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  1. Thank you for the response, Joel! I tried resetting preferences before but it didnt work but just for sh#ts and giggles, I tried it again and now it works. Not sure why its deciding to work as intended now but glad to know Im not the only one who had this problem. Thanks again, man :) Matt
  2. Seems like a common theme to ignore people who need help on this thread. Or maybe people like to ignore the newbies. Anyways, what other software do you use aside from Zbrush? It might work better if you import your models into something like Maya, Blender, etc then export out of there into 3D Coat. I myself have good luck using Blender for my exports. Just make sure to zero out your transforms and scaling.
  3. Not exactly sure what you mean but it looks like the lasso blurs the edges a bit. Try using the blur or falloff for the brush perhaps?
  4. Hello, Im currently using a Huion Kamvas Pro 22. When I first starting using this with 3D Coat, everything worked fine! Well I got a new SSD and reinstalled windows and all of my programs. Now for some reason, my Huion pen only erases by default. Selecting brushes or anything else doesnt do anything. I know the Huion software has a "switch brush" mode which is off, but 3D Coat still defaults to eraser mode on the pen no matter what I do. This is only an issue with 3D Coat. I haven't experienced this in Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter or anything else. I even tested my old Wacom to find out the Wacom works normal. Any help would be appreciated as this is beyond frustrating and has wasted a lot of my time. Thanks in advance.
  5. I just downloaded and tried out 4.1 and I must say. First impressions are it has improved a lot over the older versions. The sculpting feels a lot better than it did. Infact, it feels almost as good as Sculptris from the time I have spent with it. Excellent job team!!!
  6. This almost brings a tear to my eye out of happiness. Happy New Year everyone!!!!
  7. Very good to hear. I remember one of my biggest issues with LC at the time was that sometimes your mesh would have really bad micro tears after using some of the brushes. I did catch a couple of threads talking about Raul leaving cause of some mix up. Really sad to read that. I hope he returns again.
  8. Very cool! I haven't messed with the beta for V4 much, are the features and stability progressing well?
  9. Is the price still $100 if I upgrade from V3 education to pro? If not, any idea on what the price for that would be?
  10. I also plan on purchasing V4. 3D Coat deserves to remain in my software arsenal.
  11. Maybe I am misreading but the very last paragraph in his statement he seems to be concerned if V3 will be non working and if he is forced to move to V4 after just getting V3. On a separate note, Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication Pilgway! I definitely have plans of venturing to V4 as this is the most intuitive/ logical sculpting program I have used. I also really like the new face extrude option you have in your retopo set. By chance did you ever find/ solve the issue in LC that creates lots of holes in your model?
  12. Ouch! The price for Mari is pretty close to Maya.
  13. Nice sculpt! Very inspirational.
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