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  1. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Thks 20 minutes of "N'importe quoi"
  2. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Messing around with new 3dCoat version. So sorry for the very few posts. These days are terrible at the company...
  3. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Trying to mix different medias. The ground was made in 3dCoat. Other is scanned character sketch + Photoshop.
  4. Garagarape

    Some works arround Star Wars

    Clean and nice work!
  5. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    And this is the final sketch done by mixing stuff based on "K" thumbnail: Now I have to find time and courage to sculpt it.
  6. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    The previous robot sketch looked too much like a toy. I spent a little time thinking of the shapes by drawing thumbnails:
  7. Garagarape

    Wojtek's Sketchbook

    Nice one!
  8. Garagarape

    Digman's Cravings

    Oh it was in purpose to avoid the loss of volume on the bust then? you put something on it because white plastic only would have been bad? I feel stupid... 汗
  9. Garagarape

    Digman's Cravings

    Christ! He was covered by mud? Does mud changes the accuracy of photoscan? The result looks good. I guess people were puzzled to see you taking photos of him if it was somewhere outside!
  10. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    I'll try to use this rough sketch as a base for my robot body:
  11. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

  12. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    I promise to go back to voxel sculpt. Oh, no! another drawing...
  13. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Thanks Digman. You and Tony have always been kind to me. Your comments give me a bit of the motivation I lack. Yep, 3D takes time. I admire your patience when it turns to explore new things (Photogrammetry). Running away from 3D once more; I saw some tutorials made by John Park on internet, and immediately ran to a stationer's shop to buy ball pens and stuff. So easily influenced.
  14. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Thanks Tony! Yes, a way to fight laziness too
  15. Garagarape

    Garagarape sketchbook

    I know; it's a bit too early to play with the smart materials...