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  1. Update, never mind I had to simply hit enter before I do anything else while the import dialog is up.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with importing a character Im working on from Reallusion`s CharacterCreator. I already sendt multiple reports. Heres what happends: Picture one is the character I want to upload. Picture two shows how many polygons I need, but the outcome is awful when it imports. Picture tree is the chrash report of what happends during the import of the character. I should be able to import a high polycount file. It tells me to increase my virtual memory, but I dont want to make my system unstable. My system is: ASUS Formula IX - ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 8GB - 16GB G.Skill RGB - i7700K 4ghz - M.2 nvme EVO 960.
  3. Aasmund

    Zsphere like tool?

    Is symmetry possible from a sphere in the middle of a curve? Ive only manage to symmetrice from the end of the curve so far.
  4. Aasmund

    Zsphere like tool?

    Thanks alot, thats awezome
  5. Aasmund

    Zsphere like tool?

    Hello, is there a Zsphere like tool in 3DCoat?
  6. Aasmund

    Unreal Engine - MASTER THREAD

    I would love to see some 3DCoat > UE4 work
  7. Aasmund

    UV issues from Blender workflow

    It seems like the issues appears here:
  8. Aasmund

    UV issues from Blender workflow

    I know, i hate nGons too Only problem is, i cant get the same shape of the pillar I want without them.
  9. Aasmund

    UV issues from Blender workflow

    Heres the model in Blender:
  10. Hello, I modeled a simple pillar mesh in Blender and imported it to 3DCoat for UVing. The issues appears in the SubstancePainter shot. I cant seem to find any error on my mesh itself in Blender. What can I do to fix this?
  11. Aasmund

    3DC Workspace Layout Share

    Thanks for sharing my theme
  12. Aasmund

    Is there Maya 2017 theme for 3DCoat anywhere?

    Only missing these color-areas. Is it possible to edit those two in 3DCoat too?
  13. Aasmund

    Is there Maya 2017 theme for 3DCoat anywhere?

    I think I nailed it pretty well: MayaCoat.xml
  14. Aasmund

    Is there Maya 2017 theme for 3DCoat anywhere?

    Thank you Hope there is a Maya theme or some settings for it, somewhere.
  15. Im looking for a theme that can make 3DCoat look like Maya 2017. Does anyone know if there is something like this or can you share the settings, if you have one? (It was my birthday yesterday, by the way, turned 30 this year :D)