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  1. SreckoM

    Linux updates news

    Same happened to ToolPreset folder, instead of folder it extracts as file...
  2. SreckoM

    Linux updates news

    Works on 20.10 too. It might happen that spacenavd service is not started, and 3dcoat will crash too. So make sure that you start spacenavd service. sudo service spacenavd start
  3. SreckoM

    Linux updates news

    Same here. Nvidia card. Same on 20.04 and latest Ubuntu.
  4. SreckoM

    Linux updates news

    Did anyone tried it, does it work?
  5. SreckoM

    Linux updates news

    So latest Linux version was sometime 2018.
  6. SreckoM

    New pricing paranoia

    So I have Pro license for WIn, OSX and Linux. If I want to get 2021 version, how much I need to pay? Can I upgrade these? Can not figure out from that page. Or we are still waiting for these information?
  7. SreckoM

    Linux updates news

    OpenGL will not be supported, it is official. They do not maintain it at all anymore. Same goes with OpenCl. If you want to develop for OSX you need to use Metal. Simple as that. Also I purchased Linux license and OSX too, and it would be fair to get some refund as it was never to what you delivered to Windows users.
  8. SreckoM

    Modo appLink

    I think something is wrong with preset settings when choose to export to MODO (installed with provided pack). Normal map is wrong. If I export Normal map with Texture->Export Tangent map it works ok.
  9. First thing first. .. in that video, when going to different UV set, you do not see UVs from other UV sets. Here, I see them as slightly transparent, indicating that they are in different UV set, but if you select it it goes to the that UV set, and you will select it, accidentally, 90% of ur time, while trying to place seems in current UV set. I do not get it why is like that?
  10. Example, I have sofa, with seats, back, sides and legs, and want for all of them to have different UV sets, meaning different textures. Some can be 4k, some 2k ... to save on resources if possible.
  11. Yes, watched both of these...
  12. I am having issue with importing object and trying to make 3dcoat work with several UV sets on this object. Spent hours on this . Why is it so buggy??? First I import obj file with several materials and check Threat them as textures, 3dcoat creates only one UV set, even import dialog box recognize everything correctly. (Maybe caus I had Auto mapping or Subdiviosion ON?) Tried with applink, same. tried on latest version 4.9, same. Tried on latest Linux version 4.8 same. Ok accepted that, and decided to separate them in 3dcoat. Fighting with selection of islands, creating new sets and moving UVs manually, worked OK, decided to delete empty UV sets ... boom. 3dcoat delete some of newly created UV sets, or randomly moved islands across made sets, hour of work gonna ... Watched some YT tutorials, and I am doing exactly like there. What am I missing here??
  13. Is it possible to Install Quixel asset just pointing to folder with images? As most of us use Bridge to download assets instead of downloading zips.
  14. I did few projects with UDIMS using 3DCoat and Modo. I vote for you requests even though I do all of my UV mapping in MODO anyway. I am glad 3DCoat recognizes them
  15. When can we expect Linux 4.9 version?