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  1. AlphaGrunt

    Feature request

    I can't seem to find the feature request link? If someone would care to share it that would be great. I have a simple request which would be a huge benefit to my workflow.
  2. AlphaGrunt

    PBR Texture missing?

    Digman thank you! While I don't understand all of our information yet you pretty much nailed what I'm trying to do. I want to model/tweek a model in the sculpt room paint it, export and render it in a 3rd party renderer WITH all the painted information. Seems much more complicated than I was hoping but I guess I'll have to learn it one step at a time :} Thank you
  3. AlphaGrunt

    PBR Texture missing?

    Yes it's a Vox sphere (or ANY obj mesh I import) but in the voxtree turns from a V to S once you pick a smart material so I would assume that means it's turning into a mesh so why is the bump not showing?
  4. AlphaGrunt

    PBR Texture missing?

    The material I see in the little sample window is not exactly the same one that gets painted on? Do I have a setting off somewhere for the bump map? I think this image illustrates the problem I'm having.
  5. AlphaGrunt

    Paint reset?

    Guess I need to watch more videos for painting because it's not very clear to me where any of this settings are for editing the material as you suggest. Thank you for the help.
  6. AlphaGrunt

    Paint reset?

    How do I reset all the painting I've done to default? I'm practicing in the pain room but I can't figure out how to reset to default as if I came to the room for the first time? Thanks.
  7. AlphaGrunt

    Import to seperate instance

    Got it sorted... Andrew pointed out that the name was changed from version 4.1.04-4.1.17 from "merge volumes" to "import as child".... I guess he said he might rename again to something more appropriate or change it back I don't know but regardless changing tool names over and over is never good from a user standpoint especially since this is now the 3rd name change for the same feature since V3..
  8. AlphaGrunt

    Import to seperate instance

    thanks anyway digman. Can anyone else please explain why this might be working this way/not working at all?
  9. AlphaGrunt

    Import to seperate instance

    Just wiped 3d coat from my computer thinking it was bugged since I have never had this issue before... Issue still remains. Can someone help me please.
  10. AlphaGrunt

    Import to seperate instance

    This is just getting annoying....This used to work just fine but then I downloaded the beta version and overwrote my original copay of 3dcoat but have since re downloaded 4.1 So now when I import objects the "import to separate instances" no longer works!!! It goups everything together? I've tested this on other files I've imported without issue and they are all doing the same thing!? If I "import as child" it breaks the design down into a dozen or more pieces so I know it is recognizing the different materials upon import BUT the import to separate instances creates the root>volume>file name but puts the [2x] in front of the name as if I increased the resolution??? This makes no sense..can anyone advise on how to fix this?
  11. AlphaGrunt

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Wow 4.5 beta is awful.... It's so buggy it's ridiculous. Really to much wrong for me to even begin but some of the most basic options don't even work for me anymore. For instance if I extrude an alpha on an object and hit control z it leaves TONS of artifacts on the model.. Wish saw the first post here about renaming before overwriting... lesson learned.
  12. AlphaGrunt

    Mesh to NURB

    Awesome stuff Tim, just send you a pm.
  13. AlphaGrunt

    Lines/facets on the model?

    A picture would be very helpful here.sounds to me like you are bringing it into surface mode and coming from rhino your model is probably not water tight and its splitting open when you try and smooth. I'm going to suggest the opposite from Carlos an and make sure you import directly into the voxel room with a poly count at a million. Smooth should work just fine now.
  14. AlphaGrunt

    zoom on cursor?

    +1 on this request
  15. AlphaGrunt

    export geometry (solved)

    Edit: Solved... I had to change export setting from the native program after I updated to 4.1.17 for some reason