-invent it once again. Fusion 360's curves/drawing tools are fantastic. So my biggest problem with 3docat is that there are so many icons, buttons tools, all in a somewhat inconsistent design/size. The curve icons, the new activity icons, the primitive icons, the viewport icons, and the tools. They all have different sizes and are located somewhat arbitrary. As it was mentioned before, curve tools don't belong up there. EXAMPLE: Lets take the welding, bridging, linking and splitting options. Do we really need 4 buttons for these? Sounds like 1994 to me :) Add point between points just by clicking on the spline. Bridging Gaps can be done by selecting two open points, then double clicking one of those points. Splitting /Breaking can be done in the very same fashion. Select a point, double click it to break it. Linking point can be done in the same fashion. Select all points, whereas the one to be linked at will be selected last. Then double click. Many 3D applications do linking like this. Maya, Blender. This is just an example on how 3Dcoat could be optimized so easily and made user friendly.
  2. vivi

    Blender Applink

    I feel you. I am struggling since the first day. It gets even more crazy once you have multiple objects. If you send your second object back to Blender it will overwrite the material of the first object. I gave up and do it manually. Sick of all the hassle. Funny thing is, sometimes even if you have sent via the applink, using the "open in original app" works rather than the "supposedly" native app-link. Wait, native? I don't get why it says native applink. The developers have got to fix their stuff. For example why two options for bridging a software?? Also inside the export option you have Cycles preset and a Applink preset. Which to chose? Doesn't matter, both the same. This is so 3Dcoat. Chaotic as it has always been. I have said it many times for many years. I know people hate me for complaining. I don't care. I just stopped using 3dcoat for production. Except retopo and some texture work.
  3. vivi

    Blender Applink

    Yes, freshly downloaded
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    PBR Smart Materials Store !

    Great but honestly I think this is overwhelming. Who is going to browse through thousands of materials? Not only that, seeing them on a material ball is different than seeing them on the actual model. So you should add a custom model preview directly in 3Dcoat. Or is it already possible? Nonetheless while this is a great way to make extra money, a better way would be to have a material mixer. Basically choose category, metal, then have a bunch of slider that will change the style of the metal. Old, rusty scratched etc etc. this is the smart approach and me as an artists would like to see that and pay for it. Personally I won’t pay for points, spend hours finding the right material. Just my thought.
  5. Andrew I know. You always answer my emails which is unprecedented support, and look I am still here. Because I like your belief system and where you are coming from. The thing is you are getting yourself this requests by implementing more and more unpolished features instead of making exisitng features rock solid. I said it for years. UI needs to be cleaned up. It’s a mess. You need to work very closely with professionals. This software can be polished and I have no doubt. So the stop developing thing for me would be more like a, stop and go back to the drawing board. Invite professionals and get their ideas. All you need is 3 good people. No community. Vito
  6. I wanna add, looking at the past and doing a little thinking, it is easy to assume that another company might already work on a voxel based Programm because they saw the potential 3dcoat has. I know I would certainly do it if I had the resources. Also speaking about ignorance, how fast did substance become industry standard? Instantly!
  7. The problem this software has is ignorance. I fully agree with Chris. If the developer fail to see, it won’t take long and they will loose ( if not already) to the competition. Ignorance, seriously. I am using 3dcoat and zbrush since it’s first release. I am not only artist but also supervisors and art director. I lead cinematic projects for over 20 years worked with more artists than you can imagine. Non of the professionals I worked with used 3dcoat. I tried convincing them several times but failed. Just like Chris says, we are coming back only to find that old bugs are still not fixed. that bloody space menu opens up and you can keep hunting the the tools. It was mentioned before. Not fixed. That curve edit arrow thing that always opens accidentally? Mentioned before still annoying. Reading the comments again... ignorance Back to the drawing board..
  8. watching 3d Coats dev from the very beginning, i am always surprised about these kind of things still not being implemented. I always said, 3dcoat needs to make its features work 100% before cluttering it with dozens of other not 100% reliable tools or features which Pixologic partially took and made it actually work 100%. one example is that lego block tool. Utterly useless just taking space. I told my opinion on how to improve 3dcoat years ago. I still dont get why the tools are so confusingly layed out. Switching to surface mode, has some of the same tools but at a different position. I am using 3dcoat for years now on and off, and i still find myself wasting time looking for the tools. Has nobody ever mentioned that.Is every 3dcoat user really happy with that? Then Substance Painter came....
  9. I am making tutorials, and i understand that if we dont have the resources and have to think about everything ourselves, especially the stuff besides the actual work, it is very hard. just giving you my thoughts. good luck!
  10. I agree on this pleasing everyone problem. The thing why I do not support subscription based is because at some point the user will be paying too much ( or why else did smart people come up with that model?). Of course with as low as 10 Dollars for students this is not so bad. But imagine all software going subscription based?! I think substance designer is doing it right. There you pay a monthly maintainance fee . If you stop you stop receiving updates but you can still keep and use the version you paid for. For me this is the only acceptable subscription based model.
  11. Subscription based? Really? Why everybody following Autodesk and Adobes footsteps? Lost me...
  12. I agree and posted about this in the past...do u have ideas about the UI Javis?
  13. oh i see we have to actually apply metalness of 100% to get a 100% matte look...this is odd and should not
  14. is it just me or is there always a default amount of specularity on that new preview system. even though i turn of my specular layers and apply a black color, it reflects...