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  1. SreckoM

    UDIMs workflow request

    I did few projects with UDIMS using 3DCoat and Modo. I vote for you requests even though I do all of my UV mapping in MODO anyway. I am glad 3DCoat recognizes them
  2. SreckoM

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    When can we expect Linux 4.9 version?
  3. SreckoM

    modo AppLink

  4. SreckoM

    modo AppLink

    These should be supported
  5. SreckoM

    modo AppLink

    Shouldn't this process convert them to mesh ?
  6. SreckoM

    modo AppLink

    Also what I figured out that you need to disable constructor when exporting model and textures, cause importer than skips some textures. Here is quick video of process What does not work is sending to voxel, it sends but Modo does not pickup that object on importing (via applink).
  7. SreckoM

    modo AppLink

    For me it works as expected when I am using PerPixelPainting option. important is to use 3DCoatV48 Exchange folder. II could live without that option for mesh to originate from 3dCoat, I can always create some basic mesh in Modo and send to 3dCoat. Also there is option in 3dCoat to send mesh to Modo. (which is just basic exporter). Yeah, I agree that would be great to have some Modo developer to update it. I know some python, I just do not have time for trying to figuring it out.
  8. SreckoM

    modo AppLink

    Is it possible to Import Voxel back to Modo? Of course I do not want it to be Voxel, should be normal mesh. Same as exporting that as obj and than importing that obj in MODO. I have some geometry that I like to convert to Voxel, do some tweaking in 3dCoat and send it back as decimated mesh into Modo. Modo exports fine when I click 'Drop mesh to 3dCoat as voxel object'. But when I do BringVoxelsBacktToApp in 3dcoat, and hit 'Import' in Modo nothing happens. When I do Paint Pixel option in Modo, and OpeninOriginalApp in 3dCoat, Modo imports mesh with textures perfectly.
  9. SreckoM

    Paint brush and lasso difference

    Not sure if this is some setting I am missing but when I paint with lasso, I get more crisp results than when I paint with brush. You can see difference on this screenshot. Is there some setting I am missing here? Link
  10. SreckoM

    Nitrogen gun 3d model

    Amazing, is this all sculpted in 3DCoat?
  11. SreckoM

    Octane Render v.1 + Blender plugin

    I do not think you can sell Octane license.
  12. SreckoM

    Array always produce instances

    Still have same issue, with latest beta. It works OK with Volumes but with Surface it always produce Instances.
  13. SreckoM

    Array always produce instances

    Can anyone test this ? Or this is happening only to me ...
  14. When I am in Surface mode and do radial array object, it always produce instances, whatever it is checked or unchecked. Is this supposed behaviour or maybe bug? Version I am using is 4.5.19GL, latest, on WIn10.